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Devon James' Mom -- My Daughter Belongs in Jail

8/17/2010 6:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Devon James can't even convince her own mother that Tiger Woods fathered her 9-year-old son -- in fact, her flesh and blood thinks Devon is such a money-grubbing liar ... she belongs behind bars.

Outside of court in Manatee County, Florida -- where the Tiger Woods paternity case was thrown out today -- Devon's mother Sandra Jane Brinling claims her daughter filed the suit against the golf star "to make money" and "deserves jail time" for allegedly abusing the justice system.

As we first reported, James -- one of Tiger's 8.5 million mistresses -- wanted the golfer to submit to a DNA test to prove his paternity ... but the judge wasn't having it.

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the mama needs to stfu. the apple didn't fall from a pathetic tree.

1525 days ago


Lady looks like a dude!

1525 days ago


Actually she belongs under the jail with the rest of the rats and roaches.

1525 days ago


At least the mom has the common decency to tell what she believes is the truth, especially since she's calling out her daughter as a liar and mentally erratic. This devon bitch drags tiger through the mud & then doesn't bother to show up in court? Sounds like her extortion scheme didn't work & tiger was going to fight it, so she bailed. She needs a psychiatric evaluation immediately...

1525 days ago


Tiger was to busy with other women why would he want her. And Tiger was to busy using poly max extremes to win tournaments, ask Rachel oops you cant ask her she got $10 million to keep it hush.

1525 days ago


Hey IDIOT. don"t blame the whore...all she did was fall down with her legs spread..Tiger was the one who decided to "*********" with her..he's not squeeky clean by all means and if you saw this Devon compaired to his then wife..I think Tiger is the sick one..He NEEDS the evaluation...besides I think her "Momma" has some of her own selective memories..I know she's caring for that boy...but she afraid that if it's Tiger's kid..Tiger's gonna take him away from her..so she's throwing her OWN daughter under the bus...the daughter didn"t get this way on her own..just looking at her mothers's actions it makes you wanna say "HMMMM"

1525 days ago


Not surprised by this at all.....We are in the era of instant celebrity status by way of any type of controversy, bad stuff preferably, like making a sex tape, sleeping with someone famously married, being a tramp in the public eye......All people know that this is the fast track to making big bucks in this sad state that America has become. The days of working hard to make it big are over. Just pick your moment and pounce.....Money destroys everyone.

1525 days ago


Finally! A parent that calls out their pathetic kid instead of protecting their sorry asses. I don't understand any of the negative comments. Are you crazy? This woman is standing up for someone who was wronged and she's standing up for the grandchild. For God's sake, give kudos to the woman.

1525 days ago


Rick: ******* extraordinaire trying to spread lies on the net. STFU with the bs drug rumors, byeatch!!!

1525 days ago


Finally! A mother who is not in denial. Are you watching Dina Lohan??? You could learn something from this women. She is not in denial about her daughter's wrongdoing and is not wasting breath trying to justify actions. Hello??? Dina???? This one's for you!!!!

1525 days ago


Is TMZ crazy? Who give a **** about this silly man. Is he some hero because he did plastic surgery. What is this

1525 days ago


Holiday dinners with the family must be memorable.

1525 days ago


i see tmz looked into my comment from todays other tiger post...the mom has been saying from day 1 that her daughter never even met him...people should google the full e! online interview the mom did when this rumor 1st came out...the mom's had full custody of the kid since he was a baby, & says a dna test was done to prove if devon's 1st husband (& father to her other 2 kids) or the bi-racial (hispanic/black)dude who just got released from jail was the dad...test proved it was the bi-racial man's kid & he was ordered to pay child support by the court back in like 2005.

1525 days ago

Big Daddy    

Looks like the maid of the Brady Bunch. Just saying:)

1525 days ago


what a bitch. that's exactly how my mother would be, though, and believe me, she is the bitch from hell, so, just related to the story, i guess.

1525 days ago
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