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TMZ's 'Pierced People' Contest -- WINNER!

8/17/2010 3:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The tribe has spoken -- and Stars and Spikes pic nailed the competition in our "Pierced People" Contest!

As an homage to the dreaded "back-to-school" season -- this week's contest is our "Funny Freshman Photos" Contest! So email in all your crazy college pics from the first year of school and you could score our $250 prize and some great gifts from TMZ!

**CLICK HERE for contest rules and regulations!**


No Avatar


Bombshell! Bombshell! Tasty, mmmmmmm!

1493 days ago


ought to look great when she's about 70 HA HA LMAO

1493 days ago


Looks like 2 of those are stick on jewels.

1493 days ago


They are stick on jewels. TMZ...your judges for picking final 5 should be fired. Every contest you have...the top 5 are more like the bottom five.

1493 days ago


haha...I laugh when i see dumb a$$ sloots with their 'original' tattoo. pfft...

Aren't tattoo's supposed to be original and not like everyone else? Stupid attention whorez, whenever I see those stupid star tattoo's I think of how dumb the person must be.

They're all wannabe's !

1493 days ago


People are nuts! All scarred up at such a young age, for a fad. What a waste.

1493 days ago

Denise - her sister    

Those are NOT stick on's! They are permanent implants.

1493 days ago


That's Hot!

1493 days ago


@ comment 2 ... "ought to look great when shes 70 LMAO" .. LOL who the hell cares what you look like when you're 70? Are you gonna wear clothes that show your belly off when you're 70 years old? Idiot.

1493 days ago


Hey Brainiacs, they're called Microdermals or Dermal Anchors- look it up before you spew more ignorance. And, why would you live your life for getting old?? Live for today!!

1493 days ago


@ comment #5...she is not a wannabee and the tattoo design is original.. The tattoo, implants & piercings are real and not stick on's... You sound a wee bit jealous...hummm....maybe because she's a Rock Star and your not...the votes don't lie...she won because her fans love her & voted so get a life and stop being a hater...please...

1493 days ago

Jo Blo    

Comments 2-6 - what they're really saying is "im fat". LoL!

Live n let live, eh?

1493 days ago


@ comment # 10... well Thanks for "educating" us all Mr. Smarty you have to be so negative in doing so? You are assuming that the majority of the population must be ignorant because we are all referring to piercings & implants as such... if you wanna get all technical and spew your intelligence regarding the Microdermals or Dermal Anchors...please do it tactfully...Ok? Im just saying...we are not all a bunch of idiots

1492 days ago


Comment #12. What I am really saying is they look like stick ons, just like I put it in the post. 1. I am not fat and 2. I am tatted and pierced up also. My comment wasnt mean for negativity. As for others....they feel how they feel.

1492 days ago

lallaaaaa balls    

UM, it is fake. The bitch is not a rockstar IDK what yall are on, Quit smoking the shi* you're on and let it go. It's not even real tats, THIS I KNOW. o btw, it isn't her sister commenting,and peep the nails...broke up chipped up shi*, her pastey pale white preggo looking belly,...yea THAT SCREAMS rockstar LMAO. anyways, QUIT HATING, DEFENDERS. we are right you are wrong, and ACTUALLY I know the ho*

1492 days ago
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