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Robyn Gibson Supports Mel in Court

7/15/2010 5:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson's soon-to-be ex-wife, Robyn, has written a sworn declaration on behalf of Mel, saying he has never physically abused her or any of their children in the 28 years they were married ... TMZ has learned.

We've learned in the declaration, Robyn writes, "Mel never engaged in any physical abuse of any kind toward me before, during or after our marriage."  Robyn also says there was never any domestic violence perpetrated by Mel against any of their children. 

Yesterday, Robyn was spotted out running errands in Malibu.

We've learned the declaration was filed with the court this morning.  We're told Robyn's declaration will also be submitted to the L.A. County Sheriff's Department when Mel's lawyers present their evidence to deputies next week.
In the 1-page declaration, Robyn acknowledges that she is divorcing Mel but says,  "Mel was a wonderful and loving father."

Robyn -- who is widely respected in Hollywood -- could ultimately be very powerful ammo for Mel.



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Johnny D'Angelo    

Mel is an idiot. Mid life crisis is a b****. If his estranged ex-wife is speaking up for him, he never deserved her in the first place. He made his bed. No he needs to lie in it.

1498 days ago


I've always loved Mel. I'm sorry that he has fallen so low. I don't believe he is an abuser. I believe he has been used and abused by a conniving female. I'm sure she pursued him with malice in mind and for her own selfish motives. I also believe she lured him to her and planned the pregnancy and then tried to extort money from him. What a horrid woman she is. She's a liar and I hope it is proved that she has lied about everything. His marriage was ruined after 28 years; his children must be quite shamed.
Because he has been drinking off and on before and since his split with Robyn only supports the theory that he knew what he was doing consorting with this other woman was wrong.
She trapped him good and maybe it's his middle age crises that caused his attractin to her. Personally, I don't think she is at all that attractive. I detest manipulating people and I feel in my heart that she is one of those people.
I hope Mel will stop his drinking and his career as a fabulous actor is not destroyed by this FLING with this shrew. Will always love you Mel!

1498 days ago

Sickmund Fruendberg    

BTW Whoopie Goldberg said it all as far as everyone is concerned unless they are man hating freaks like that Dbag sitting next to her on the View fiddling with her worthless papers- The no talent with her own interview show is not only a bore but she is dumber then a bag of hammers. Why doesnt Whoopie have her own show- I still cant believe they gave no talent nobody JOy a talk show- shes so empty and annoying- and her attack of Mel- did you see the guy SHE is living with no wonder she freaked out over MEL?? This lifeless MUSH dressed up in a tuxedo to accompany her- like a rented doorman is her idea of a sensitive male lol.

1498 days ago


Robyn so ugly! She trapped Mel with her kids for 28 years. She so smart old gold digger. Very manipulative, she still play her game.

1498 days ago

Sickmund Fruendberg    

577 another nut robyn is very attractive and doesnt look like a hooker but a mom.

1498 days ago


Ido NOT think the private life of ANYBODY is anyone else's BUSINESS!!!!!

leave them alone!!!!!

1498 days ago


N.B. that Robyn only said that he didn't PHYSICALLY abuse her or the kids. I'd say that the VERBAL abuse was pretty full on, though.

1498 days ago


Those recordings sound bad BUT who really knows how "altered"they are? There is no proof of anything yet now is there? Oksana is a sly little bi**ch who is going to get found out.The truth about her will come out. WHO gets the crap beat out of them while holding their 2 month old infant and sticks around for more abuse?
Give me a break. She is a liar her dentist did NOT make report that is MANDATED by law regarding her veneers being knocked off two of her teeth.Many of us will be ROTFL when that lying little grifter is exposed for the cunning manipulative evil wench she is. Team Mel.

1498 days ago

Jeff Chandler    

I've always love Mel in his movies. This bitch that is trying to extort millions of hush money ought to be hanged in public. Just another dime a dozen gold digger.

1498 days ago


The rant was a little crazy, but I think I'm safe in saying the professionally produced audio (obviously recorded with a hi-end mic, a condenser and a pre-amp) speaks volumes as to this set up. She knew she could create a situation where Mel would explode. She used her own child as bait and then Mel took the bait.

Sad for Mel, but criminal for the Russian Skank.

1498 days ago


No judgement towards Mel.Everyone has a breaking point where they can lose it.In my opinion it clearly shows her character of recording him and leaking it to the media.
We all have moments we are ashamed of and thank god its not filmed or recorded.
She obviously has motives.People need to reserve there judgement
In years of marriage we have never heard of this behavior,theres no pattern at all.Shame on the media for displaying these tapes.I feel she is a gold digging women whom
antaginized a human being who lost it.Not to get heavy although there is a story he passionately produced about Jesus to educate us of what he went through.
Please dont judge......Sermon for the
on a lighter note Amen.

1498 days ago

Real Rick    

She's a total skank. I'd be happy to go see Mel's movies, and I will!

1498 days ago


Anyone else notice that Robyn Gibson left out the word mental in her statement? If its true what she said it should read Mel never engaged in any mental or physical abuse of any kind toward me before,during or after our marriage.

1497 days ago


I know many Eastern European women. Many are brought up to use their looks and charms to get money from men. I've seen beautiful women throw themselves on the laps of eighty year men, kissing them on the lips, telling them how much they love them. It would disgust many in the West, but not in the East. Money if first in a man in the East. Not unlike all the women who claim they love your Hefner? The owner of Playboy I think?

1497 days ago

Sickmund Fruendberg    

HEY 586 the issue is physical abuse- not mental- all divorces have mental abuse in fact all marriages and all dating and in all relationships if you wanted to put the word mental abuse you could if you have an argument over a cheeseburger- the issue is physical that is why it is important to make it clear about the physical. now whether he and his wife had an argument is irrelevent to this case- now do you understand? just read these posts and its enough to wonder why these people havent been institutionalized lol

1497 days ago
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