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Oksana Allegedly Told Dentist -- It Was Mel

7/12/2010 5:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0712_oksana_EX_getty_01Oksana Grigorieva claims she told her dentist Mel Gibson knocked her teeth out the day after the alleged incident ... sources tell TMZ ... but there's a problem.

TMZ broke the story, Oksana claimed Mel knocked one tooth out and chipped another during an explosive argument on January 6.  We're told Mel denies doing it.

The tape that Oksana secretly recorded with Mel during the showdown catches Mel saying, "You f**king deserved it."

Here's what's interesting about the dentist ... We're told the dentist never reported the incident to police.  Under California law (Penal Code Section 11160), a health practitioner must report to police when the professional "reasonably suspects ... assaultive or abusive conduct" against a "spouse or cohabitant."

Sources tell us Mel and Oksana were indeed cohabitants on January 6.

The dentist could be a critical witness if Gibson is prosecuted for domestic violence.  The failure to report could become a big issue.


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Thats BS! She didn't tell the dentist that. Under law he would have to turn that in or he could be charged with a crime and lose his ability to practice.

The Med board here sucks but this is something that will bypass a lot of steps and a DA can also file since its a state law. Guy isn't going to risk the cash he makes for her or mel. This type of dentist makes the big bucks. There are some who do wisdom teeth who charge 500 a tooth and total time is 15 min for all 4 so you figure out how much a hour because he will do 10 to 12 people a day.

I do this for a living I know wtf I am talking about and Mel isn't going to pay this man the money to cover this crap up because jail and losing his cash isnt going to be worth it.

1563 days ago


I don't believe this woman. She set an alcoholic up from the beginning....and had help. The release of the tapes....follow the money. It will no doubt lead back to her. How did the tapes ever get out of her possession and into the hands of the media if the holy Oksana didn't distribute them for money.

Money is her entire goal...fame, money and getting pregnant by famous actors. She is the s*** here. Not a man with issues he has all along claimed he has. She wore a diamond in her ear and used it a a way to record dinner? Wow, she was very afraid of him. Dinner and a recording. Pathetc.

More pathetic is her climb to fame and fortune...all the standards of a typical w***e woman that gives that should give the rest of us pause. I'd say they should get her for entrapment and extortion. I also believe any of you would get pretty angry if you were being extorted and had a child in the middle of it. I rather like what Mel said to her. "Finally", is what many of us think. He wakes up. Rather with an angry rant, but that is the Mel we have always loved and watched.

Hollywood is full of hypocrites. The news media that released the tape and any of you who think this should ruin his career and reputation. These were PRIVATE conversations...full of stress and a break-up with a child at the center. I think we would all go to jail if our own personal conversations to our x relationships were recorded with extortion at the center of our dissolutions with our oh so true loves. I do not and will not believe this s*** of a woman. Hurt? I doubt it. She lead him right into his anger and purposed to do so. It probably wasn't hard, given her actions, her past and her goal from the beginning. She is pathetic. Wake up folks....stop condemning and follow the real story, which is a fake woman, known for a pathetic past. Let's get into that for a bit. Defame her for awhile. She deserves it and has a much jucier past to follow.

1563 days ago


Poor Mel, he is perplexed and upset because his ex wife has fake boobs. Mel is trying to claim that he didn't know they were fake bewbies. Odd he seemed to be having the time of his life with those fake boobs for the longest time. Yes there are people after rich men, but these rich men like to stray and play, they eventually end up paying for trying to pretend they are young. Poor Mel, his cinderella story is a bust. The only one I feel sorry for was his first wife. Mel is a lunatic and he proves it on those leaked tapes.

1563 days ago


Mel was drunk as hell when he ranted like that... I am not making an excuse, just saying he was wasted... Wasted people do and say things that aren't pretty... I am more interested in the fact that they went to the Edge of Darkness event in February, long after the "tapes" were made and she supposedly reported this to the dentist.

I don't like when women betray men... it is just wrong. I hope he gets her for extortion.

But he needs to go to treatment first... dear Lord, Mel, check yourself in.

1563 days ago


I listened to the tape and he needs meds. But boy does she bate him so many times. Oksana knows the tape is on he does not. Boy she looks good after listening to the tape. I would be willing to bet they have had times like this before. Oksana said he was going to answer she knew he would. Wonder what started the whole thing? We will only hear what one side(tapes)lets the public hear...

1563 days ago

Osiris Reborn    

Hah.. someone tried to blame his "faith" on this?

So he hates jews because he's a cathlolic to the 9th degree, and believes they killed jesus but yet he cheated on his wife and had a child out of wedlock? Sounds to me like he's like every other christian in the US, he picks and choses what to go by and what not to go by, and uses whatevers convenient.

As for her setting him up, even if she did, so what? If he's a big enough idiot to threaten her and physically assault her, regardless if she set him up he deserves to fall. But she would have to be ballsy to do this all intentionally. She could have easily ended up like Nicole Simpson. Hell, she's still not in the safe zone. We could easily see Mickey Rourke driving Mel down the freeway in a Bronco while the Malibu PD is in hot pursuit.

1563 days ago


It was probably when he punched her in the face and knocked out her tooth, or Mel's barrage of continual threats that started it. I don't care if he was drunk, high, or sober, he abused his wife and didn't he abuse his first wife. Mel is the problem drunk and sober. He is getting old, balding and he knows it.

1563 days ago


The Russian Whore got her paycheck now she can go back to her Russian Pimp.

1563 days ago


In listening to this tape for a third time, I am reminded very strongly of the tape of Alex Baldwin going off in a rant at his daughter, remember that? Sounds about the same, as far as the rage goes. Bullies both. But how can we forgive Alex Baldwin, laugh at 30 Rock, enjoy his hosting of the Oscars, but hate Mel Gibson so much? Such a double standard we live in.

1563 days ago

Osiris Reborn    

And for the record, a few of you need to quit calling her the ex wife. Mel never married her. Which makes this more amusing because he's supposedly sooo catholic. ;)

1563 days ago


I will never be able to enjoy Gibson's films again. Braveheart will not be the same anymore. I am so moved by those that are defending Mel, that I will chip in a dollar towards his legal bills or his psychiatric care. Whichever works for Mel. Poor Mel.

1563 days ago

Osiris Reborn    

And Alec Baldwin didn't knock his daughters tooth out and tell her that she'd be raped by a pack of n*ggers. Nor did he blame the jews on all of the wars. If Mel had only called Oksana a fat pig, this wouldn't be an issue. Well unless the pigs decided to speak out against obvious pigaphobia.

Hard for it to be a double standard when one is verbal abuse directed at one person, while the other deals with physical abuse and racism.

1563 days ago


I don't particularly believe either.

1563 days ago


If you do some checking, you'll see that The OX signed a type of "pre-nup" when she moved in with Mel. The agreement states that if they split she gets NO MONEY.

So for those of you saying The OX is in it for the money, that is incorrect.

Everyone needs to understand that MEL is a SICK individual. Too many allegations coming up for this NOT to be true.

Mel do the honorable thing and use your gun on yourself.

1563 days ago


Waoww what a little dirty bastard he is .... and I don't care if she was after his money or whatever he shouldn't have done that.
He's a pig plain and simple . And everybody who defends him is no better I'm afraid.

A long time ago Mel Gibson was associated with talent, greatness, but now it is DIRT S*** and RACISM.

1563 days ago
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