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Kim Possible

8/2/2010 10:20 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

The 77-year-old resurfaced at some event in Hollywood this weekend, looking pleasant.


In 2000, a fire in Kim's Oregon home destroyed a computer containing the only draft of her unfinished autobiography.

The late fashion designer Alexander McQueen created an It bag in her honor called the Novak.


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It looks like he had a botched plastic surgery job.

1454 days ago


Oops! meant "she".

1454 days ago


A Hollywood face. I can understand it's hard for an individual to resist the pressure, but it would be nice if Hollywood stars would age naturally. I don't know if Betty White ever did anything to her face, but she looks her age, and that works just fine.

We don't need old actresses to look younger, we need more great roles for them just as they are!

1454 days ago


I love Kim Novak. She was popular back when movie stars had class - and talent. People were famous for actually being able to act or sing. Nowadays, you have people like the Jersey Shore cast, The Hills rejects, and those Kardashian sisters (what are they famous for again?) who soak up the paparazzi flash bulbs despite having no real talent or ability to contribute anything whatsoever to the entertainment industry except appear in scripted "reality shows" where they tape their pathetic lives, and people actually watch! In this day and age, the trashier the "star," the better. Hey kids, you want to be famous? Just make a sex tape, appear on some trashy tv show competing for the affection of some washed up D-lister, and get caught flashing your vagina in public, and you are on your way! Sickening! Ok, this rant is over. :)

1454 days ago


Met Kim with her mother in Westwood one Sunday afternoon and he was most gracious about signing a teenagers book. Heck she was not that much older than I was; Melania is correct, Kim is Hollywood when it still had class!!

1454 days ago


Kim looks great. Nice to see her!

1454 days ago


This isn't Kim Novak. Kim Novak is dead. This is some kind of plastic mummy clone.

1454 days ago


Kim Novak is alive & well . ever heard of internet movie data base?

1454 days ago

Buster Lhode    

My first crush. I'd still hit like I did under the sheets to her pictures. :)

1454 days ago


'Memba her?? How could we forget?
Sammy Davis, Jr. fell in love with Kim, and they carried on a secret affair which scandalized the industry when it became public. Reportedly, a contract was put on Davis's life. He was warned, "We'll take out your OTHER eye." Back then--as now--interracial relationships provoked strong emotions. Davis was forced to stop seeing Novak and was elbowed into a quick marriage to quell the rumors. (That marriage lasted only a few months.)

While liaisons between Jews and Gentiles have mostly lost their veneer of scandal (in the U.S., at least, more so than Europe--witness the recent Chelsea Clinton wedding to a Jewish groom), Black and white couplings still provoke a lot of passions in our country. To this day, when you read about the loves of actor Steve McQueen, Diana Ross is oftentimes left off the list.

Hollywood is one of the last bastions of racism left in public life. Just sayin'.

1454 days ago


ONE CLASSY LADY!! She was very very doable back then and is equally doable today. 77 is frigging young for women in this day and age. And she wears 77 VERY VERY WELL.

1454 days ago

Illinois person    

If the witch Dr had pulled her mouth any tighter her lips would be on the back of her head. I remember when she used to be on Falcon Crest.

1454 days ago


Kim Novak was at the Kim Novak film festival at the Egyptian Theater this weekend. Maybe the photo was from that event?

1454 days ago


I'm not sure a person could look much better at 77. Yes, she's had plastic surgery, but if she didn't, people wouldn't like the way that looked, either. Damned if you do, damned if you don't. She has nice bone structure and pretty features and you can still see that in her face.

1454 days ago


There are women that are way less then half that age that dont look near that hot! Whatever your doing keep it up,cuz you still smoking baby!

1454 days ago
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