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Michael Jackson -- Nazi Flick Fan?

7/25/2010 3:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's ideal double feature -- an Adolf Hitler documentary with a Judy Garland chaser ... that's according to a video distributor who claims to have provided Jackson plenty of both.

Norman Scherer tells the NY Post that MJ had a penchant for collecting Nazi documentaries. Scherer, who owns a videotape distribution company, says Jackson had a "really good collection" -- which included, "Nazis -- Of Pure Blood," "Oasis of the Zombies" and "Hitler's Children."

Scherer also claims Jackson enjoyed Judy Garland's TV specials and dramas depicting troubled boys in dysfunctional families.


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Hey Pegasus,
They're mentioning aliases for Michael in relation to prescription meds. The media had a field day after the DEA raided every pharmacy, doctor's office and nurse's office Michael ever dealt with in the LA, Vegas and Houston areas.
This was due to the fact that when the LAPD returned for the 2nd time to search Michael's house, they found many vials of the Propofol along with bottles of Anxiety, depression meds and Benzos. However, they said that many of the labels had been torn off of the bottles, but the ones that were still there had aliases on them. This could mean 2 things:

-Michael was desperate to get the meds and was willing to do whatever he could to keep people from realizing they were for him...
-Someone wanted it to APPEAR that Michael had been doing the above, hence the bottles with torn off labels.
It has also been argued that there were people in Michael's camp--mainly his security detail who were using his name AND money for their own purposes. These people reason that his security may have purchased meds using his money or credit with the pharmacy--Mickey Fine Pharmacy in LA had a tab for MIchael of ONE MILLIO DOLLARS!!! On the face of it, it looks bad for Michael, but when you delve deeper, there's a pattern of the people surrounding him using him for their own gain. I personally think that many of them were part of the campaign to defame him--they didn't murder him, but they may as well have if they did this to him....
Bottom line, if Michael is guilty of these things, I can accept it--after all, he was HUMAN, but there is MORE THAN A REASONABLE DOUBT that he didn't do this. For one thing, what celeb of Michael's calibre do you know who does they're own business transactions? Even the reality TV celebs (below the D-List) have people taking care of things like this for them so why wouldn't he?
The LAPD affidavit in this case states that Nanny Grace had a PO Box IN HER NAME where she had meds sent to her UNDER ALIASES...who knows if she was giving them to Michael, or simply a go-between for someone else? I find it hard to believe Michael would sit down and give them a list of 20+ aliases....even if he WAS abusing the meds, he would more likely tell his assistants what he needed and let them handle the "how" of getting it....
Hope this helps, if not, let me know......

1505 days ago


Thank you Cherwood - Things do appear more clear now. I wonder, if MJ was having these other doctors - prescribe the medicine and putting it in whoever's name, then that person would go and get it for him? Example: Like using the name of a body guard and/or the cook or maid, whatever. I am not saying that he did it, but I suppose it would be possible. What is your thoughts on it?

God knows that I do not have any facts or anything to base this on - it is solely a thought that came to my mind. But could it be - that Michael became so dependent on these prescription meds, such as Ativan for example, and that he was continuously upping the dosage because he was building up a tolerance, that he actually began to build like a stash as it where, and tried to keep the entire thing a secret from everyone?

Because I know with Worthless, she will go to great lengths and degrees to keep her drug use hidden from everyone - and hers is illegal street drugs - not prescription meds. But I know for myself, I have a truck load of prescription meds that I am suppose to take. And for a long time I did take them as I should. But like Michael, I found that I had to keep upping the dosage on many of them. I finally reached a point, where I said enough is enough. So I stopped taking many of them cold turkey (and I do not recommend that for most people), after having suffered for many weeks - I decided that I would only take what was needed when I got so bad that I could no longer stand it! I have been doing it ever since. And I have learned another thing - should any other symptoms develop and begin to act up - I'm aware of it and can bring it to my doctor's attention. Whereas before, mostly the pain killers, deadened me to such a degree, I never would have been aware of anything new.

But as I said, this only theory I have no facts or anything to base it on - only personnal experience to help guide me. And of course, your clarification of matters. God lady you are so intelligent and Lord knows YOU DEFINITIELY HAVE THE FACTS!! Thank you very, very much for clearing up my misunderstanding of things - I honestly do appreciate it. And I always look forward to yours and Danger Baby's input - I just wish that you two ladies got along better - your both so wonderful! Thank you again. Look forward to your posts!

1505 days ago


-Hey Pegasus, glad it helped a bit. Let me respond to a few of your thoughts:
-Regarding the aliases being put in the name of the person picking it up, that is a theory that some of the authorities had in the beginning, I think. Problem is, some of the names used were for people unlikely to be able to pick up the meds such as his son, Prince Michael. Also, some of the names were made up and I know Kai Chase, the cook, was asked about her name being on the alias list and she appeared authentically shocked and at a loss for words. But regardless of if Michael had them get these meds for him or not, they were meds prescribed for valid issues, but like your situation, the dosages were super high and they were purchased in bulk.
I still don't think Michael would have sat down and gave them the names, I think that your theory that the doctor did it, or his assistants did it is closer to the truth. WHen you're in a position like his, you don't waste time on the minor details, you just tell your people to take care of it.
As for your idea that MIchael became dependant on the drugs, here's where me and others on here tend to get into it. I still maintain that he wasn't CONSISTENTLY addicted to meds, but there obviously were times when he had been prescribed pain meds for injuries, or anti-anxiety or depression meds for sleep and such, but he didn't abuse those drugs constantly.
Thing is, if his knee was acting up, or that foot he broke, he may have taken meds before making an appearance--of course he may have come across as "out of it", and he didn't have to have taken more than what was prescribed for that to happen.
There is no DO***ENTED proof that he was addicted other than in the early '90's when the Chandler allegations struck and he admitted he had a problem and put himself in Rehab. Ever since he did that, the average person out there has labeled him an addict based on the media spin against him, KNOWING that as you said, most Americans have a tons of old and new prescription meds in their cabinets themselves...
Make no mistake, I do think there were probably other instances when Michael battled an addiction to the meds, but I think besides the early 90's, it was 2003 (when he was under the influence of former Mgr. Dieter Weisner and around 2006-2007, but none of that is do***ented so it is PURE CONJECTURE based on cir***stances. What some people don't realize is that he may have just gotten tipsy from wine--something he had begun to drink probably in the mid-90's or so....
Fact is, the CORONER'S REPORT said he showed NO SIGNS OF DRUG ABUSE and his organs were fine other than a slight lung issue which wasn't life threatening. That's when I first realized I had been duped along with everyone else into thinking he had taken 20-30 pills a day, and lived for Demerol the way the media painted it. There's NO WAY his autopsy could've come out the way it did if he had been abusing drugs to the degree they would have us believe.
Another to think about, I know I read that the DEA were investigating those NOI Security guards at Michael's house regarding drug trafficking. They had the access to use Michael's resources to purchase drugs at his expense, then resell them to others. They had connections in Chicago, from what I understand, and Houston where Murray is from so I think that's where the answers lie--with those security guards. Hopefully the DEA will be able to nail them...
Bottom line, I'm not saying Michael had no part with drugs in his past, but I think they took his past usage and used it against him for the rest of his life...heck, they're still doing it....
As for the clash with danger, we did have pleasant interchanges in the past, even when we disagreed. But once I disagreed with her about the Drug addict thing, she's been against me ever since.
I have no problem with disagreeing with someone, just hate when it turns so "Elementary school".....when I find that I clash with someone and we can't see eye to eye, I usually simply ignore their posts, but when they constantly are going to attack me by name on EVERY board about Michael--we have a problem....
Thing is, I'm here to defend MICHAEL and NOONE ELSE!! And if ANYONE says erroneous things against him or supports the Media line of BS, they're going to hear from me.
I'm just sorry that you and the other posters have to be subjected to this brue....thank you for your patience, and ray of sunshine on these boards!!!
No Peace till Justice!

1505 days ago


Thank you Cherwood for the clarification, I didn't know he was using his son's name or anyone else's for that matter. I found that to be interesting! By the way, I do have several other questions that I would like to ask of you if I may. The first is this: Now I do not recall if I heard it on TMZ, Showbiz Tonight, Cnn or where - But whoever had said that before the paramedic's arrived (or immediately after - not sure), that Dr. Murray insisted on putting on Michael's wig and some make-up before going to the hospital - because that is what Michael would have wanted. My question is this: Who in God's name stops doing resusitative measures to do something like that? Neither the paramedic's nor the hospital staff gives a poo hoo what the patient looks like thier only concern is for reviving the patient. That I find is totally illogical in every sense of the word. I mean - I know that Murray is an incompetent idiot but really!

Also, I am unclear as to how it is that Michael came to getting this Dr. Its my understanding, that he insisted from AEG that they provide him with a Dr. - because as he put it "His was the engine that keep the train running" and he wanted Dr. Murray - not one that they would appoint. Why would Michael want a Cardiologist - there was nothing wrong with Michael's heart? How did he hook up with this person anyway? Also, how is it that Dr. Murray didn't know about administering propofol in a hospital setting only - other Dr.'s are aware of it regardless of their specialities, and they know the dangers involved as well!

I would still have to agree (to some point) with Danger Baby however, I truly believe in my heart - that Dr. Murray did not act alone - he is far too ignorant - but that there are indeed others involved in some fashion. I do not know who they are, how they are involved, their reasons, or anything else. Nor do I have any kind of do***entation to back me up on or proof of any kind. It is just something that I can feel all the way to the core. Because there are far too many inconsistencies to deal with from what I am seeing. And 2 + 2 is not comming out 4 by any means - its comming out 6, 8, 12 or whatever.

All of you ladies just absolutely amaze me. Your all so intelligent, perceptive & intuitive, and knowledgable with a good deal of common sense as well. Your informative beyond belief. All of you together, remind me of a Search & Resue Dog. You know how to sniff out the truth, know where to search to find the bones and bodies, then dig it up for the world to see, then return to sniffing & digging till its all brought out. Then, like a FBI agent or something - you take all that information and put it together so that its logical. You gals are terrific! I just adore reading your posts, I just keep right on learning from all of you!

Danger Baby - I don't know what it is that you do for a living - but I have to say this - You missed your calling! You really should have been an investigator or something for a police dept. or some other agency. You have that unique talent, of picking up on things - that escape everyone else's attention - way to go!

Its 5 am here now. I am going to bed. Have a wonderful day today ladies and thank you so much for answering my questions - I hate being this uninformed about things - it irks me! Later.

1505 days ago


To Danger Baby - That is excellent advice and definitely worth heeding too! Because, the more I thought about it, the more I thought - I know that the paramedic's wouldn't have stopped for any reason. But with Dr. Murray there alone with Michael, perhaps he did. Don't know. I just found the breaking news cast to be extremely disturbing. I only wish that I could remember on which broadcast I had heard it! My memory is not what I would like it to be by a long shot! Unfortunately, if there is any truth in it, then considering the time it would take for Murray do this - I don't know, I am so mixed up inside. Looking for clarification and the truth. Thank you for the advice, I will most definitely heed it.

1504 days ago


Hey Pegasus,
Regarding the story about Murray wanting to put a wig and makeup on Michael before going to the hospital--I think that's something the tabloids came up with and it's just more of the same BS the media cranks out regularly about Michael. This is the reason why as much as I want to give resources for my Theories/Opinions, I'm limited because you can't trust the Press to report responsibly anymore.....
-As for how Michael met Murray, reportedly, they had met a few years back in Vegas when MJ3 had colds. Why would you have an unknown cardiologist come to your house for a common cold? Who knows. From what I understand, Joe or Jermy supposedly introduced Murray to Michael, but there were also reports that said Michael's bodyguards or Security knew Murray and brought him in, which I think is probably what happened. I am very suspicious of the security who are also NOI because a lot of things took a turn for the worst when they came into Michael's life.
BTW, they were brought in by Nanny Grace--another person I'm suspicious of because I think she had alterior motives regarding Michael. Many of the Conspiracy Theorists think she was an inside spy, reporting all of Michael's movements to Tohme and Barrack. I'm not sure about that, but I just know I've never trusted her--ON SIGHT, and was very happy to hear Katherine had gotten rid of her earlier this year. After all, Michael had fired her for the last time because she had the kids calling her "Mom" according to her. Personally, I doubt that was the ONLY reason. I think she just didn't know when to take her hands out of his business and will do anything to be in control......
As for Michael's "insistence" that AEG hire Murray, I'm wary of it. Because there's NO PROOF that he asked for MUrray, there's only Randy Phillips' (AEGLive) word that Michael said that--a story he rushed to tell every news outlet in town before they could hear anything to the contrary, I might add. Joe's atty., Oxman has said he had emails to support the fact that AEG and Murray were already in talks to have him be Michael's doctor, well before he signed on 6 weeks before Michael died.....
To this day, AEG has effectively glossed over info about the physical Michael took with some bogus doctor they provided. The exam was at this doctor's house so who knows how thorough it was. Michael was going to have to take another physical in London, but as you know, he never made it that far...
The fact that Michael would hire a cardiologist is a bit out there, and if he was going to hire one, why not the best-someone well-known in their field. After all, it was LA, where doctors reign supreme, this is the same problem I have with him hiring Nurse Cherilyn. Prior to Michael's death, most of the country--nor LA knew she existed, but now she's practically a household name, keeping company with Murray.....unfortunately......
As for the dangers of administering the Propofol, MUrray knew the dangers, but he didn't care as long as he was getting that fat check, IMO...gotta keep those women in his life happy....not the preexisting ones, the new and improved models he's hanging out with.....
One thing I was confused about. You said you agree with danger that Murray didn't act alone, but that's actually what she thinks--that he made a stupid mistake and acted alone. IMO, there is NO WAY you can look at the events leading up to Michael's death and know the cir***stances, timeline, etc. and come to the conclusion that Murray wasn't just some poor idiot doctor who made a grave error. Actually, if that is what happened, I think most of us would'e come to terms with it and moved on long ago. The fact that Murray won't even acknowledge he may have made a mistake speaks VOLUMES....
As I stated before, this is an investigation and we're not always going to be right about what we come up with, but at least we're looking beyond the surface and refusing to accept the feeble stories they're pushing on us.
Thing is, only one thing matters--JUSTICE FOR MICHAEL!
And in searching for the truth, it's very important that we not only find it, but also gain knowledge, understanding and the wisdom to KNOW THE DIFFERENCE!!!
No Peace till Justice!

1504 days ago


Cherwood: I am sorry that you got the impression that I thought that Murray acted alone - because, I firmly believe in my heart - that there is someone or person's behind him. Don't know who (because I am not familiar with all of the players), but as I said, 2 + 2 is not comming up 4, its comming up 6, 8, etc. And I want to see ALL OF THOSE PEOPLE whoever they may be, that had a hand or take in Michael's death in any manner, shape or form - be brought out into the open and dealt with in the harshest manner possible.

I want Justice for Michael also! But I want to see the truth come out - no matter what it is - good or bad. I have not learned how to access information as everyone on this board has, but I am trying as hard as possible to learn all the facts, and make some sense of it all. Example: Until the other day - I had no idea whatsoever, that Murray was still married, much less to a doctor like himself, and then to learn that he & his wife own several clinics together? That was news to me!

So much to learn, so many inconsistencies, so many do***ented things to review, many many theories, its mind boggling! What a mess! And I am just now starting out, with a great deal to learn - but everything begins with a single step. Thank you so much for having taken the time to answer my posts. I honestly, do not mean to be a pest or anything! I am merely, taking everyone's theories, sorting through them and pulling out the parts that make sense to me, then re-thinking everything, and going back to the blackboard to see if its logical or not. The thing is, I am forever having to review & rethink things as I learn new things. Really annoying! Thanks again. Love, Peace & Happiness

1503 days ago


Thank you for the meal - I am always hungry - ask anyone! And I only weigh in between 127 and 135 - my weight flucuates alot. I believe that it is important to always be learning if at all possible. Hopefully very soon, the truth will make itself known, and if Murray acted alone - so be it - if not, and there really were others that may have played a part in it in some fashion - then I hope those person's responsible and whatever parts they played, when, for how much, the reason, etc. - I hope is all brought out into the open light and dealt with in the harshest means possible. I am not discounting any theory - since I am ignorant of many facts - and my suspicions and theories are just that (Mine) - which may or may not be accurate due to limited intelligence of the matter, information, and resources and a host of other things. But I am always interested in hearing other people's take on things. It really does cause me to re-think my position and re-evalutate everything as new information presents itself to me. Your doing a terrific job and thank you again for the meal! Love, Peace & Happiness

1503 days ago


-#641: Hey Pegasus! Thanks for the clarification--I just thought I had misunderstood you for a minute, not that it would've been a problem, but I know you said you and your "posse" were thinking along the lines of his death being a conspiracy.
As for the Truth, I'm with you on that! I know there's been a lot thrown at you with this case, but you and your team seem to be doing just fine. I understand what you mean that there are constantly new things being thrown at us, and we have to acknowledge those things and figure out how they fit into the picture--it's confusing, but then again, one thing is TOTALLY clear: The facts in this case do NOT add up.........and there are WAY too many people profitting now that Michael is gone...
Bottom line, you possess the key attribute of a great Investigative mind--An open mind, a willing heart, and the drive to Research.....not to mention a GREAT SENSE OF HUMOR!!!
No Peace till Justice!

1503 days ago


Thank you for your kind words. Now what is for dessert? I hope its pie - preferably apple pie, with a little cinnamon sugar sprinkled on top - topped with ice cream! Michael is the apple of my eye! And I cannot wait to sink my teeth into a nice large slice of that apple pie! So sweet, so juicy, so tasty, so Oh My God there I go again. Can't get enough of sweet Apple Pie! I always have room for it!

1503 days ago


Besides, you know what they say: An Apple a day, helps to keep the Doctor away! Personally, I just want to put the Doctor away on a permanent basis! But thats me.

1503 days ago


ummm...who cares?!?

1490 days ago


TMZ serait il possible d’arrêté de colporté ce genre de connerie et le laissé reposé en paix merci

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1140 days ago


I watched Downfall A week ago, I read about Hitler and WWII. Does that make me a Nazi??

1138 days ago
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