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Dina Lohan -- 'Distraught' with Lindsay Locked Up

7/26/2010 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dina Lohan's been called a lot of things, but we're told "brokenhearted" best describes her since daughter Lindsay Lohan got locked up.

Sources close to Dina tell TMZ that since LiLo's been behind bars DiLo has been ignoring phone calls and letting business deals lapse.

We're told she's been "laying low" and that she "cried a lot those first couple of days." As one person put it, "It broke her heart to have to see Lindsay in jail."

Dina's been unable to visit Lynwood Correctional Facility since Wednesday because Linds used up her allotted time for personal visits.


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She and her un-famous daughter weren't that upset! They still went and got their nails done!

1548 days ago


Dina, your daughter is doing fine.

The Hollywood law enforcement is treating her like a spoiled brat, just like you do. They want to be her best friend, just like you do. They're continuing the enabling you started so you should be worry free.

Of course her odds on the Vegas Celebrity Death watch list just skyrocketed but hey, maybe it's one more way you can make a dime off her.

Maybe if you tried to be a parent just once in your life instead of her enabling fan club president, you would have a daughter that would make it to 30.

You should be the one in rehab for celebrity addiction.

1548 days ago


Give us a break Dina. You are a lousy Mother, spoiled your "cash cow" almost to death. Worse has happened to many Mothers. Their kids have died.... Your spoiled little brat daughter has no respect for authority- will be out before the week ends. Be a real Mother to her/talk reality to her while she is in rehab AND STILL ALIVE.

1548 days ago


You guys are ridiculous. Dina's not the one who physically or even verbally abuses her spouses and children. Puts up nude pics of her boyfriend on the net. Releases private audiotapes of her friends and family. Hits every media publication there is to badmouth her ex, family and ex's family. Spent time in jail and may be going back there. And she's the one that ruined Lindsay's life? Please. She's standing up for her daughter and guess what? You guys don't know a thing about what she does regarding her daughters and sons. She owes nothing to the media, she'll tell you everything is fine and yet her actions out of the public eye may be totally opposite of what she says to the media. She's certainly come across OK in this very difficult time for her and her family and she's there supporting Lindsay and taking care of Ali. Give her a break, she's not bad right now.

1548 days ago


Who gives a crap about this monster? If she can't get Linds to work, she'll pimp out her 16 yo daughter. And everybody thinks it's the dad's fault. Ha! It takes two. And this woman is no prize - she's evil.

1548 days ago


The real reason 'Mommy" is brokenhearted is because her best drug connection is in "The Old Stoney Lonesome".

1548 days ago


I doubt she's broken hearted over any of this - well maybe about how much money Lilo's broke a$$ will have to pay the lawyers and for 90 days in rehab.

1548 days ago


She needs rehab right along side Lindsay!

1548 days ago


I don't even know why she is crying. She should've straighten Lindsay out by telling her that doing all that stupid **** is embarassing, and that she need to stop, and be a good role model for her siblings. Dina should've just put her foot down and said enough is enough. I know that Lindsay is grown, and that she is responsible for her own bad mistakes. But, for Dina to see a love one, her own daughter going down, she suppose to help her daughter to do right, and told Michael to stop getting in the spotlight and help his daughter.

1548 days ago

Kev the Realist    

Enabler, Yeah, where the hell were you for your kid when she was doing coke and speeding down the freeway, or when she was falling down stupid drunk on camera. Oh and bitching about how the justice system is penalizing and picking on her daughter. Give me a freekin break. How about kicking your daughters ass when she got in trouble the first time and then was stupid enough to violate probation. How about kicking her ass for printing FU on her finger nails..... Come on Dina Lohan is the definition of an unfit, uncaring parent and a total f---up herself, sponging off her daughters fame and fortune. And in yet another California Judicial screw up, how the hell do you get sentenced to 90 days and do 14. is actually a 90 da..... No wonder California justice is blind..... Lindsey needs to do hard time and hopefully, this so called re-hab she is being sent to is actually 90 days and they will ween her off ambien. Yeah let's see, she is an addict so lets give her more controled substances as part of her re-hab. How about drugs. She doesn't need adderal in re-hab as she doesn't need to focus and ADD can be controlled in a captive environment without the need for stimulants.

Dina is Lindseys enabler and it is criminal what she has done to her daughter.

1548 days ago


That is such a crock, talk about wanting attention.

1548 days ago


Maybe she should get a real life and a she doesn't have to latch on to her kid. Doesn't this woman have other kids to take care of as well?

1548 days ago


She is supposed to have a business.....what kind of business?

1548 days ago


Speaks volumes when you use your visits on ugly looking confused boy/girl tranny types and not on your mom to come visit. That DJ confused thing is some tough Sh*t to look at.

1548 days ago

samantha ronson    

She's looking for some $$ interview for her firecrotch.

1548 days ago
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