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Lindsay Lohan Don't Drop the Soap Game

7/10/2010 9:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is on her way to lady prison -- and she needs to work on her soap-handling skills!



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Rape is just so funny. Prisoners deserve to be raped. Har har har. And this site dares to criticize Mel Gibson's commentary?

1569 days ago


GREAT GAME! Too funny for words. You're best one ever! Some people are just not getting the joke. I hope Lindsay sees it!

1569 days ago


Too much.

1569 days ago


LINSEY is in prison ? Long live LINDSAY !
THIS IS ... her best SOAP...


1569 days ago


Perhaps Lindsay will learn the pain - and the pleasure - of satisfying the black woman!

1569 days ago


Had to reach quite far for that one right TMZ?
When it comes to doing comedy, YOU SUCK!
Don't quit your day job and even at that YOU SUCK!

1569 days ago

Harvey's Momma    

I think it's time someone sent Harvey to prison. See how he likes having the soap dropped on him. Your so-called "game" is just cruel.

1569 days ago


A woman who "likes" women in a shower, where there are no penises around...whoever thought this up needs to put down the pipe, it's not clever or funny...

1569 days ago


What are you people talking about. Lindsey is a Lesbo. She should be right at home. It's like a Gay troop leader who is a child molester working for the boy scouts. She'll never want to go home.

1569 days ago


Congratulations, Harvey!! When you guys set out to destroy people you dont give up until you do!! And oh BTW, how did you guys get those court do***ents?
It is really a darn shame that the justic system has been brought to this level. Lindsay, take my advice, no need to look to far, the person who revealed those do***ents are closer to you than you think!

1569 days ago


Have you seen Joan River's Twitter? She hates Lindsay ahah!

1569 days ago


Lohan isn't going to prison. She's going to jail. There is a HUGE difference.

1569 days ago


What kind of of sick muther fu*ker came up with this game? I am not a fan of Lindsey but instead look at her as a person who is reaching out for help & people think this is a joke. GOD is saving a special place in HELL for your attempts at sick humor.

1569 days ago


This is cruel. TMZ is getting too much entertainment out of this girl's pain. I don't like lindsay, but to make fun of her like this where the entire world can see is mean. Sometimes I feel sorry for these girls that have to have all their mistakes and the consequences caught on tape and criticized. Just like the Paris Hilton ordeal. I get it, we hate her because she's spoiled and bratty, but how would you feel if the entire world was watching you get taken away in a police car and laughing about it. Anybody could have made those mistakes, but not all of us would have such intense attention drawn to it. Yeah, I look for news about it and read it and that makes me bad enough, but I would never say some of the things these people have said or written about her situation. That's evil.
I remember when TMZ used to at least be a reliable source for entertainment information, but now they use "sources" like Star Magazine and The Enquirer.

1569 days ago

LA Native    

oh, please. For all of you who are complaining, please remember that LL put herself in this position and last time I checked, freedom of speech was still a big part of our constitution. If you don't want somebody making fun of you, don't put yourself out there for the world to jeer. Simple.

1569 days ago
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