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DMX -- The Newest Mug Shot

7/26/2010 7:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained DMX's latest mug shot -- taken moments after he turned himself in to authorities in Los Angeles today.


As we first reported, DMX was ordered to serve 90 days in jail in connection to a reckless driving conviction from way back in 2002.

If DMX looks relaxed in the mug shot ... it's because he's taken about a million of them.



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I bet he did turn himself in as soon as he heard the LA jail is packed and Lindsay with 90 days also will get about a week and a half. This is the time to run in and back out real fast while the jails are crowded.

1559 days ago


Ride or die

1559 days ago


I doubt dmx will get out as early as lindsey and the pretty wild star. I'm pretty conservative and I don't want to sound like a race baiter but black men get treated way different than young white female actresses. Lindseys crime was way worse than dmx crime. And by the way men and womens jails/prisons are worlds apart.

1559 days ago


He is a smart man! This is going to turn the LA legal system into a TMZ Circus!
YWF gets 90 days and special treatment and released after doing 2 weeks, check
BWM gets 90 days, does 90 days, check

YWF, violates probation after 90 days of rehab, check

BWM,ends up winning a landmark legal battle against the LA legal system for discrimination while Lindsay watches this all unfold from PRISON, check

1559 days ago


I bet he does the full ninety. That's bulls.

1559 days ago


Damn, I can't believe this dude used to be one of hip-hop's biggest superstars. He was in blockbuster films with Jet Li, Aaliyah, Gabrielle Union, and David Arquette. Now, he's just another black dude lost in the correctional system, LOL. Damn, Earl. Just. DAMN....

1559 days ago


5'11" 170#....he's a small guy.

I bet he stays in jail longer than Lohan does.

And I bet he's singing, "Can I get a what what in the butt?" right about now.

1559 days ago

todd lee    

its only a misdemeanor, people...he will probably do like 1 month or less.

1559 days ago

Rachel Rothechild    

Okay, I liked all the comments. Because he is a so called black man he will serve the 90 days. He needs to sober up. He will never make records at the level people are used to hearing. His music had memorable lyrics which sounded more like caucasian version of a scremo band in rap. He sold his soul which compounded prior obvious childhood demons. Until he heals and forgive and move on from whatever f---ked him up as a child. He will be will be serving more time.
He is also smart or was advised that this was the best time for him to turn himself in because it will be so apparent that the caucasian female will get a Lizze Borden sentence.
It is sad what has happened to him from his monetary oppulence.
His behaviour like many others from sports teams also coins the term from Rick James via Chapelle Show "they should never gave you ni---rs money." They don'y know how to handle it he still has Robin Leach show in his head "life of the Rich and Famous,"

1559 days ago


will he get the lindsay lohan treatment..will he only have to serve 15 of 90 days??

1559 days ago


glad he doesnt look cracked out in this mug shot

1559 days ago


What a stupid dumbass. Dude's so arrogant and/or moronic that he can't even avoid violating his probation/parole. Moron...

1559 days ago


If they applied the 3 sticks law he would have been locked up long ago, bet he gets arrested multiple times in the next few years like in the past, enough is enough, throw away the key already.

Of course Obama would pardon him becasue he's black

1558 days ago


Now I coulda' swore Katt Williams said DMX was like 5'2. Smaller than him!

1558 days ago


dude has so many mugshots you can make a deck of cards

anyone for 52 pickup?

1558 days ago
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