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Michelle McGee, Violet Kowal -- The Stripper Tour

8/8/2010 12:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dave Matthews Band? Lady Gaga? Nope ... the hottest tour of 2010 is going to be Michelle "Bombshell" McGee and Violet Kowal -- coming to a strip club your significant other hopes is not near you!

TMZ has learned the infamous other women will unite for some kind of strip club tour. McGee and Kowal -- Mel Gibson's alleged mistress -- had their first dual outing in Hollywood last week. Sources close to the pair tell us the strip tour dates and locations are TBD.

As we first reported, Kowal just hired Gloria Allred and she shares the same manager as Bombshell.

0809_mcgee_tmz_videoGuess that won't be the only thing they share.


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Annette and GDSlayer, you guys rock! I couldn't agree with you more and I'm an outright feminist. I am married to a wonderful, intellectual, funny, strong man who loves me for who I am inside and out. My mother always told me "you attract what you put out". If you are putting out that you are a skank then you are going to attract men who think of you as a skank and will treat you that way. Does this make them bad men? No, this makes them realistic. Real men are attracted to women who are classy, elegant, intelligent, who take care of themselves (financially and physically), and who have great seld-esteem. You skanky, show everything you have girls out there are doing yourself and men a disservice.

1535 days ago


Thanks FunFearlessFemale for being onside with what honest women -- and men -- deserve. Those who don't go through life with hidden or secret agendas, deserve to find happiness. Karma takes care of the rest. TRUE happiness with a companion that is excited to share their life with you and not just their wallet contents. I couldn't imagine being in a relationship where one always has to look over one's shoulder expecting the worst. Jesse, Tiger, Mel are all just higher profile examples of what the average guy suc***bs to every day because of these types of women preying on their egos while feeding their own. They have to know that someone ALWAYS gets hurt. A relationship void of trust is the most tragic of all. I'd rather remain single than settle. For richer for poorer etc. etc. Really? Bulls.hit.


You have become my own personal poster-boy for all that can be good in a male. I hope the words you posted are a reflection of the true life you lead. I think they are. As much as women follow what media dictates (thanks Heff!), men are just as gullible. So many Shallow Hal's out there who can't get beyond their own unrealistic expectations and see a potential partner for who she is... and can be. They wear their Barbie's like a prized Rolex watch then wonder why it stops ticking.

Yep. Tragic. On so many levels.

1535 days ago


I was watching the LA Ink marathon this weekend (yeah, I know, I know) ANYWAY, during a scene with two of the staffers bitching about something towards the back of the shop you can see a big framed poster with Bombshell McGee on it. There's no mistaking that ho!

Kat Von D, you dissapoint me! (yeah, I know, I know!)

1535 days ago


how jesse looked the other way over sandra for s*** pond that is the world's worst embarrassment to women is mind boggling.

i'm glad i'm a woman who has been told equally amount of times i'm beautiful as many times as i've been told how intelligent i am and how much common sense i have at the same time.

you claim to be a smart - near genius - based on nothing you've shown except your lack of talent in anything but spreading your legs - you're claim to being near genius is along the same lines of when you first tried to claim you were 24.

wow even next to another stripper hoe - notabombshell manages to look skankier than anything in the room.

oh btw notabombshell - that's not a compliment. not even for trash like you.

1535 days ago


Thanks Annette and GDSlayer for the brillant and true words concerning men and women. Girls, Men are not knights in shining armor looking to "rescue" you. You "rescue" yourself. You make your own life, get an education, be good to family and friends, work hard, play hard, be responsible for your own happiness. When you do this then you will attract a real, honest to goodness, total package of a man. Men, I feel for you. There are so many skanks looking to screw a financially secure man and want to take all their money that it's hard to think that you might find a real woman. They are out there, but they are hard to find. I don't know, this generation of people out here today think that having no class is the way to be noticed and make money.

1535 days ago


I can't help but feel for Sandra everytime TMZ and all the rest make a mistake of showing her skankness. Out of respect TMZ why do you do it?

1535 days ago


im one significant other that doesnt give a fig if they are nearby...they can even come have dinner! if thats what he wants, he deserves every bit of it. lmao

1535 days ago


Look at the toes on the nasty tattooed bi*tch! she has tree climbers, how disgusting!!!!

1535 days ago

Zippy T. Pinhead    

It's amazing how TMZ likes to make women famous for doing nothing more than whoring around. And to make matters worse, they keep putting this ugly biker beitchee McGee on their site. Move on TMZ, try to find some real celeb news somewhere.

1535 days ago


Why do you keep taking pictures and encouraging these awful women?

1535 days ago


Ladies, honestly, neck tattoos and anything above *never* look good. Ditto titty tats. THINK! Who says "forever" to ugly tattoos?

1535 days ago


Thanks for the well wishes and kind words. Your wife sounds like a wonderful lady, and I mean lady, in every sense of the word. I can tell that you love and respect her and I'm sure she feels the same way about you. I am so glad you became wise and self-disiplined early on and held out for the best. The best is what you deserve. I wish you and your remarkable lady much love and happiness too. You sound like a great couple and you both are very blessed to have each other. I love to hear stories like yours. I don't hear them often, but when I do, I always smile. Take care.

1535 days ago

Get a Nose Job, please!!!    

I bet between the two of them they dont have one brain cell working. Why would anyone want to look so nasty and horrible? They must be retarded.

1535 days ago


Mamas, teach your sons to stay away from the likes of these women. Ack.

1535 days ago


FunFearlessFemale -- thank you and right back atcha! It's interesting that our conversation hasn't been intercepted by people who disagree with us. Girls know. We know. Maybe for once some of the guilty ones are left a wee tongue-tied because their own conscience is speaking to them louder than we are. Then again, somehow I doubt it.

GDslayer -- What can I say? I hope your wife has read along this afternoon. I'm not usually one for telling women they are "lucky to have him" because she'll probably retort with how lucky YOU are. haha Rest assured... 22 years speaks volumes. Kudos to you both.


1535 days ago
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