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Lindsay Lohan

Begging, Pleading, Crying

7/6/2010 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

53 seconds -- that's exactly how long Lindsay Lohan was able to beg for mercy in open court before she started to break down and cry.

Judge Marsha Revel allowed Lohan to address the court just moments ago -- and in between teary-eyed breakdowns ... Lindsay apologized multiple times and tried to explain why she missed alcohol education classes. 

So we gotta ask ...


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Lady Lawya    

This is just sad and pathetic. This girl's life is in the balance and I find it just sad. She needs to go to jail. She should have gone with the first violation. She needs to go in, do her time, come out, and get CLEAN. This is a 24 year old young lady who looks like she has lived 3 decades longer than she has. I pray this will change something. Unfortunately...I just don't think it will...SMH

1466 days ago


I may be the only one who actually takes pity on this poor kid. Jail is hell on earth. Yep...I've been there and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. Hell of a wake up call. Los Angeles system is ridden with the worst of society, and it doesn't look like she will get the Paris Hilton country club deal...not with this judge. This kid belongs in a court appointed lock down 90 day rehab...jail will break her and not in a good way. Kid should have been more remorseful in her testimony. Her attorney failed her considerably by not telling her to apologize and lick the judges boots. Also, attorney failed not making her aware of the stringent expectations of the judge. She also should be on suicide watch...most of you who comment have no idea of the HELL this kid is going to go through. The only upside is that she will be changed forever.

1466 days ago


That performance proves she's a D-list actress. Lindsey u may not realize it now, but that sentence will probably save ur life and turn u around.

1466 days ago

Hope Wilkinson    

Well - well - well - she finally is going to pay and not get away with blaming everyone else. she had the perfect chance to apologize for all the stupid drinking and driving and partying all night - but she didn't!! It is just too bad she won't serve the full 3 months - not even half! Rehab has been 3 times and don't see anything came of that! Maybe the Judge did get her attention. No - she wasn't crying! FAKE acting. Looks more like she was laughing. All I can say is - that is hollywwod and no one serves the time given. Too bad.

1466 days ago


put yourself in this poor girl's shoes, going to jail for a minor offense because the judge wanted to perhaps get a T.V. judge show. You'd be crying too if it was you, this girl has lost so much. And just because you drink when you are young does not make you an alcoholic. They send everyone to treatment. All treatment is in the end is attending A.A. meetings while all the people your age are clubbing. When they brand anyone who drinks an alcoholic it is a dangerous precedent. Makes treatment centres rich and fame whores like Dr. Drew Pinsky richer. Cut the girl some slack remember how it was like to be young. Don't be so cruel to the young woman. Things have a way of coming back and you may be seeking mercy some time in your own lives and receive none.

1466 days ago


The only real tears Lindsay shed were the ones she cried when the judge sentenced her to jail and rehab. I don't know if she was crying more because she is going to jail or the fact she has to give up her lifestyle. Lindsay Lohan is the female version of Tom Sizemore, but at least he can act.

1466 days ago


There was an excellent article in the LA Times this week-end about Ms Lohan...It swayed me in her direction. This was a teenager who was left in LA to fend for herself while her father was incarcerated and her mother was living in New York. I have gone to court with many people who have been ordered to drug/alcohol school...most have made up classes going 3,4 and even 5 times a week. I have never heard a judge ask how the classes were completed, they only wanted to know if the course was completed. As the woman from the drug/alcohol school testifed the school's 32 year history they have never had a judge call them. Someone really wanted to make an example out of Lindsay and they pulled out the "Cross & Nails."
Lindsay, do your time, get into rehab....come out with your head held high and show all the nay sayers!! Best of luck to a young woman who had to grow up "way too fast" in a city where they'll eat you up and spit you out!
Peace out Linds!

1466 days ago


It fell on deaf ears and its about time....

1466 days ago


Those aren't tears, it's alcohol, pure alcohol!!!

1466 days ago


she will learn nothing if she does not have to serve at least most of her sentence. 23 days is not enough for her to realize she can't keep thumbing her nose at the law. It is not enough for her to "dry out" and get off drugs. I hope she'll have to stay in the inpatient rehab the full 90 days and that it is a real rehab - not just another spa

1466 days ago



1466 days ago


i am sure they are real tears she didn't think she would get in trouble and would skate by like always. they are real tears because she doesn't think she has done anything wrong

1466 days ago


When you treat the process, the judge and the law as Lindsay has, this is the RESULT. She's probably so shocked that her money, fame and lawyer just didn't get her excused from her behavior as they have in the past. She's at the end of her free ride in life. It's time someone held her accountable.

1466 days ago


I watched today's preceding a bit biased against her. I think the judge was harsh and I'm not sure this jail sentence will help her, but I hope it does. What happened to that beautiful little girl in The Parent Trap? It's easy to be cruel, but the better part of us should have some compassion for a young woman who has had no real parental foundation and has been part of an industry that destroys people like her.

We've seen Robert Downey Jr. come back from the depths of hell and succeed. Deep down inside me, I'm hoping the same for Lindsay. Make the best of it. You're still very young and can recover.

1466 days ago


Can we say spoiled? Lindsey, this is not a movie. The tears were as fake as your words in your 53 minutes. I do believe the tears after the sentence. You turned on the bratty , "this isn't supposed to happen to me! I'm Lindsey Lohan" look. I don't wish bad on you, but I didn't see any remorse at all, just inconvenience of having to waste your time in a silly court of law. That mean judge shouldn't protect the citizens, should she?

1466 days ago
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