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Pattinson & Kristen Stewart

Cops to the Rescue

8/21/2010 4:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart finally had a moment to themselves the other day -- thanks to the actions of some quick thinking cops.

Sources involved in the situation tell us Rob and Kristen were on their way home from LAX airport earlier this week -- when they noticed several paparazzi weaving through traffic to keep up.

We're told ... the couple -- concerned for their safety -- ducked into a nearby police station, hoping the cops could help out.

We're told the officers figured out a way to sneak the "Twilight" stars out of the building ... and they were able to get back on the road ... without the paps on their tail.


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I hate when that happens.

1525 days ago


Please! They are only trying to hide the fact that they don't live together or even date each other! He's gay (and why the hell does he keep trying to hide that fact? Man up!) and she is riding the gravy train called "I have no acting career outside of the Eclipse saga." Boring!

1524 days ago


Why don't you get some exclusive, juicy info about Rob and Kristen. Get an exclusive shot of these two kissing or something. Come on TMZ. A pic of where they are living. Some info. What do you guys do then? This is the most talked about couple in the world right now!

1524 days ago


How many of those "paps" that were endangering Rob's and Kristen's safety, as well as the safety of everyone else on the road, were TMZ employees?

1524 days ago


Grace- She's filming the movie adaptation of 'On the Road' right now. Wouldn't really call that "no career outside of Twilight". She's actually quite a good actress and works consistently.

1524 days ago


@Grace,do you actually know how many movies Kristen has acted in......probably not because you're an ignorant moron that's why....I feel sorry for ppl like you that have nothing nice to say.....and btw,she's been in 24 movies and is currently shooting On the Road with ppl like Garrett Hedlund,Sam Riley,Tom Sturridge,Viggo Mortensen,Kirsten Dunst and Amy Adams just to name a few so until I see your name up in lights I stfu if I was you......

1524 days ago


TO: GRACE #2...honey did you take the red pill or the yellow pill? You really shouldn't talk about things you know nothing makes you look like a moron...oh WAIT! YOU ARE A MORON!

1524 days ago


i agree with delle......and Grace pls don't say things that aren't true.......btw, he's not gay and she's becoming a big actress. really, i don't know about you guys but i adore her job.....if i was you i wouldn't say that......sorry

1524 days ago


Why does Kristen care? the paparazzi have known where she lives for the past five years. She didn't care too much then, wonder why she cares now. They are harmless all they want is a picture. And the Pattinson guy lives in hotels and rents, how is that a big deal. They make everything a big deal, that's their problem, the trick is not to care. Because the more they care the more the paparazzi bother them. Advice: live your damn lives and don't let pests control the way you live it. DUH!

1524 days ago


Way to go kids! Good for Rob and Kristen!
We have pics of them kissing now (u missed it TMZ!) now leave these kids alone. That's how people get killed, being haunted by stupid paparazzi! Leave them alone!
They're so cute! Oh, to be 20 yrs younger......grrrrwwll! Lol

1524 days ago

I Chinee    

both are losers.

1524 days ago


so's your mama #11.
...oh, and to #9, obviously she doesn't live with her parents anymore (which is where she would have been living '5 years' ago as you state - she would have only been 15, you dum azz, lol), NOW...she lives w/ Pattinson, OBVIOUSLY -- sorry if that makes your toxic jealous brain explode you sad pathetic hater, but them thars the facts.

1524 days ago


Neither one can act. The Twilight movies are HORRID.

1524 days ago


Wow...not a friendly board...

Anyway, these two AND the Twilight hysteria just died as abruptly as it started.

I just wish she would lighten up and enjoy her blessed life!

Everyone is NOT out to get u.....they're out to get Mel Gibson right now! : )

1524 days ago


I like Kristin and I enjoy her movies. But whenever I see her I always think she looks like she should be dating Ellen or Sam Ronson. She just looks like a lesbian. Still, I want to see her next movie because I think she's good.

1524 days ago
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