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Randy Quaid -- My Bank Stole My Fortune

8/23/2010 8:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Randy Quaid claims his most trusted financial advisors -- along with his bank -- conspired in a diabolical plot to steal his multi-million dollar fortune ... this according to a new lawsuit.

Acting as his own attorney, Quaid filed a lawsuit in L.A. County Superior Court today, claiming he's lost more than $10 million in "loans I did not need or want" after his advisors forged his signature on key financial documents.

Long story short -- Quaid claims the advisors made fraudulent real estate loans with the help of City National Bank ... which has led to huge financial losses and big trouble with the I.R.S.

Quaid also claims his financial people stole several paychecks from his work on high profile Hollywood projects -- specifically an estimated $600,000 in royalty checks for his role in "Brokeback Mountain."

In the suit, Quaid does not specify how much he wants from the advisors and the bank -- but he implies that the number is astronomical.


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"but he implies that the number is astronomical"....maybe even HIGHER than him???

1490 days ago


What do you want to bet that his financial advisors had his power of attorney to do this? His investments went south now he is trying to blame someone.

1490 days ago


Maybe National Lampoon will make Another Vacation Movie where Clark and Ellen Griswold take Cousin Eddie and his wife around the world? That would get him a nice payday.

1490 days ago

Hanging to da lef    

Hey TMZ, I think Randy and Reyna Isabella are on the same page....

1490 days ago


He is sueing for million but will settle for that pair of white shoes he gave chevy chase in the4 movie vacation

1490 days ago


What made you go nuts Randy?

1490 days ago


Randy, you are messing with the wrong bank. City National repossessed Don Johnson'sAspen home when he refused to pay up, and they'll deal with you too. What a shame your career has been obliterated by this, but don't blame it on the industry' s favorite bank.

1490 days ago


Oh man, this guy has really dropped off the edge. With all his crazy escapades with the hotels, and everything else we've heard about him in the last year or so, it's quite obvious that the man is stark raving mad. Such a sin, since he's actually a very good actor. I remember the first movie I ever saw him in was "Midnight Express" and he was brilliant.

1490 days ago


Same sh%t they did to MJ!

1490 days ago

casting couch    

**** ter was full.

1490 days ago


Why can't you even write the word "do***ent" on this site without it being starred out? A lot of words have the letters c-u-m in them and aren't dirty! Ac***ulation, summa *** laude, in***berance, etc. This is silly, Harvey!

1490 days ago


If these Hollywood types (D list admittedly) are this stupid they deserve to be ripped off. If there's criminal action that's different, but to get ripped off because you didn't do those things a reasonable and prudent person would do is your own fault Randy, no one but you.

1490 days ago


He would not be the first celeb to get jacked by his financial counsel or managers or parents. For some reason we hold celebs to a higher mental note regarding their finances when in truth they are much like us. Fair to say a third of us would hose up a windfall in a matter of months or choose the wrong people to manage it.
Not that I believe this is the case here (though his brother had the same issues no?) but it does happen.
Buy gold and bury it in your yard LOL.

1490 days ago


I worked as a bank supervisor in a customer service call center. My department worked directly with clients who had mortgages or equity lines of credit. We received complaints often, where the broker forged a signature on a check that the customer never even knew about. It happened all the time and I imagine the more money you can be approved for the more they can get without your knowledge. But is this really a surprise??

1490 days ago


I'm totally in your corner Randy - I would have replied earlier but the aliens just brought me home.

1490 days ago
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