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Police Video Shows NBA Star in High-Speed Race

8/1/2010 9:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Newly released video from a police plane shows NBA Rookie of the Year Tyreke Evans racing in his purple Mercedes at speeds approaching 130mph.

Evans was busted Memorial Day weekend and eventually pled no contest to reckless driving.

The video shows Evans racing in his Mercedes S550 on Interstate 80 in Sacramento. Evans was reportedly racing a friend, who also pled no contest to reckless driving charges.

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Of course he should be pulled at gun point. This car is a weapon if you are using it as such by driving 70 miles over the legal limit, putting innocent lives at risk.

1480 days ago


Cops said it was a Charger or Camaro. Couldn't even tell it was a Challenger.

Also said he was doing 110+ at times. How could he tell that? If he was going that fast the people he was passing were doing 90+ since it looked like he was passing them about 20mph faster at most.

I'd be surprised if he ever went over 90-100mph but whatever, I agree he should not be driving so fast on public roads but to pull him over at gunpoint is criminal. No need for that, that's how people get shot.

1480 days ago


dude is just lucky he didnt hit anyone. other wise it's 99 years and a bottle of jack!

1480 days ago


Too bad it didnt end in a fiery crash. Wait, then it would give all the moron worshipers someone else to eulogize. When and if the everyday people get tired of the direction this country and our society are going, the rappers, sports stars and other useless excessive celebutards will be the first to go.

1480 days ago


He should have been charged with Attempted Murder. This bastard punk belongs in Prison for his baby like actions. This was a rolling bomb with a fool at the wheel.
We need STRONGER laws, and FEWER idiots.

I hope he hits a pole not a person.

1480 days ago


For you fools that think the cops were wrong for doing a felony stop - at gunpoint: The lawmen were well within their rights to do so, they want to go home at night. The motorcycle cop was by himself, two perps in car, verified observance of speeds approaching 130mph and it appeared they were trying to elude by driving aimlessly through that neighborhood. Did they just rob a bank? did they just do a drive by? did they just kill someone?

Bottom line: with a code felony stop - cops go home - not to the morgue.

Don't like it? Don't drive 130.

1480 days ago


If they don't get prison time, then there is no reason to have traffic laws. That was a blatant total disregard for safety and laws.

BTW, there is no way that I could be speeding that far and not have police cars chasing me down. Sacramento must not have many patrolmen on the streets.

1480 days ago

dennis in sac    

Post #1... You are extremely gaaaaaaay for posting that and being that desperate! HOMO!!!!

Tyreke is the Man for driving like that. Only 110-130.... Next time shoot for the moon... 150+!

1480 days ago


This is reckless driving, racing,speed.changing lanes. All it would of took was 1 bad move and he could of caused a deadly accident. His ass would be going to prison. Putting other lives in danger he should lose his license for atleast a year. If he thinks he going to get off on this one with just a speeding ticket Hes crazy. The reason the police pointed the gun at him is because they didnt know why he was driving so fast. They dont know if hes ****ed up on drugs or just robbed somebody and trying to get away. What they did was stupid **** and they should go to jail. As soon as a judge and jury sees this tape he doesnt have a chance.

1480 days ago


I'm SHOCKED that you guys aren't covering the Lorenzen Wright story.

1480 days ago


I've done 140 in my Benz, he is a rookie.

1480 days ago


If you want to race, do that on a race track that is legal for non-pro racers to drive on. You won't hurt innocent drivers or pedestrians. In case if you get hurt, there will be an ambulance waiting, to take you to the hospital immediately.

1480 days ago


Well said, "Shesh!".

Ward & John have obviously never worked in law enforcement and they should both STFU. Ward & John, is it true that you can renew your ACLU membership cards online? Keep the dream alive, turds.

1480 days ago

who dat    

For the most part, the NBA is full of thugs.

1480 days ago


it had to be black

1480 days ago
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