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Lohan's New Lawyer: 'We're Gonna Go After Them'

7/11/2010 1:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan has a new lawyer on her side and from the sound of things ... he plans on kicking butt and taking names.

We caught up with Stuart V. Goldberg in Los Angeles this afternoon where he told us he's "here to help" Lindsay. As for strategy, he told us, "Instead of making her reactive, like a pin cushion, [we're going] to be proactive. We're gonna go after them."

Goldberg also made it clear he doesn't like the idea of jail time for Lindsay.

It's so on.


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THEM? He's going after THEM??

Who is THEM?? Mama & Papa???

1567 days ago


WHAT? go after who? this man is not the appropriate attorney for her.

1567 days ago


D-Bag alert! We're gonna go after them??? Dude...Break the law, go to jail. "Goldberg also made it clear he doesn't like the idea of jail time for Lindsay." Ha Ha!!! Too bad bro. As for payment, I'm thinking a little Quid Pro Quo is the only thing Lindsay has to offer. Be on the lookout for SCRAM scratches on this guy....

1567 days ago

Just sayn    

See how long the sucker lasts with no payment.
She will suck him dry!

1567 days ago


Its always good to have a Jew lawyer on your side.

1567 days ago


This sentence needs to be overturned
Free Lindsay

1567 days ago


He's here. No, he isn't. Now, he's here.

1567 days ago


Well. . . . .IF this is the attorney that just got out of law school and not much experience, he's most likely going to use little Linz to try and make a name for himself. She broke the law and should definitely be treated like anyone else would-and that would be to serve jail time!

1567 days ago


Yeah that's what Linds needs...another enabler.

1567 days ago

Joe Blow    

This dude is so full of fail.

1567 days ago


who the hell does that little crack whore Lindsay think she is? She needs to go to jail like every other person in America who breaks the law.

1567 days ago

george clooney    

uh, I think WE are the them. Apparently, we are hateful and there is a law against people like us...infact, we can go to jail for a longer period of time that she WILL be going. for this hot think you are bigger and badder than the Judge? She will shoot you down just like she shot her father down if you try intimidating her. This is not CHICAGO! By the way....Lohan, YOU ARE GOING TO JAIL. I will see to it...I will be filing do***ents to ensure you go to jail.

1567 days ago

Giz Mo    

Unless the judge erred, there is no appeal. I don't know who this lawyer is, but is he qualified to appeal a CA case? I doubt it and he knows darn well he can't win. Linds, do the 10 days and get over it. Cut down on smoking now ok? Not sure why tmz will NOT post my true comments.

1567 days ago


This isn't the attorney that got out of law school i think she was like Kim Kardashians friend or something and was just offering them advice.

1567 days ago


Ok, WHO are they going after?? No matter how many attorney's she gets it wont change her sentence. The judge has control over that and thats that. I dont think getting another lawyer to go into court and b*tch about how his client was treated "unfair" will change the judges mind. In fact it might just be more a push to stand on her original conviction. Not that any of this matters since she has a snowballs chance in hell of appealing. She will go to jail. Maybe not for the 90 days but at least 30. Not only that but she has to be in rehab for 90 days as well and thats not like jail. They DONT let you out for good behavior or overcrowding. Also if she doesnt comply the rehab facility will report to the court and she will be in violation again. How much you wanna bet that actually happens!! I used to feel sorry for Lohan because she is hounded by the paps but now, I think she deserves what she gets. I cannot believe this child is so deluded that she thinks nothing is her fault. She needs a time out big time!

1567 days ago
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