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Oksana Allegedly Told Dentist -- It Was Mel

7/12/2010 5:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0712_oksana_EX_getty_01Oksana Grigorieva claims she told her dentist Mel Gibson knocked her teeth out the day after the alleged incident ... sources tell TMZ ... but there's a problem.

TMZ broke the story, Oksana claimed Mel knocked one tooth out and chipped another during an explosive argument on January 6.  We're told Mel denies doing it.

The tape that Oksana secretly recorded with Mel during the showdown catches Mel saying, "You f**king deserved it."

Here's what's interesting about the dentist ... We're told the dentist never reported the incident to police.  Under California law (Penal Code Section 11160), a health practitioner must report to police when the professional "reasonably suspects ... assaultive or abusive conduct" against a "spouse or cohabitant."

Sources tell us Mel and Oksana were indeed cohabitants on January 6.

The dentist could be a critical witness if Gibson is prosecuted for domestic violence.  The failure to report could become a big issue.


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I have two problems with this whole thing. Clearly she is a gold-digging whore. Not the worst thing to be. It works for her. And she seems somewhat honest about being a gold-digging whore. However, Mel clearly seems like a sociopathic monster. I think the combo of gold-digging whore and monster was not a good combonation

1533 days ago


mel will soon be able to write a movie about being in jail..first hand experience ,,
mel is a bad man who does not like jews or blacks...

1533 days ago


Wow, I just listened to the newest 8-minute tape. This guy belongs in a prison for the criminally insane. To hear him screaming like a lunatic and panting like a dog was really unnerving. He deserves everything he's going to get from this.

1533 days ago


a smear campaign so what.she wants her child away from him.After hearing him i understand.What he has done is far worse than being a goldigger.

1533 days ago

tired of it all.....    

I am sooooo tired of this.....first.....whether any of this happened is moot......she recorded him and harassed him. second.....i don't agree with ANYTHING he says and he sounds like a loon....BUT....he does have an expectation of privacy when he calls is starting to sound like the 2 of them deserve each other....seriously.........they both sound crazy and the only person i feel bad for is the kid they had.........please tell me that social services has stepped in.......

1533 days ago


Both were wrong and both should be prosecuted.

Did she NOT KNOW what she was getting when she decided to date the guy? The initial rant w/cops happened well before these two hooked up. No woman would hook up with him without an alteria motive.

Perfect storm. She knew she could score big if she scored Mel. She knew she could get pregnant. She knew he was worth big money. She knew he was volatile. She knew what buttons to push to get it all on tape.

Put him in jail for domestic and put her in jail for wiretap, extortion. Mediator / guardian el litum controls the CHILD SUPPORT.

Mel is an idiot, yes. But men with money need to smarten up. It's all about the money baby. Golddigger law? More and more young(er) woman are finding their payday with hor-moan driven men. To make matters worse, they bring unplanned (by at least one party) children into the mix to seal the deal.

1533 days ago


Mel needs to take his prozak regularly

1533 days ago


tired of it all.....u sound like he should be able to get away with it.He has been caught out once again.He admitted to hitting her on tape after saying he didn`t.He needs to go to jail.The ppl who r worried about him being taped,how were u raised.

1533 days ago


If you hear the tapes, you can listen to a man that has been hurt... and rage speaks for him...but you can tell she's poking him, she wants to hang up when she's loosing her grip though..
we all have been in a situation like that (not all, my parents are passive agressive so they dont talk), and its then when the red light goes off and you pack your things and leave, before it gets worse and partners have lost respect for each other...
Obviously she's after the money and she had that baby thinking she would get even a bigger share... but she just messed everything up even worse and thanks to her selfishness and desire of revenge, because he dumped her, that poor baby its going to suffer the absence of both parents... Apparently she's in that situation where she knows she's going down, so just for the sake of it, she'll bring everybody else around down with her...
Its a shame how some women use their gender to take advantage and play victims...

1533 days ago

reality squared    

I dont believe that any physical violence can be justified. If indeed that is what has happened here then it is important to let the authorities get to the bottom of it. It is very suspect that these tapes have been leaked, and frankly this womans credibility and motives are far from innocent. It looks as if Mel should have been a bit smarter in choosing a girlfriend, he clearly would have been wise to avoid, what looks to this reader, this ladder climbing manipulative girl. Mel is what he is and it is unlikely he will get a third chance in this life time. If he didnt learn from his previous go around, then it is unlikely he really had / has any desire to , or feels the need to change his beliefs. That is his fault and he will have to take responsibility for both his actions and for letting himself be provoked into losing control. His true colors have come out a second time, but dont be fooled by the attractive and purposely sympathetic "victim" in all of this. It is clear she is far from innocent, in point of fact, they probabily deserve each other. She strikes me as someone who is just bitter that she didnt get her big "payday", and Mel is just plain bitter.

1533 days ago


she is Charles 'Scorpio Killer' Davis from Dirty Harry. And Mel is just ... Dirty!. she is setting it up Big time!!!

1533 days ago


He is evil. That is the only rational explanation of his behaviour. He should be locked up. Hitler used to rant like that, too. I have listened to the tape and the part where he says that she should just smile and bl.ow him (oral sex) after threatening to murder her sickens me to the core. This is clearly a man who gets sexually aroused by the idea of physically harming a woman.

1533 days ago

Lynn M    

I'm waiting for his side of this. He really sounds HURT in this tirade. What did she do to hurt him so badly. Why didn't she just leave? I don't believe he would EVER harm his child. Perhaps he inadvertantly elbowed her while trying to get the baby away from her, which he descibed her as treating like a ragdoll. I've seen people use children against their spouses in this way. Or maybe he did lose it and punch her. WE DON"T KNOW THE TRUTH. But we do know she's been extorting him with these tapes for months.

In both tapes, he goes out of his way to say he cares about his daughter and that the issue is Oksana's alleged betrayal. He is right about one thing, she's apparently had many unsuccessful relationships/marriages. I even found an old Enquirer article, that predated Mel, that described her predatory nature in regard to men. It is backed up by old Pravda articles.

I would be helpful to know what this fight was triggered by. I get the sense that Mel had uncovered information that Oksana had used him to further her musical career. A "friend" said that Oksana's music meant everything to her, implied she'd do anything to further her career,and would never give it up.

She was egging him on by constantly deflecting her side of the conversation to his need for medication, which further inflamed the situation. Mel may have lost it during this argument but I get the lack of a soul comments. Her calm (ie:soul-less) reactions would be infuriating to someone emotionally invested in the relationship.

If the baby wasn't involved, she'd have no power over Mel. I have no doubt she got pregnant on purpose. Mel's mistake was getting drawn into her web. It may cost him big time.

1533 days ago


mel doesnt believe in using comdoms,fact..In cases like this ppl always believe the rich powerful man..women r always to blame.A week ago on this site most ppl were calling her a lair.Now she has the proof to back it up and good her.She has got him hook line and sinker.Had ppl talked about her a little nicer a week ago she may not have released them..u r far worse than a goldigger mel.punching a women in the face and knocking her teeth out while holding your baby..nice u have some fellow women haters to support u.

1533 days ago


Mel Gibson may have a boat-load of problems but Oksana is a damn snake in the grass. I wouldn't trust this woman around my kid, man or belongings....a master manipulator and button pusher.

1533 days ago
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