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Roman Polanski Won't Be Extradited to U.S.

7/12/2010 7:47 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0712_polanski_getty_BNThe Swiss government has denied a United States extradition request for Roman Polanski.

The Justice Ministry said Monday in a statement that national interests were taken into consideration in the decision, and that Polanski was now a free man

Roman pled guilty in 1978 to one count of unlawful sexual intercourse with a 13-year-old girl, but fled to France before he could be sentenced.

UPDATE: According to L.A. Superior Court spokesperson Allan Parachini, "The original Polanski case remains pending. The Los Angeles Superior Court arrest warrant from 1978 remains outstanding."


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disgusted that they won't extradite him!

don't they realize that this is now an open invitation to criminals of the worst kind who have the cash to sneak out of their country to head to Switzerland where they will be safe from extradition

if I were a citizen in Switzerland I would also be disgusted at the message my country is sending around the world "send us your depraved, morally bankrupt, vile etc. criminals and we will welcome them and protect them here"

but in a way what do we expect from such a "neutral" country (as they like to claim) that allowed/enncouraged the Nazi's bank millions of stolen dollars...need I say more?

1563 days ago


How truly disappointing this is. The POS totally got away with it again.

1563 days ago


Another example of how the rich and famous get out of any legal problems. If this had been an average Joe, he would have been sitting in prison a long time ago! (Real prison, not the special attention kind of prison all the rich and powerful get to go to.)

1563 days ago


Welcome to Hollyweird:

Raping a 13 year old: Good. You will be celebrated as a genius by your peers.

Using the word n*gger in a private phone conversation: Bad. You will be ostracized by your peers.

1563 days ago


Let's take a moment to cheer the justice of the Swiss decision not to extradite this child rapist before getting back to the business of attempting to destroy Mel for calling that gold-digging tramp a few names.

Seems to me Mel would be getting a raise - like Charlie Sheen.

1563 days ago


I vote everyone stops useing the word KARMA...way overused here

1563 days ago

Dennis Johnson    

The 'Swiss'helped the Nazis so why not this POS!

1563 days ago


@ truth

Give me a break about karma catching up with him. More grief and misery has been dumped on Polanski then he has ever dished out to anyone else by far. Whatever karma is delivered on him for raping her is a drop in the the bucket compared to the bad karma that's revisited him time and again in his life.

At 6 he went into hiding when his mother and father were sent to Nazi concentration camps. His mother perished there. Later he was bashed in the head with a rock, by a serial killer no less, and was lucky to escape with his life. After his first film he was expelled from his native Poland because the communists didn't approve.

Later in life his pregnant wife was murdered by the Manson clan in a crime so horrifically mind boggling it terrified residents of southern CA, sent chills throughout the entire nation, and the story of the depraved crime reverberated around the world.

LOL, What where you saying about karma again? It's going to get him? The sad reality is bad karma has dogged Polanski for all of his life from the time he was an innocent young child.

1563 days ago


Wow... way to protect a known CHILD RAPIST. There's no telling how many more victims this sleezebag has had.

1563 days ago


So what does this teach us?
If your rich and you commit a crime, you can get away with it!
I'm not a bleeding heart! Just because the man's parents died in a concentration camp, and just because his wife and unborn child were murdered. Does not give you the right or the excuse to ply a young girl with alcohol and drugs, and then RAPE her!
This is not an honorable man! He is a COWARD!
RUN COWARD! RUN! YOU ARE NOT A MAN! I have seen some of your films, and they aren't that great! They are mediocre at best! You are not an artist but a JOKE!

1563 days ago


Besides the "rape rape" justification from Whoopi Goldberg, Hollywood has been mysteriously mum on the topic of Polanski. Same thing for the gulf oil disaster.

So Hollywood is pro-child abuse and pro-horrific natural disaster. Is that how we should think of you, oh great dwindling stars of Tinseltown?

1563 days ago


Interesting that Lindsay Lohan got 90 days when a man who drugged & anally raped a child got 45 days he'll never serve.

It doesn't matter what the victim thinks should happen now. She accepted a settlement from him which very possibly included a clause on media statements.

Meanwhile wtf is his wife doing supporting him? The thought of living with a rapist sickens me let alone sleeping next to him every night. That's one seriously messed up broad.

1563 days ago


what happened with Gloria Altered client who accused him of raping her while she was underage? Or it was just money extortion?

1563 days ago


by gimmeabreak
boo freaken hoo
the serial pedo had some hardships
so of course pedo polan should be above the law

1563 days ago


That Polanski pleaded guilty to raping the child is the worst part of the whole scenario. He admitted what he did, then refused to pay for his crimes.
Yet, the courts and the press are out to destroy Lindsay Lohan for missing 7 alcohol ed classes. She will serve longer than Polanksi. Inequity of justice hardly covers it.
What a joke he has made of the American Justice system. And what is wrong with these lawyers who wanted to try him, and couldn't get the evidence together to convince the Swiss gov't he should be made to stand trial. Even the press did not persecute him the way they did Lindsay. Why not? He was guilty, he admitted it, in court!

1563 days ago
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