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Phil Spector Interview Surfaces, Details Infamous Night

7/5/2010 2:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A woman who claims to have worked for Phil Spector when Lana Clarkson was shot at his home has released an interview she did with Spector back in 2005, in which Spector talks at length about what happened that night.

Among the highlights, Spector claims Alhambra PD officers broke his nose, gave him two black eyes, cracked his spine, and tasered him with 50,000 volts.

Spector was found guilty of the murder of Lana Clarkson and is currently serving 19 years to life in prison.


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He can't even refer to Ms. Clarkson by her name: Lana.


Phil Spector clearly spent so many years believing he was above the law -- having minions that would bow to his every wish like many celebrities do - that he is convinced of his own innocence. He should in in an asylum with like-"minded" people. Castle? Yeah whatever, Silly Philly. I was expecting that the videos were more of him wanting them out there so he has a voice but now that I've read the WHY section of the website, it makes sense why she has posted them.

I hope she profits greatly because anyone who put up with that lunatic for 5 yrs deserves a handsome reward (and maybe a psychological evaluation)

Celebrity or not, NO ONE should get away with doing harm to another human being and Phil Spector got away with this crime and many others for far too long.

Rot Phil. Rot.

1548 days ago


He never even mentions her name. "The deceased".

1548 days ago


He is guilty...simple as that.

1548 days ago


Good, I hope he rots there !!!

Course I would never have gone home with him. He is one UGLY spook

1548 days ago


What a crock...I suppose he also believes in the easter bunny

1548 days ago


He's a crazy @ssclown.

1548 days ago


I can't wait to see what goes up next on Wallofguilt. Michelle Blaine rocks ... she was there, and she tells the truth.
Go MB!!

1548 days ago


He can produce a new record with Misty Croslin, Joran van der Sloot, OJ Simpson and Casey Anthony. They can call it the "Total Sociopaths". Oh wait, hopefully soon they will be joined in the can by Polanski, he can make a movie about them all. What a sad, sick bunch of folks! Its nice that in this case, the courts finally got it right and put this whackjob away.

1548 days ago


The sound engineering on this video is hideous... the echo effect is grating... this is the guy responsible for "The Wall of Sound"? PATHETIC, Phil... Pathetic.

1548 days ago


Man Dana Carvey could do a great Phil

1548 days ago

Blue Lake    

He shudda got the death penalty. Fie on his evil wife too.

1548 days ago


LOL what a lying little murderer. WHAT A JOKE

1547 days ago


Guilty Narcissistic Gun-Toting Psychopath with Napoleonic Complex

Anyone viewing this video who still supports this freak oughta be locked up too.

While you're at it, lock up his hobag of a wife. Don't need monsters like her roaming the quiet countryside.

1547 days ago


Uuuh, what's up with the dragonfly pin? Who is he now Gloria Allred?

1547 days ago

Bada Bing    

Why now? Why do this at all? To make some money? This Michelle Blaine has now proved she has some real mental issues. Such hate. She must be an extremely unhappy human being to do something this low.
This will come back to you Michelle.

1543 days ago
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