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Lady Gaga -- Ho-Ho-Ho-Hogan Face?

7/9/2010 4:02 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Here's misunderstood pop princess Lady Gaga at her Madison Square Garden concert in NYC on Tuesday (left) -- and Hulk Hogan's lovely ex -wife Linda Hogan in all her glory two years ago (right).


0709_gaga_smallOne is known for wearing outlandish outfits.

We're just sayin'.


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You poster's are a bunch of idiots. Are you 10 years old? Gaga is not stupid, by any means. I could bet that she is more intelligent in her pinky finger than any of you. She went to the best schools and comes from a good family. She is a "performer". She is not into drugs, does not drink herself crazy, and there is nothing "enhanced" on her body. She is not very healthy, it seems, but takes good care of herself, and is spending what time she has of quality life, doing what she loves.
Linda Hogan is someone I met recently and hung out with for the day. What a genuinely nice person. (as is her very young boyfriend, which I was surprised by). They spend their time together as a couple, and seem pretty devoted. She was dancing, having fun, NOT DRUNK, and he was a soft spoken gentleman. You see and you read, and you believe. Try reading about Gaga's life. She had and certainly HAS it better than you ever will. Wish people the best. Gaga certainly works very hard, and makes sure everything is perfect. She does not have one after another sold out shows for no reason. Writer, singer, instrumentalist. She's pretty amazing. Her costumes are her fun...her inspiration. Open your mind. You all sound like you're from Arkansas in the woods.

1567 days ago


wow!....alot of Ga Ga Haters.....who would you rather be?...whats the fricken difference? JUST SAYING!

1567 days ago


What a f***ing retard.

1567 days ago


Yeah I agree with REALbarbwire7...Ive done alot of reading about LG.Shes a amazing person.When she first came out I though she she was out of this world..meaning crazy...but i ended up loving her music! very talented!...Its some elses turn now!...LG...LG...LG!

1567 days ago


Lady GAGworthy-- 80% show to mask the fact she's only 20% music talent.

1567 days ago


My whole problem with her is that she doesn't know when to tone it down... I lost any respect I had for her when she showed up at her sisters graduation in that ridiculous outfit... To me that showed a lack of respect for everyone else...

1567 days ago


It's funny 'cause it's true!!
At least Gaga does it for shock value..Linda...I don't know...=/

1567 days ago


CaCA is out of her effing mushroomed mind.

not too long before she implodes.

1567 days ago

Linda Hogan plz do porn!    

Linda is the reason for the season. Many people respect her. She could save the Earth if she would do a video of her making love to multiple partners. Save the world Linda, do porn.

1567 days ago


Gaga looks like a hairy Master Shake from Aqua Teen!

1567 days ago


Reading this is so funny. It makes my day just that much less boring to see all of the people who are so passionate about Lady Gaga. Passionate dislike, or passionate like, it's all funny just the same. She is a person just the same as anyone else, just like the people we see walk by us on the street. And if that person was wearing a hot pink leather pointy dress and a pair of armadillo heels, then I would wave and say hi just the same. :) Love everyone on here for making me laugh though. :)

1486 days ago


Lady GaGa? I can't find one person who thinks she is worth a damn...Who is paying our media to promote this trash??? What a waste!!!

1451 days ago
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