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Sinead O'Connor -- Third Marriage Is the Charm

8/9/2010 5:30 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Looking like the owners of an herbal shop in Berkeley, California, former lesbian Sinead O'Connor and her new third husband Steve Cooney were spotted in Dublin this weekend.


While the 43-year-old mother of four wore a crucifix, she did not tear up a pic of the Pope this time.


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Kate, I love you

1544 days ago


Why do you refer to her as a "former lesbian"? She was never a lesbian. She has four brats from four different men that is not a lesbian. O'Connor said a lot of **** for shock value. Same with shaving her dumb head.

1544 days ago


Like most fish who call themselves "Lesbyterians" but are really fish, Sinead is disgusting. She is just an icky stinky fish!

Are there ANY real true genuine 100% Lesbyterians left in this world?

1544 days ago


Lol I love all these little kids that are like, "Who dat? NEXT!" after seeing this pic. The universe did exist prior to 1995. Show your age more, kiddies. Loving it.

Also: Kate - you nailed it. Sinead really took a huge, HUGE amount of heat for trying to bring attention to the child abuse in the Catholic church. It basically ruined her career, and she was an immensely gifted singer, so we all lost out on that one. I can't think of anyone in the entertainment industry that would lay it all on the line like that nowadays.

And now, of course, we're all appalled at the child abuse, and tired of the Catholic church, and poor Sinead is mostly forgotten, and is marrying a probably very nice fellow from Hogwart's.

1544 days ago

M B    

Sinéad is an admirable woman, she is a practising Christian and deserves all the best.
Leave her be so that she can go on with her mission!

1543 days ago


For every man, there's a woman
For every life, there's a plan
And wise men know, it was ever so
Since the world began, woman was made for man
Where is she, where is the, woman for me?
(with deepest apologies to Harold Arlen)

1543 days ago

M B    

s jules, sod off!

1543 days ago

I Chinee    

And who gives a **** about him wearing a ring on his finger too or which country they do it in. This ******* is boring! The whole ****ing story is.

TMZ please stop reporting lame ass stories about lame people.

1543 days ago

I Chinee    

To the poster named Kate

Shut the **** up. This is a gossip site, people can say what ever the **** they want. If you don't like it take your ass somewhere else. ****ing idiot!

1543 days ago


Convert to Islam, Sinead. Loads and loads of attention

1540 days ago


Whew! Now she can fade into history...please let her fade away....please...

1208 days ago


I love her beautiful gold crucifix telling the world she's a Roman Catholic, the only true religion on this earth. Also nice to see her 3rd husband. Nothing compares to you TMZ idiots especially the lawyer hehehe.

1204 days ago
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