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Lindsay Lohan's Lawyer: Persona Non Gratis

7/12/2010 8:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Lindsay Lohan's new lawyer isn't her new lawyer anymore ... people connected with him say it's because he wouldn't work for free ... but we're hearing a very different story.

Stuart V. Goldberg met with Lindsay, Dina and Ali on Friday night and it was a done deal, until he got a call over the weekend from Lindsay's business manager, Lou Taylor, who said they just couldn't afford him ... this is all according to Goldberg's camp.

But on the Lindsay side, it's a whole other story.   Let's just say that even Dina and Lindsay decided Goldberg was ... how do we say it nicely ... a little eccentric.   How 'bout a license plate with letters that reveal the word, "Snake Charmer."

The new leader in the clubhouse? We hear it's none other than O.J. Simpson's former lawyer, Robert Shapiro.   Hey, Shapiro helped get a killer off, so maybe not such a bad idea.



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Joe Blow    

AHAHAHAHAHA, where is Madeline and her mysterious comments about "knowing stuff" and "we'll see" and "Stuart has a plan to get Lindsay out of this" now? Yeah, don't expect to see that one again.

1564 days ago

Joe Blow    

I do have to agree with the Paris Hilton issue. When was the last time anybody heard of her doing anything screwed up? If her serving jail time wasn't the be-all, end-all, to stop her nonsense, it certainly helped put her on the right track. Lindsay would do well to learn from her. Just keep your mouth shut, smile for the pretty cameras, and stop making a drunken, drugged-out fool of yourself!

1564 days ago


Lindsay just do not want to take full responsibility for her bad actions. That is why she would do all she can to get a new lawyer, who can get those charges off her ass.

1564 days ago


For people saying Paris underwent a radical change since jail in 2007 it just isn't true. The reason people think she is changed is because you don't hear about her partying as much but the reason for this is she just isn't as popular as she was. At the moment media wise the Kardashians are more relevant and more likely to be reported about.
To see the celeb guests I endured a episode of her "my bff" show and her potential bffs were buying outfits for dolls and getting them to walk the runaway?? dolls? Yeah she has grown up sooo much. Also her potential bffs were put in a jail like settings and wearing jail stripes to show if they can be trusted or w.e Seriously after the horrific experience she had in jail she is willing to allow it to be a plotline for her tv show
She hasn't changed she just isn't as relevant or popular.
Before the marijuana debacle in South Africa when was her last major media story ?

1564 days ago


This is going to be an action packed 8 days before LL reports to jail.

1564 days ago


I hope they all refuse to be her lawyer. The bitch deserves a long jail sentence!

1564 days ago


Lindsay Lohan's fingernail joke is just an indication of what she thinks about herself. She doesn't know if she is coming or going. She does need confined help. Drug related problems are distructive. I applaud the judge for making the right decision to save Lindsay.

1564 days ago

Just sayn    

ha ha told you in their right ming would hitch their wagon to that female mule.
If you think the lack of ciggys is going to upset Lins...ha ha how about the lack of cell phone...omg she will thing she grew another ear.....maybe then she will learn to listen!

1564 days ago


"Author: Swing low sweet chariot

Someone above wrote ...."In the last 20 years she has appeared in over 24 movies and TV shows. She's appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno 5 times, has hosted Saturday Night Live 4 times, done The Late Show with David Letterman 3 times, The Ellen Degeneres Show 4 times, the View 3 times, Total Request Live 9 times, etc. etc. etc. not to mention playing one of the lead roles in quite a few blockbuster movies that have earned hundred of millions of dollars over the years. She was one of Disney's star assets for Christ's sake."

I've been a die-hard SNL fan for nearly 30 years, I can't recall seeing this girl host even once, must have been pretty forgetable. As for Leno, Letterman, Ellen, the View and (what the hell is Total Request???, those numbers seem awfully high. Seems to me you watch waaaaaaaay too much TV ... or maybe only Blowhan appearances ... stalk much?

As for "lead roles" in "Blockbuster movies", that's a total stretch. If by that you are stalking about Herbie, Freaky Friday, Mean Girls ... uh ... that's all I can think of .... her "acting skills" are negligible at best and it's actually quite uncomfortable to watch her "perform". My pinky is getting cramped from all of the quotes I've had to type.

You are delusional and are living in the past, what has she done in the last 4 years? FA!!! If I am wrong in calling you out with these numbers you have contrived, do forgive. Prove me wrong, stalk me through it. It seems to me like a person such as yourself has done the research (infrared surveillance) and knows all about this self-entitled skanks' life, please produce the dates that she appeared on all of these show's and what "Blockbuster" movies she "starred" in that earned multi-millions. Stalk about being full of crap ....

Stalk to ya later ...."

The answer to all of your questions is simple. There's thing thing now-a-days called the "internet". On it you'll find things called "websites" and "search engines", like Google for example.

People who choose not to be willfully ignorant find Google to be their friend. They use it to look up information about stuff, like Lindsay Lohans profession career for example.

If you go to that "search engine" that's named "Google" and type LINDSAY LOHAN IMDB into the search box, the very first result listed in the search results will be a "website" named "The Internet Movie Database" or IMDB for short.

IMDB lists the professional credits of virtually anyone who's worked in the North American entertainment industry including Lindsay Lohan.

You should try it sometime...but like so many other ignorant tools posting on TMZ i doubt you will. The old saying that you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink comes to mind.


1564 days ago


I am sure by now, Lindsay's saying to herself. I am screwed. No one wants to rep me legally and now I am going to Jail. Waaaaaaa

Robert Shapiro, I hope has better sense than to take on Lindsay's case.

1564 days ago


Any real friends would be encouraging Lindsay to not worry about it, to prepare herself for jail, telling her that kazillions of people have managed to survive much harsher jail conditions than she will ever face, she'll be out in a few weeks and then have a good timeout in rehab. She's been in rehab before, she shouldn't be terrified of that. Good friends would keep her spirits up by planning all sorts of "things you can do in a jail cell".

Instead she's surrounded by selfish idiots who are just escalating her paranoia and anxiety, encouraging her to waste more time and money and energy fighting the inevitable. Delay is not good for her at all, she needs to just get past all this now.

Delay has been her problem for 3 years. If she had just followed the court's instructions in the first place, she would be off the legal leash by now. She hadn't even complied by last October, and asked herself for a 1 year extension of probation!!! Who in the sane world has to do that?!? Really really stupid. But stupid has consequences. Just because she sees other people in LA managing to skirt the legal requirements doesn't mean she can, it's always a gamble. She's getting treated quite fairly - the other scofflaws are the ones who have been unfairly treated by not getting the same treatment other non-celebrities get. She has wasted so much money and energy and time fighting this measly little jail sentence, instead of counting her blessings (starting with the fact that 3 years ago, she didn't kill or maim anybody during her wild ride).

1564 days ago

Jade evergreen    

Well Lindsay own fault she in the mess she created all by herself and the judge was fair and square simple as that sorry Lindsay Lohan fans fact Lindsay sentence light to what average person would get and no average person would get so many chance like Lindsay has gotten and what does Lindsay do has ignore the judge orders and has f word on her nails saying the court and law even to her rabid fans who think it's okay for her not take her responsibility of her actions she did.

suck it up Lindsay just do your time you big baby

1564 days ago


I think that the California Judicial system is being carefully watched. If she is able to get off, America will know that California's court system no longer represents the ideals of California and this Country. There is no such thing as justice.

1564 days ago


LOL!!!! Looks like the sleezebag lawyer from Chicago has used up his 15 minutes of fame!

1564 days ago


Maybe Kim K's visit to Lilo on her B-day was about good ol' ....."BOBBY SHAPRIO"? Just a thought, since her late father Mr. Kardashian was on the same legal team with Robert Shapiro.


1564 days ago
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