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NY Jets Cornerback -- The Cost of Missing Practice ...

8/21/2010 4:47 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

New York Jets superstar cornerback Darrelle Revis is holding out in the hopes of landing a mega-giant-super lucrative contract -- and now the team is gonna fine him $16,532 for every day of practice he misses ... money that could buy a TON of awesome stuff ...

Stuff Revis Could Buy

Revis Could...

...buy running back Joe McKnight 660 Copies of Tony Robbins' instructional video: “The Edge: The Power to Change Your Life and Maximize Impact."

Revis Could...

...buy 4,727 bottles of Krazy Glue for Braylon Edwards' hands.

Revis Could...

...take all eight of Antonio Cromartie's kids to Disneyland every day for a month.

Revis Could...

...take the New York Jets' defensive line out to breakfast at Hairy Toney’s 73 times.

Revis Could...

...buy Mark Sanchez 27,966 extra ranch dressings from Papa John’s.

Revis Could...

...buy coach Rex Ryan 1,021 three pound bags of Peanut M&M’s.

Revis Could...

...buy 825 Shake Weights.

Revis Could...

...hire two full-time armed guards from the SOS Group for Mark Brunell ... so he could keep Mark Sanchez away from his hot daughter.

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GOOD! I'm sick of these people renegotiating their contracts. You signed the original contract...stick to it until the contract runs out, then you can ask for a new contract. F-king ingrates!!!

1468 days ago

Throwback kid    

If the Jets start 0-3 their season will already be finished

1468 days ago


unfortunatley the jets structured the contract to be negotiated at 3 years. Now they don't want to live up to their verbal contract. Sad.

1468 days ago


Verbal contract?! Never sign a contract without a lawyer, and any lawyer worth their salt would never have a client sign anything that depended on a verbal contract... Also since neither you or I were there, how can you even say there was any verbal agreement on the part of the principals...

1468 days ago


Currently, Revis is the seventh highest payed cornerback on the Jets roster. Yes, you may blink now. How does this happen? How does the undisputed number one cornerback in the NFL sit by and watch six teammates inferior to him by far out earn him? The NFL model is simply horrible. For instance, let's imagine that Revis were not living up to the million per year contract he signed as a rookie...the Jets could cut him. Goodbye Revis Island! All that they would be responsible for would be the signing bonus. So spare me please the sanctimony about he signed a contract and he should honor it. All signing a contract means is that IF he chooses to play football...he has to play for the Jets. If he does not want to play then that is his choice. Frankly, there is no way I would play without being at least the second highest paid cornerback in the NFL. The man is THAT good. He should be compensated accordingly. If the Jets don't think so...that is their right. However, it is also HIS right not to play for them.

1467 days ago


Oh yea....Jerome!! You have no idea who you are talking to...so don't make assumptions. EVERYONE reads these blogs, including athletes, teammates, and the famlies. SO again...don't make ASSumptions. The verbal contract I'm referring to is their statements publicly and privately about making Revis the face of the Jets and doing whatever they have to do to make him a Jet for life. He had an attorney and his contract reads "negotiable" at year 3. Now the Jets are being unreasonable in the negotiations. Say whatever you want with your limited knowledge. The NFL cares about the NFL not the players. Revis is being WISE. You haven't a clue what the NFL does to players after they get hurt or their career ends. It's inhumane.

1466 days ago


Oh yea....Jerome!! You have no idea who you are talking to...so don't make assumptions. EVERYONE reads these blogs, including athletes, teammates, and the famlies. SO again...don't make ASSumptions.

1466 days ago


You totally do not get what I'm saying Jerome!!!!!!.Revis signed a contract with an attorney. The contract says it is renogitiable at year 3. Then the Jets began to "VERBALIZE" their intentions to make REVIS the face of the JETS and do ALL THEY CAN to make him a JET for LIFE!!! That is the verbal contract I'm referring to.

1466 days ago


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1437 days ago


I think Darrelle Revis can do what he wants, also is not fair to charge so much money just for missing practice. Although on the other hand, he can afford it since he gets paid millions a year! Go NY Jets!!


1130 days ago

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