Teri Hatcher's Friend -- Desperately Seeking Justice

8/10/2010 7:00 PM PDT

Teri Hatcher's Friend -- Desperately Seeking Justice

Teri Hatcher is more deceitful than a housewife on Wisteria Lane -- this according to a new lawsuit filed by a former good friend.

Jennifer Glassman claims Hatcher convinced her to quit her PR job to become Vice Prez of Teri's production company -- and get 50% of all the spoils.

Here's the problem.  Jennifer didn't get the deal in writing.  According to the suit, after joining Teri's company, she was asked to sign a blank contract as a "formality," giving Teri the right to fire her at will ... which she did.

In the lawsuit filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Jennifer claims she was not only extremely competent, but forced to handle "Hatcher's mood swings and unusual requests."  Among the requests -- scheduling doctors' appointments, planning parties, researching vacation arrangements and hiring a dog trainer.

Jennifer claims Hatcher fired her a few months before Teri got a big fat check for the launch of a website supported by Disney ... a website Jennifer claims she had a big part in creating.

The suit -- claiming fraud, intentional deceit, wrongful termination and emotional distress -- seeks unspecified damages.

UPDATE:  We just got a statement from Teri's rep, who called the lawsuit a "ridiculous fabrication."  Brad Cafarelli added, "It is unfortunate that the many opportunities Ms. Hatcher afforded the former employee are now being so implausibly twisted and contorted."  Cafarelli says Teri and Disney will vigorously fight the suit, and nail Glassman with "substantial counterclaims ... for her reckless and premeditated misconduct on her departure."