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Robert Shapiro Visits LiLo's Sober House

7/15/2010 5:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's new legal eagle Robert Shapiro just arrived at the sober living house where LiLo was seen checking into yesterday afternoon.

Shapiro -- who was hired in the hopes he'd save LiLo from her 90-day jail sentence -- actually owns the West Hollywood facility.

Shapiro's ultimate goal is to show Judge Marsha Revel that Lindsay needs rehab and not jail time ... we'll see how that pans out on Tuesday when Lindsay is expected to enter the slammer.


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The judge is not going to allow that. Judge revel will put her in jail to serve 90 days sentence and Rehab.

1459 days ago

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UMMMMMMMM....TRANSITIONAL LIVING FOR THOSE IN she gets to jump the jail, rehab part I see...good luck with that one!

1459 days ago


This guy would tell a judge you're innocent of murder if you pay him

1459 days ago

bring back recent posts    

Hey!...Shapiro got some free advertising in, just like the other one with his book and screenplay..hahaha..

1459 days ago


this is what she needs..a man who is going to take charge..that holly lady never did anything for lindsay..thats why if your in trouble,,you need a man for a lawyer

1459 days ago


You reap what you sow. You violated your probation. The judge sentenced you to jail time...THEN rehab. Nice try. Your big shot lawyer isn't going to get you out of this one. Just because you're in some cushy rehab, doesn't mean they can't yank you out of there next week. Any other person would have been tossed in jail the moment the judge made her decision. You got a week to get things in order. Looks like your week was spent trying to find a way out of the mess you're in. It ain't gonna work. Sorry hunny. WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD.

1459 days ago




1459 days ago


Trying to manipulate the court by checking her in now eh? Not too smart! I hope the judge throws them both in jail.

1459 days ago


Oh but he must be mistaking because White Oprah says she's fine and sober so why does she even need to be in a sober house or rehab?
Like mother like daughter liars to the end!
I think her mother needs to go to rehab with her, that bitch is probably on so much prescription meds and is high as a kite all the damn time how is she going to say her daughter needs rehab?

1459 days ago


Hasn't she already done several rehab stints without success? Lock her up for life so we don't have to see or hear about her anymore!

1459 days ago


How does he expect 5 or 6 days in "sober living" to convince the judge that she should do no jail time? Is there no curfew at this place, since her israeli girlfriend was reported visiting her at 1 AM, after her family and other girlfriend Ronson had gone?

What about the court ordered psychiatrist who is supposed to evaluate her and decide what kind of rehab she needs? I understand from reading that lindsay has avoided answering the phone and will not make an appointment with him. I have heard to reports that she has met with him, but that doesn't mean he hasn't done so. I do know the psychiatrist himself said that his evaluation can take from an hour or so to half a day and is very thorough.

Lindsay is not going to get out of this. The judge will be more furious if Tuesday somes and Lindsay still hasn't met with the doctor.

Robert Shapiro, even though his son killed himself with drugs, is not a doctor and not an expert on drug and alcohol addiction and evaluating the needs of people.

Lindsay is digging the hole deeper for herself.

1459 days ago


How many times has she been to live-in rehab? At least two times? Maybe some jail time is the wake-up call she needs. I don't think she's hit bottom yet; some people do, some people don't. Those who do generally go on to be "clean and sober" for the remainder of their lives.

1459 days ago


On July 20th.... Follow, Follow, Follow, Follow the yellow brick!!!!!

1459 days ago


he got that KILLER OJ off maybe he can keep LiLo out of 90 days.
if not she better get a new lawyer!!

hopefully she can stay in a 90 day, read out of jail program, since it would be much better for her.

jail is jail and there it is nothing in that program that will address her issues at all. the judge is really stupid to think that a county program will help in any way.

the judge simly wants to slap her hands and make her cry wolf.
**** the judge!!

loved the nails!!

1459 days ago


What's her excuse come tuesday? only the judge can tell her what she can and cannot do, she can't run away to rehab to escape jail, perhaps the judge will humor her, knowing too well lindsay has serious problems following through with anything as ordered, and as soon as lindsay makes a mistake OFF SHE GOES to a FULL 90 days in jail!

1459 days ago
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