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Adderall May Have

Unhinged Lindsay Lohan

8/20/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's Adderall dependence -- the result of a medical misdiagnosis -- may have been the reason she went off the rails.

As we first reported, the docs at the UCLA rehab facility believe Lindsay was misdiagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ... and was prescribed Adderall to treat the phantom affliction.

Dr. Joe Haraszti -- a prominent L.A. addiction specialist -- tells TMZ ... people who take Adderall when they don't need it can experience similar effects as people who use cocaine or methamphetamine.

Dr. Haraszti tells us ... people who unnecessarily take Adderall can display manic symptoms ... and often do things like "driving around until all hours of the morning ... smoking heavily ... tweeting ... and texting all night long." The doc adds, "They can become very impulsive."

The doc also notes that people in that situation "might then complain of insomnia and then take Ambien or other sleep aids to help fall asleep ... it's a vicious cycle"

Dr. Marc Kern -- another addiction expert -- tells us alcohol abuse is also very common among patients who take Adderall.

Dr. Kern tells us, "The Adderall counteracts the sedative side effects of alcohol use … making these people often drink more than someone who does not take the drug."

Bottom line -- a bad medical diagnosis may have set the ball rolling that unhinged Lindsay's life.


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Excuse me...Dilaudid.

1338 days ago

Fat hand puppet    

@aston"And she is NOT an addict either. The docs took her off everything (well, maybe she still smokes) - drugs, alcohol - and she had no withdrawal symptoms. That doesn't happen to an addict. Please actually READ the article before you post."

yes she is. Lindsay is an addict any reasonable objective person knows this. UCLA is not talking to TMZ so the full report is still hidden, and if Lindsay has mental issues UCLA is not going to reveal it to anyone. Of course Lindsay is an addict, with no drug testing Lindsay was free to do other drugs in the last three years and I have seen her do it.

I am hopefull the judge will keep drug testing Lindsay for the next year and get lindsay off that "adderal" crap.

1338 days ago


#28 When oh when will we get the picture when it comes to psychotic drugs? This is a typical example of so callled professionals making a false diagnosis, prescribing dangerous drugs, guessing at treatments, basically messing with your mind and central nervous system with the distinct possibility of killing you or causing irrepairable damage. I have personally witnessed many over the years since I got sober getting hooked on all this junk, some have commited suicide, some are in mental hospitals doing the thorizine shuffle, tragic consequences. Prayer works, treating the root causes works, treating symptoms and masking the causes onl leads to disaster. Stop the insanity, stop lookng for the quick fix.

Posted at 3:06 AM on Aug 20, 2010 by grouston

I completely agree with you ! But you have to remember that when a doctor hangs his shingle out, it's called Practice, meaning it's not an exact science, they are only practicing medicine ! Long gone are the days when doctor's told us to take an aspirin and call back in the morning. The doctor's of today get great bonuses from the pharmaceutical companies to dispense their product, recomment their product, and that's what doctor's are doing today ! Treat the symptoms not the cause! There's no money to be made if we were to cure all the diseases and illnesses that we are inflicted with !!!

1338 days ago

Fat hand puppet    

Dr. Haraszti Lohan early release aug 20 2010

1338 days ago


I wonder what role Dina played in the original trek to the doctor to get Adderall. I seem to recall Dina saying once that Lindsay was diagnosed in her teens. But as a much younger child, Lindsay was very focused and displayed none of the symptoms of ADHD from what we know of her in those days. I wonder if Dina thought it would be a neat idea to get Adderall to keep Lindsay thin (back in my childhood/teenage years in ancient times, amphetamines were in "diet pills" so nice middle class women were getting hooked routinely). Just a random thought... Of course, Lindsay was on her own by the time she was about 16, so maybe she just told Dina she was diagnosed but got the prescription on her own as a recreational drug. Not sure if she could do that until she was 18, though.

1338 days ago


so now we know that Linsay is ok and that her unusal behavior was due to drugs . Well this is good now she will have a clear mind to carry on her life . She will make her big come big time and people won't shun her . she is very gifted .

1338 days ago


I'm calling bull**** on that comment Doc. Many people Dr shop to get perc's , oxy's and ritalin. Lindsay is a drug addict plain and simple. Most Dr's are in it for the money and will give people whatever they want as long as they keep coming back. Dr's are capitalists just like Big Pharma. Lindsay took the pills willingly without force.

1338 days ago


What a surprise! Someone was put on a drug for this disease which is often diagnosed because parents and teachers don't want to deal with a child so they plop them on a drug which sedates them. The disease IS real, but, NOT for the numbers of people which are diagnosed with it. I hope this story scares some people out of their wits and they get their children off drugs and start being parents!

1338 days ago


Aston at #19 said "The docs took her off everything (well, maybe she still smokes) - drugs, alcohol - and she had no withdrawal symptoms. That doesn't happen to an addict."

Not true. She had no withdrawal symptoms at UCLA - after almost 3 months on a SCRAM (alcohol reading once, high enough to not be a false positive, which shows no control) and regular drug testing (but still allowed Adderall and Ambien). That doesn't mean she was never an addict, it can mean that she simply already went through withdrawal (made much easier by the allowed drugs). Addiction also does not mean constant use. I've known binge alcoholics who don't drink all the time, but once they start on a bender they can end up in a hospital. Also the addiction can still be there (a tendency toward addiction can be built into your physiology), and be triggered by resuming the use of drugs or alcohol. There's a reason alcoholics don't refer to themselves as "cured" but rather as "recovering". They still crave the drink but fight the craving. They can be sober for decades, but still have an addictive response to alcohol and will get right back into alcoholic behavior if they start drinking again, thinking they can "drink socially". On the other hand, some very heavy drinkers (like some very heavy smokers) are not physically addicted and can stop anytime without any physical withdrawal symptoms if they can summon the willpower. We don't know which category Lindsay is in - she could be just a sober recovering addict who will risk losing it again if she takes another drink or drug, or she might just be a heavy user with no physical addiction but an emotional need to get high.

In either case - she needs to learn how to "just say no" to alcohol and drugs whenever she might be driving. That's why the court is involved in the first place, otherwise nobody would care. Also she needs to control it if she wants to work in the non-porn industry... So there's an emotional component regardless of whether or not the person is technically an addict - her previous behavior showed she was unable or unwilling to control herself in such matters. Using drugs and alcohol has badly affected her life (and when she was behind the wheel - endangered others). Her only hope is if she 1) has been sober long enough to realize how much trouble drugs and alcohol have caused her and 2) understands how easily she will slide downward again if she starts using again. The smart thing would be to treat herself as a recovering alcoholic/drug addict rather than taking the risk of any recreational use.

In other words - the fact that the UCLA doctors did not see physical withdrawal symptoms does not mean that Lindsay is home free on the drug and alcohol front.

1338 days ago


Lindsey for president

1338 days ago

Peter Sc    

So much for Lindsay. She is known in the public. That's why we learn of her case.

What about all the other thousand of teenagers who like Lindsay was dragged down to the doctor and medicated because they didn't perform like their parents would like?

Parents use Adderall as doping. Lindsay's parents did for the money. Most parents use it to fulfill the expectations for the children they have made up in their minds without ever asking the children what they want to do for a living.

1338 days ago


My friend acts just like Lindsay and she was diagnosed with BPD. Maybe this is Lindsay's problem.

Borderline personality disorder is a condition in which a person makes impulsive actions, and has an unstable mood and chaotic relationships.

Relationships with others are intense and unstable. They swing wildly from love to hate and back again. People with BPD will frantically try to avoid real or imagined abandonment.

BPD patients may also be uncertain about their identity or self-image. They tend to see things in terms of extremes, either all good or all bad. They also typically view themselves as victims of cir***stance and take little responsibility for themselves or their problems.

Other symptoms include:

* Feelings of emptiness and boredom
* Frequent displays of inappropriate anger
* Impulsiveness with money, substance abuse, sexual relationships, binge eating, or shoplifting
* Intolerance of being alone
* Recurrent acts of crisis such as wrist cutting, overdosing, or self-injury (such as cutting)

1338 days ago


if lindsay was indeed diagnosed with adhd when she was younger, kids can sometimes outgrow the disorder. if she wasn't seen by her psych and just dispensed meds while not being reevaluated for the condition, it definitely wouldn't help her to be taking pure speed for a condition which no longer exists.

1338 days ago


Well, at least the family will have a reason to sue UCLA when they release her early and she ODs. It's inevitable. Keep telling the addict/Alcoholic that her problems are someone else's fault and they will buy it hook, line and sinker.

I bet she's photographed drunk & high and falling down making a fool of herself within two weeks and she ODs within a year.

1338 days ago


Not true. She had no withdrawal symptoms at UCLA - after almost 3 months on a SCRAM (alcohol reading once, high enough to not be a false positive, which shows no control) and regular drug testing (but still allowed Adderall and Ambien). That doesn't mean she was never an addict, it can mean that she simply already went through withdrawal (made much easier by the allowed drugs). Addiction also does not mean constant use
Even if this is true the fact is this Judge had no right to sentence Lindsay to the 90 days of court ordered rehab.
In 2007 Lindsay spent over 100 days in rehab and she hasn't had any DUIs since then or drug charges.
The prosecution was just asking for 30 days on the one count which she violated which was the 2nd DUI as a condition of that was the alcohol program for repeat offenders.
She wasn't in full compliance because she didn't attend every week but that was the only thing she done wrong.
The fact the D.A isn't raising any objection at all to Lindsay only being there for a max of 30 days out of the court mandated 90 days speaks volumes.

1338 days ago
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