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Lindsay Lohan Gets Police Escort at UCLA

8/2/2010 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With uniformed officers at the ready -- Lindsay Lohan arrived to the rehab facility at UCLA this morning without a hitch.


As we previously reported, Lohan was released from jail this morning after serving 14 days behind bars at Lynwood.

Lohan has been ordered to spend 90 days in rehab.


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To No. 8:

The L.A. County jail is WAY overcrowded. EVERYBODY get out early, celeb or non-celeb. If the judge wanted her to serve the full 90 days in jail, she would been sentenced to six months. The judge knew she would only serve the two weeks.

1488 days ago


Isn't California broke? Why should she get a police escort... she is a little Hollywood tramp? It is not like she is anyone important... Who is going to pick up the tab for this... the tax payers? Instead of seeing to it that that little **** gets to rehab, they should be out on the streets stopping crime. Totally out of hand.

1488 days ago


Of course the police took her to rehab. She's still a friggin' prisoner. Court ordered rehab is part of her sentence, not just a suggestion. It is up to the police to deliver her to the next phase of her sentence. The judge will be monitoring her treatment program. If she doesn't go by the rules she can be tossed back in jail. She is not a free woman yet.

1488 days ago

Alan Carver    

While Judge Revels order for Lohan to go directly rehab after her sentence, it is the right move. Simply Lohan would not go by herself if she was given time out for 24 hours. What happened this morning is standard procedure for any convicted individual with mandatory rehab sentencing imposed. The judicial system does not trust the 'addict' to make it to rehab on their own, so they escort that person (i.e. Lohan) directly tot he facility so that they do not get out and go crazy for a 24 hour period! This is what Lohan needed and Judge Revel made the right decision to do so. If not Lohan would have been more than likely come-up missing in action.

1488 days ago


No the police was just there because of the paps.
She met a rehab official upon her release

1488 days ago


What irony. Not only does law enforcement not keep her behind bars, but they even give her an escort out of jail.

Posted at 7:03 AM on Aug 2, 2010 by Ehécatl

um...they gave her an escort to jail as well. And since it was a court-ordered rehab (to begin immediately after being released from jail) they ensured there was no opportunity for her to skip out.
so where is the irony?

@by Sammy &
@by pam &
@by Alan Carver
hey -- don't be spouting logic off in this crazed mob

1488 days ago

who dat    

Can you imagine being one of those police officers assigned to wet nurse a spoiled meth head.

1488 days ago


They act like she needs protection! All this did was stroke her ego at the taxpayers' expense.

1488 days ago


This is special treatment. Everyone else has to do it cold turkey. It would not suprisee me if she's back on drugs in 6 months.

1488 days ago


im so sick of them talking about lindsay lohan.

1488 days ago

linda harris    

Now I know why California is broke

1488 days ago


Nurse Ratchet and some electroshock will suit her just fine

1488 days ago


Wonder if she'll get to smoke her cigs in there. No sympathy for this moron. She brought all of this on herself.

1488 days ago


She should still be in jail - no justice here at all....

1488 days ago


I'm just curious how many of you saying that if "she wasn't a celeb she'd do more time", are acutally from California ? More so how many of you have ever been to jail in LA county??? I can tell you from personal experience my BF at one time was sentenced to 90 days for drug related charges and he only spent about 20 days at the Twin Towers in downtown ( including time served) Face it people, LA county jails are overcrowded its a fact and people get out early.

1488 days ago
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