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Dr. Laura -- Serial Quitter

8/18/2010 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

This isn't the first time Dr. Laura has taken her marbles and gone home after getting mad ... TMZ has learned she did the same thing on the boob tube.

Dr. Laura Schlessinger Quits

Dr. Laura -- now famous for repeatedly hurling the "N" word on the radio show she is now quitting  -- pulled the same stunt in 1999 when CBS TV offered her a talk show.  Dr. Laura had a bunch of strings she attached to the deal -- most interesting ... that CBS muzzle Howard Stern so he wouldn't talk crap on her.

Dr. Laura Schlessinger on Larry King LiveCBS refused to make the concession, so Dr. Laura huffed out of there and instead did a disastrous show at Paramount -- where she bashed gays.

Oh yeah, one more ironic twist ... Dr. Laura misguidedly said on Larry King last night that she was quitting so she could exercise her First Amendment rights ... something she clearly wanted to deny Howard Stern.
That thin skin isn't just the work of a good spa. 

UPDATE: Howard talked about this story on today's show ... click here to hear it.


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Ats my *****!

1526 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Who the hell is Dr. Laura anyway?

1526 days ago


I'm so sick of people who don't understand the First Amendment. IT ONLY PROTECTS YOUR SPEECH FROM THE GOVERNMENT. It does not protect speech from your employer. Dr. Laura is a f*ckwit.

1526 days ago

dear Max    

Somebody put a muzzle on that homophobic, racists cow, already!

1526 days ago


In the past, Dr. Laura made some good points, and was fair in her comments. Unlike most, I DID listen to the ENTIRE n-word conversation and I completely understand the point she was making with the caller, who truly is overly sensitive to race issues (which was the purpose of her call). So as far as the n-word issue, I don't think it's a problem. HOWEVER, over the years, Dr. Laura has become bitter, and lashes out when not necessary. So while I have supported her in the past, and have enjoyed her radio show for several years (but not recently), perhaps it is time for her to sign off. But I certainly wouldn't have done it the way she has, because it does make it appear she's done something wrong (n-word), when in fact, she was indeed trying to help the caller deal with her race issues.

1526 days ago

Christtina G.    

I'm not a Dr. Laura, but I totally agree with her use of the word ******s. She was making a point--and a good one at that.

1526 days ago


She spoke the truth, nothing more nothing less

1526 days ago

Brian Parris    

hahaha I love it! I hate this lady with a passion. She is a self-centered egotistical bitch. Check out the n00dz she has on the web from back in the day. STERN FOR PRESIDENT!!!!!

1526 days ago

Rachel Rothechild    

In defense of what I have read that the dr. stated. She is right homosexuality is an inherited factor just as hetersexuality, and other varied forms of sexuality physical or otherwise inherited biologically. Most heterosexuals seemigly like herself think it is a mistake. Which is a right that she should be able to express.
Now in the context of the n word. She again is right. Comedians do bombard the ni--ar word often as if they are the only ones that can get a joke out of it or say the word without offending.
This goes back to Howard Coselle I liked that man. And I adored the on camera relationship he had with Muhamed Ali. He was doing a live abc Monday night fotball and he stated "look at that monkey run" I am paraphrasing to a degree. But that was the jist. What I heard from Howard that night was. I am proud, surprised and pleased on the ability on that young man to run. Monkey is a term of in dearment. Nothing racist and he was let go on that basis.

And that other guy that commented on the Rutgers basketball team, I forgot his name. he lost his syndicated show. He and howard stern were enemies in the 80's when he was coming up.He wore a Texas size cowboy hat.

As a person of color if something is stero-typically true, and facts are stated that seem racist but are true i do not see the point in getting angry or upset on facts that are stated and are funny and true.
Caucasians should be allowed to feel comfortable and uncomfortable saying the n word in a context that they can express a question or how they feel about something to another person of color without fear of offending. That how we all learn folks.

1526 days ago


Contrary to the general consesus here, not all black people say the N word!!! So just because people say it on HBO the caller might not use the word or agree with others who do!

What Dr. Laura should have said is for the caller to tell her husband's family that their use of the word in her presence is making her uncomfortable, as well as their asking her "what black people think". I know I have had a few white friends who used to ask me "the black opinion" and they didnt realize that it annoyed me until i mentioned it. So the caller could just bring it up calmly with her relatives and she what happens.

White America, please understand that black folks don't all think the same!

1526 days ago


Some white people think they understand the use of the 'N' word. Then they open their mouths and prove that they really don't.

1526 days ago


Good riddance...nasty woman!

1526 days ago


I don't approve of witch hunts over using certain words. However, I never liked this woman to begin with. She's a nasty piece of work. Good riddance.

1526 days ago

Lenn K.    

The people I feel more sorry for are blacks who don't, won't and can't move forward in their lives because of a word they use in every rap song. Blacks have allowed themselves to become just victims of one word and they won't talk about 80
percent fatherless homes, not pushing education a top priortiy and crime in their neighborhoods that's makes Afganistan look safe. Doctor Laura will be gone but the problems in the black community will still be the same the black leadership will see to that.

1526 days ago

Bobo Frog    

Fox news will hire her.

1526 days ago
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