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TMZ Live: Gibson, Lohan and Eli Roth

7/12/2010 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Today on TMZ Live -- Eli "The Bear Jew" Roth stopped by to say he's ready to smack Mel Gibson upside the head with his "Inglourious Basterds" bat ... hit up Part 4 to check that out.


Plus: Harvey and Max talk about Elin's settlement with Tiger Woods, LiLo and Sam Ronson hanging out again, and why Oksana's dentist could be a key witness if Mel Gibson is prosecuted for domestic violence.

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1533 days ago


what do you mean he killed Hitler...in what movie?

1533 days ago


Who is that Neanderthal with the cap on his head?

1533 days ago


azlee- Eli is talking about his role Inglorious Basterds. ;)

1533 days ago


Go Bear Jew on his ass Eli!

1533 days ago


hey, does it seem like, ever since harvey broke the news about ryan searest and julianna hough, those two are all of a sudden very public with their relationship?

1533 days ago


Razamataz - Don't you watch TMZ? Max is always drooling over the hot chicks.

1533 days ago


oh my ****ing god, eli shut the **** up...... you're so full of ****, you too harvey

1533 days ago


This is totally appalling. Harvey and the other guy are trying to figure out whether Mel will have a career in two years? Are they serious???!!! Mel is an abuser towards a woman to the point he knocked a few teeth while she was holding their child and Harvey is opining instead as to how Mel could save his career? Unbelievable!!! In the words of that illustrious thespian, Mel, who the **** cares!!!!!!!!!

1533 days ago


If Mike Vick can have his career back, then anything goes...

1533 days ago


You know Eli you need to rethink what you said.

Just because his dad was a racist doesn't mean he is. You being Jewish should understand what your calling him and you have no proof he said it or what he said.

Even if he did or Didn't it doesn't make you any better than him. Just because you are a Jew does not give you a pass to accuse someone of racism. And again even if he did I have heard worse come from a Jew.

But since you say he must be because his dad is then I must be a Jew Killer because I am German and my great grandpa was a Nazi. I guess me and Jesse and that fuggly whore been making plans to call you names...

Sadly everyone is guilty of saying **** thats wrong and could be racist, hateful etc. No one is perfect or close. I could say funny or sadly the funnest racist jokes I have heard about Jews was from Jews.. Same with African Americans...

Its stupid people like Harvey and rest of the Media and Hollywood making **** up to make people to HATE someone which is just as bad as what they are accused for. All the stories TMZ has done on Mel have been completely written in that gold diggers favor. Even the stupid part about cops want tapes they can't use and TMZ knows this but they forgot that.

The story TMZ broke back 4 years ago was pretty shocking and to bad they couldn't prove it at all. There was no evidence and for some reason no video. For some reason the cops bosses don't believe him and made him take slander out of a report so they wouldn't be sued. When a cops is doing their job they are not going to remember everything word for word while dealing wit a drunk and trying to stay safe. Mel should have sued.

These new tapes are BS and pointless. They can be faked so easy its sick. Eli could have made them... Funny she released something only her and her lawyers had and they were illegal... Cali is a two party state. If this was true no lawyer would even admit they were tapes. They can't be used in court for about four different reasons. So then you look at a dentist who isnt going to risk jail/fine plus med board for Mel. Just more bull****. She even did most of this stuff to her last guy Tim Dalton the James bond guy..

Oh biggest deal of them all.. Sadly I live in a area were people are racist... Like I said before he wouldn't been with that non white girl or have a mixed kid... hell if he was in wp or kkk that could get him killed...

1533 days ago


Eli roth is the single least talanted jew bastard in hollywood (and thats saying something cause those talentless jew bastards infest hollywood like the worthless coachroaches they are).
Mel Gibson is a top actor and an outstanding director, one of the very best around - you eli roth are a worthless ****ing hack who couldn't direct his way out of as paper bag! The porn violence you direct is utter garbage. Truely disgusting **** without a single redeeming feature...
Stop sucking the flacid **** of that jew-wannabe tarantino (who misplaced his short lived talent 15 years ago), and the pair of you, worthless cokeheads thast you both are, please, disappear and die...

1533 days ago


Screw Mel Gibson. It's his children I feel sorry for. Poor little things! They must be mortified. To us he's a public figure, but to them he's just dad! May God be with them....

1532 days ago


Eli Roth has no room to talk about anyone while he dates a 21 yr old Scientologist, overweight, wannabe, fug junkie. His sex addiction got the better of him.

1532 days ago


TWO Questions:

1) Does the $100 million Elin is getting include child support? If not, how much is Tiger going to have to shell out monthly for the 2 minor children?

2) In the modern age of showbiz (70's to current) can you think of any worse stage parents then Dina and Michael Lohan?

1532 days ago
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