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Adderall May Have

Unhinged Lindsay Lohan

8/20/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's Adderall dependence -- the result of a medical misdiagnosis -- may have been the reason she went off the rails.

As we first reported, the docs at the UCLA rehab facility believe Lindsay was misdiagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ... and was prescribed Adderall to treat the phantom affliction.

Dr. Joe Haraszti -- a prominent L.A. addiction specialist -- tells TMZ ... people who take Adderall when they don't need it can experience similar effects as people who use cocaine or methamphetamine.

Dr. Haraszti tells us ... people who unnecessarily take Adderall can display manic symptoms ... and often do things like "driving around until all hours of the morning ... smoking heavily ... tweeting ... and texting all night long." The doc adds, "They can become very impulsive."

The doc also notes that people in that situation "might then complain of insomnia and then take Ambien or other sleep aids to help fall asleep ... it's a vicious cycle"

Dr. Marc Kern -- another addiction expert -- tells us alcohol abuse is also very common among patients who take Adderall.

Dr. Kern tells us, "The Adderall counteracts the sedative side effects of alcohol use … making these people often drink more than someone who does not take the drug."

Bottom line -- a bad medical diagnosis may have set the ball rolling that unhinged Lindsay's life.


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Gloria Unread    

#16 Catherine Mallory: I believe that poster's Jennifer Aniston reference was about her saying that you don't need a man in your life to properly raise a child. I think Doug's point was that if Lindsay had a stable home life with two responsible parents, she wouldn't have ended up this way. (But I'm just guessing here, I could be wrong.)

Just the same way she lies about mouth pain to get demerol. I have migraines that take me out for days at a time and only going to the hospital to get meds make them go away, but I dont have a prescrip for demerol.
Posted at 3:07 AM on Aug 20, 2010 by spinner25
That's because Demerol (and other opiate painkillers) wouldn't be appropriate for migraines. Have you tried Fiorinal or Fioricet? It's a lifesaver if you have ocular migraines (ones that are triggered by light exposure.)

1439 days ago

solar panel    

There are many things that can happen to a person, and a long list of influences and experiences that can trigger symptoms of ADD and ADHD in people.

It's really unfortunate that the BIG PHARMA companies have set themselves up as the doctors doing the diagnosis and the sole responding authorities who automatically prescribe drugs no matter what. People are very poorly served by this easy out of taking drugs.

For instance, go to and check out the book "Scattered Minds" by Gabor Mate, MD and related sources, to expand your knowledge of the issue, and hopefully reduce this trap of falling for prescriptions at the drop of a hat, especially as associated with problems children get into.

We have a society of screwed up children trying to be parents and it's really sad at how the troubles have been adding up. And of course everyone thinks they're the perfect parent, the perfect family, the perfect child, the perfect school, the perfect lifestyle, the perfect diet, the perfect neighborhood. A little learning can make a great deal of difference.

Perhaps ADD is the best possible reaction to the BS environment humans have created, and it's not a disorder, but instead it's the polluted, noisy, exhausting, highly stressful, disorganized and predatory environment that is the disorder. ADULTS ARE THE DISORDER!

Don't rely on drugs. Get your sleep. Stay away from caffeine, sugar and fried foods. Stop treating kids like numbers, liabilities and awkward renters. Stop handing them over to corporations to take care of.

1439 days ago


That's just great, Lindsay. Why won't she own her behavior and be responsible for the consequences instead of always blaming someone or something else. I've been on Adderall for about 3 years and I have never even been tempted to behave like Lindsay Lohan. Now everyone who uses Adderall for a legitimate reason may end up feeling ashamed of using it. Claims like hers really sets back the progress that people with ADHD strive to achieve. I'm not saying that Adderall doesn't have the potential to be abused, but isn't it just a little more likely that the cocaine and alcohol played a much bigger part in her terrible life choices? That's just my take.

1439 days ago

solar panel    


1439 days ago


Lets make more excuses for this skank!!!!!!!!

Hopefully when she gets out she will OD and DIE!

1439 days ago


oh and also, who is paying her like million dollars for her first interview? Bull****. More enabling!! doesnt anyone see the cycle?

1439 days ago


shes an actress and she s smart.
As an addict and many friends and relationships with addicts, i know as many, ask anyone or any other celebrity in the program be it aa, na....this is typical behavior, adderal, ambien, coke, opiates oh and her alchohol. SHES AN ADDICT!!!!! I mean she was high in jail. shes probably high now.Shes pulling the wool over the theapiists, doctors eyes. cmon no one really is playing hardball with her. Everyone feels sorry for her, her abusive life ,her awful parents. There are far worse stories out there. Shes pretty, a celebrity. Poor Lindsy Yes she has problems but what is happening now is not and will not fix her, its not so easy. 15 days? oh i was misdiagnosed im better? shes hasnt even kicked, oh and this idea of her mentoring and helping other patients, wow shes reaching out. What a peice of work and shame on everyone whos placating her they are not helping but enabling and in the end killing her. Her parents above all need to step out of the limelite. No wonder shes such a mess.

1439 days ago

Marty G    

The chick just likes getting loaded. She used the Adderall like legal speed , drank to take the edge off, and took Ambien to crash out. This was NOT due to some doctors fault, this was due to Lohan being a major doper who loved it. She also used powder cocaine, crack , actual speed (crank and or/ crystal meth) Smoking pot? Just a normal thing for her. AND LETS NOT FORGET HARD CORE OPIATES ! I am not talking Codeine or even Vicodin, I am talking Dilaudid which is about the same as a shot of morphine especially when mixed with alcohol. Anybody , including doctors and the court who believes for ONE MINUTE that Lohan will stop doing this after being let out of rehab has been CONNED and will soon find that out. She is, after all, an actress. (well, sort of)

1439 days ago

Bill F. Murray    

Once again, someone else's fault!!!

Great idea...fill her head with delusions that she's not AT ALL responsible for any of her problems, and set her free. Dina can meet her at the door with a bottle of pills, bag of blow, and vodka.

1439 days ago


Maybe she found a Dr. that would give her the meds she wants, so she did/he had to give her a false diagnosis first. Money talks w/ some Dr.'s in CA. JMO

1439 days ago


ONLY in Hollywood could a story this convoluted be told! Sounds like the making of a new movie! Is this what Obamacare will be all about- inept diagnosis?

1439 days ago

Caleb W    


1439 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

now she's going to get fat

1439 days ago


Yeah she better realise that she is going down the heath ledger road of od,and then you die! And give up all that perscription bull**** drugs,that she is doing!

1439 days ago

Becky Gordon    

Uh.... It does not take a genius or even a doctor to figure this out. As a nurse, it is obvious. This story has nothing in it that you could not learn from a visit to or a simple education in drug abuse prevention. I hope you di not pay an "expert" for this opinion. Glad I paid attention in school.

1439 days ago
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