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Steven Slater -- Ordered Held on Bail

8/10/2010 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater will be sitting in jail a little while longer -- his bail was just set at $2500. 

Steve Slater - Jet Blue Flight Attendant

Slater's arraignment in NY State Supreme Court just ended. He was charged with two counts of reckless endangerment, two counts of criminal mischief and one count of criminal trespass.

Slater -- who faces up to seven years behind bars -- did not enter a plea. His next court date is September 7.


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he can't come up with the bail?

1533 days ago


my daughter was a flight attendent and i know how hard they work.why isn"t this rude passenger in jail. he was wrong to deploy the schute but i guess he lost it. do passengers know that flight att are also trained to save lives?

1533 days ago

Rachel Moran    

We Feel You, Stephen Slater!!/pages/We-Feel-You-Stephen-Slater/143152119041622?v=wall


1533 days ago


I am usually happy to see a gay go to jail But this is ridiculus. The guy is looking at 7 years for what? Hes fired that should be enough. No reason this guy should be in jail.

Having worked in the service industry before I can see how this guy went crazy. Some people are frickin idiots.

Not everything that happens on a plane deserves the death penalty.
You cant say Bomb on an airplane! Bomb Bomb bomb Bomb

1533 days ago


He deserves an award...not jail

1533 days ago


This must be a joke. How do any of these charges make sense??? She should have been arrested not him!

1533 days ago


Bravo dude.. good job! -- while I support you on what you did. I have met some flight attendants that treat passengers like crap as well. I hate when the plane has not stopped and you hear cell phones going off.. people rustling around and grabing their stuff. If they are in that much of a hurry they should have taken an earlier flight.

1533 days ago

Marketing $ociologist    

$2,500 bail? You get more bail for a jaywalking ticket.

Make his day. Put him and Lindsay Lohan in the same jail cell.

1533 days ago


It's in the Federal court since it's an airplane, hence FAA rules...Federal jurisdiction. Anywho-she needs her ass kicked and she clearly is guilty of assault and battery. Put that crazy bitch in jail and give this guy a raise.

1533 days ago


It amazes me the judicial system in this country. Charlie Sheen can hold a knife to his wife's throat and threaten her life and gets a stint in a posh rehab. Mel Gibson can beat the mother of his child and due to his celebrity status everyone, including the prosecution questions the alleged charges. This gentleman was doing his job and is facing charges for some jack#@s assulting him!!! How in the world do we justify 7 years for telling someone off. This simply shows what money and fame can buy a person. Cudos to this fella for standing up for himself as well as his fellow attendents!!! Good luck with the legal battle. You have many people in your corner.

1533 days ago


Hey- how about charging this female passenger with assult? That is more fitting for how this all went down. Surely, there were enough witnesses to this incident. I am pretty mild mannered, but if that chick pulled that crap on me- I would have given her a serious beat down. She got off easy- and is now trying to make the most of her 3 minutes of fame.

1533 days ago


When I got mad at work, I flung open the door and went outside for a walk too. What's the problem here?

1533 days ago


I'm with Steven.
Arrogant passengers, full of self-importance and entitlement, feel above common-good rules and do whatever they feel like. If the plane had just hit a flock of geese and was on the verge of trying a landing on the Hudson River and this puff-fluff head did whatever pleased her, she could have put passengers in danger.
Steven was just doing the job; his reaction was less than ideal but showed that he is occasionally flawed. He is like the rest of us, imperfect.

1533 days ago


Why does every picture of this guy look like he has a monumental chip on his shoulder and is itching for a fight??? Is it just me???

1532 days ago


What kind of beer did Steve slide down with?
Might make a great commercial for A beer company.Call it, we just don't take up with any beer -it's got to be Steve's Blue Beer. LOL _ Go BLUE

1532 days ago
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