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Courtroom Clash Over Oksana's Computer

7/23/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Everyone in court Tuesday wanted to know exactly what was on Oksana Grigorieva's hard drive ... sources tell TMZ.


Sources say Mel Gibson's lawyers wanted Oksana to ante up all the data in her computer -- a computer that contained a wealth of information about Oksana's relationship with Mel -- info that could establish Mel's culpability or innocence in connection with the January 6 blowup. The computer may also contain evidence that could either support or discredit claims that Oksana tried to extort Mel.  And the computer could be relevant in determining whether Oksana had any part in leaking the tapes.

We're told Mel's attorneys wanted full access and Oksana's lawyers wanted access restricted. 

In the end, sources say Judge Scott Gordon ruled that the independent, court-appointed expert could have limited access to the data in Oksana's computer.

In a related move, sources tell us Oksana is now backing up her hard drive, in case the Sheriff's Department seizes her computer as part of its criminal investigation.


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Mel was screwing Okskanka now Okskanka is screwing Mel..Over!!! LoL's that's what you get for leaving your cool devoted wife. Ah Ha Karma at it's best!!!

1490 days ago


Hey John, two questions:

Didn't Oksana have a duty to turn over ALL copies too to the court?

And what about the MONEY trail? If Natalie or anyone else acted as an agent and any of the money found its way from ROL to Oksana- even an account in Russia, isn't that proof she violated the order?

And couldn't emails/phone records, also be used to possibly prove Oksana knew someone else had copies of the tape and she was also aware who sold the material to ROL?

And is there any legal grounds for the courts to subpoena ROL records for the transaction. If they got it from a third party didn't they have to get either Mel or Oskana to verify it was geniune?

Understand we are talking international forensic expert might be needed. Just think there has to be way for our courts to get to the TRUTH.

1490 days ago



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1490 days ago


WOW, just looked at my post. WAY more than two questions. More like two areas of interest. Sorry.

1490 days ago


Anon are you Oksana, Oksana's (sister/daughter) or possibly her mother with too much time on her hands? Seriously, you are grasping at straws and getting sillier by the moment.

1490 days ago


The first thing they should look at is everything she's going to try to delete off that computer. What's she so afraid of I wonder..hmmmmmm

1490 days ago


They can't retrieve anything that is written over and there is plenty of software out there specifically made to clean a hard drive. Oops! I hit the wrong key and completely wiped my drive! Can't rule out an original copy of the phone conversation, unedited and with everything she said, being on the drive somewhere unexpected. Limited access will prove nothing and will be used by her to plead her innocence. My guess is Mel will hire someone to steal the computer (her story) before they even get a look at it.

1490 days ago


They should have let the professionals back it up for her and taken it away before she could mess with it. She's likely got her computer set up to make Mel look bad and her look like the victim. This whole thing is beyond stupid with her claiming she's not releasing the recordings she made it's beyond sick and stupid. Mel needs to get his 5 million back he invested in her cd and he needs to sue her for all these illegal recordings getting out there. Next she's putting out angry messages he left on the phone n such it's just never ending. This woman is a calculating dangerous person and she should not have unmonitored care of their child.

1486 days ago
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