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Fantasia's Overdose -- Aspirin and Sleep Aid

8/10/2010 10:33 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Fantasia Barrino was rushed to a North Carolina hospital last night where she was treated for a "medication overdose" caused by a combination of aspirin and a sleep aid ... this according to the "American Idol" champ's manager.

According to the report, Barrino was taken to Carolinas Medical Center-Pineville around 8:55 PM ... the report says her condition was not life-threatening.

The rep also tells us, "Yesterday, she was totally overwhelmed by the lawsuit and the media attention."

The statement continues,"Last night, Fantasia was hospitalized. She took an overdose of aspirin and a sleep aid. Her injuries are not life threatening. She was dehydrated and exhausted at the time. Fantasia is stable now. She will be released from the hospital soon."

According to the report, it's unclear whether the OD was intentional or accidental.

As we previously reported -- Barrino was recently accused by Paula Cook of making a sex tape with her husband and destroying their marriage.

Paula Cook filed for divorce from her husband Antwaun Cook. In the court docs obtained by WCNC, Paula Cook filed for child support against her estranged husband Antwaun Cook and cited an alleged affair between Cook and Barrino. She claims the two met at a T-Mobile store and, beginning in August 2009, began their "covert adulterous affair."

Cook goes on to claim, "Throughout the course of their adulterous affair ... Defendant/Husband and Ms. Barrino have at times recorded their illicit activity."

 Fantasia's lawyer, Gena Morris, is officially on the attack -- telling TMZ, "Mrs. Cook gratuitously included claims about Fantasia to sensationalize that litigation and to insure that her tale would be picked up by tabloids."

Although the "Cook" tattoo branded above Barrino's heart... that was later covered up -- and rumors of an affair between Barrino and Cook have been around for months -- Barrino has always denied the relationship.

Morris added, "The fact that she would seek such publicity in a case involving her children is particularly disgraceful.”

Barrino has claimed she is "not responsible" for the deterioration of the marriage.


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No Avatar

Lena McGowan    

Dont be so harsh on her, but i do have problem with home wreckers. if a man is married leave him the hell alone, stay out of it. let him go divorce his wife when he is ready to be single again, but dont get involved because no matter how beautiful you look it will take away your beauty if you are classified as a "home wrecker" Alicia Keys is one and i dont care how many more albums she comes out with even if she is giving it away for free i will not buy any because i lose off Alicia she is also a disperate home wrecker.

1542 days ago


Wow, where was everyone when Alicia Keys did the same thing Fantasia is accused of? (and so many other famous personalities) Leave her alone and mind your own business! How many of you all have multiple sex partners or sleep around with friends of friends and boyfriends of close friends? Enough said!!!

1542 days ago


everyone makes mistakes but that doesn't mean we should talk about them because we don't even know what really happened. People could just be making up stuff so they can get the satisfaction of thinking that they messed up a blessing GOD gave her But what GOD gave her no one can take it away. so Fantasia just keep your head up and praise your way through AND as for all the haters go find a bible and read JAMES 3.

1542 days ago

A WOOD    


1542 days ago


Not surprised at all

1542 days ago


I am praying for u Fantasia, Keep your head up. Please do not allow ignorant and hateful people to have any power.

1542 days ago


Hey, what about Alicia Key? She did the same thing...stole Swiss Beaz away from his family & kids...Alicia & Fantasia don't realize that these men will walk every time they think they have found a "higher mountain".

Alicia has inherit "Debt" and Fantasia has inherit trouble.

1542 days ago


She is a true TALENT that's why she will bounce back....GOD gave her a gift and she is only going thru a trial!!!! How judgemental we can be when we too have done something that would make us wanna run and hide. You're in my prayers Fantasia and the Cooks!

1542 days ago

Down South     

I think her real life story explains what's going on with her now... If she didn't have enough sense to stay in school and learn the basics, then she would have learned that there are MORAL VALUES and PRINCIPALS in life. If she have to sneak, lie, deny to be with someone, it's not worth it. It says alot about her character... I dominate her in this situation because a woman will always dominate a MAN.. remember back in bibical era, Samson and Delila, Adam and Eve... and now Fantasia and Antwaun. It's not good to mention Antwaun being right or wrong... you know how it goes, a Reality Show will be next...

1542 days ago

Big Mama    

Who knows better than Antwan Cook(sp) that he is married? So why is everyone blaming Fantasia? It seems that someone (Mrs Cook)sees dollar signs and is going after 'Tasia. Seems like "sour grapes" to me!

1542 days ago


Innocent until proven guilty.......

1542 days ago


fantasia , the lime light is getting the best of you , please dont ruin your career , remember GOD is watching you.

1542 days ago


whos a drama queen drama queen. how responsible is that for a baby momma

1542 days ago


If Fantasia had of keep her immoral behind out of anothers marriage she wouldn't be going through this today. But she thought what a man who cheats on his wife is worthy of .................. so at least she recieved what she deserves early take heed and learn from your mistakes GROW THE HELL UP

1542 days ago


Perhaps all the stardom has gone to Fantasia's head! She needs to get her ass back in church!

1542 days ago
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