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Taylor Lautner's Emotional Distress Over Trailer

8/23/2010 8:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Taylor Lautner claims he's suffering from "emotional distress" and "annoyance" ... because his RV trailer wasn't delivered on time.


In a new lawsuit obtained by TMZ, Lautner claims he made a deal with McMahon's RV to purchase a personal trailer for around $300,000 ... a trailer he could use while shooting his new movie, "Abduction."

According to the suit, the deal was that the trailer would be tricked out and delivered by no later than June 21 ... but it wasn't.

Lautner claims breach of contract and fraud and wants unspecified damages.


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Are the lot of you really that dumb? Emotional distress is a legal term with **BROAD** meaning. It's not like Taylor is saying he's in therapy. Geez! Go get educated and stop boo-hooing about your current salary, floods and your Regular Joe life cause it does not matter here. A broken contract is a broken contract is a BROKEN CONTRACT!!! He has every right to sue for something he paid for that was not delivered. It's a simple thing everyone is getting their panties in a bunch over. What? The rich can't sue?

1530 days ago


Quit saying trailer, it's not a trailer it's a motorhome.

1530 days ago


Man get off his back so what if he put a little tears out because of an RV that doesnt give you the right to talk bad about him I bet he does better acting than all of you s***! and he isnt just there to show his abs he actually doesnt even like showing his abs( I dont know why, they are fricking amazing OMG) but anyways you people may think actors and actresses have it good and dont do anything but show up in movies and shop, they're real people like us and do people things like us they have an actual job and so what if isnt a job where they save lives IT'S A JOB WHERE THEY GET PAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1530 days ago


Really can you guys get off his f*****g sack you dont what is going on in his life there could be other things he is upset about and is causing him to have emtional distress and yea is isnt helping out Pakistan HE IS ONLY 18 HE IS STILL IN THE TEENS HE ISN'T A FULL ADULT YET, geez and why do you guys keep saying he can't act i'm pretty sure he can act better than all of you how do explain him beening one of the most talked about actors in the world shesh just get off his sack

1530 days ago


I think most of the rants don't have so much to do with his lawsuit as it does with the sense that this guy's a self-centered, egostical idiot without a whole lot to offer as an actor. So, when he does anything that has the appearance of being a selfish diva, then it fits the image he's put out there whenever he opens his mouth and basks in his own self-proclaimed godness.

1530 days ago


Oh for the love of Pete! People here are not dissing him because he's rich and so he should not sue. It's JUST A LATE DELIVERY and to sue a company for that? You can't even try a diplomatic manner and ask for it to be delivered? And claiming 'emotional distress'? Check that up, it really means what it means -> STRESSED UP due to something. So Taylor is really blowing things out of proportion, just like a spoilt DIVA.

1529 days ago


And I just realized that the trailer just serve as a DRESSING ROOM. It's not like his life depends on it to provide a roof over his head. There's fricking hotels. And people make mistakes. Do you fricking sue a pizza company for delivering LATE? If you do, then you are no better than this brat.

1529 days ago


haha. Diva much Taylor?! this guy can't even act, his voice is whiny and annoying, he needs a better nose, and his eyes are ****ing ugly. The only reason he is getting these jobs and getting paid millions of dollars is because of his abs. What'll happen to his career once his abs disappear, he'd actually need to learn how to act.

1529 days ago


I feel a little less intelligent after reading some of your rants. What do you guys not understand about a contract!? Its not like he ordered a pizza(haha- i had to laugh at whoever said that). He paid 300k for a trailor. He paid with his money-so he should get what he wants-as should anyone else who spent that kinda money!
When you pay that kinda money and the product is late(more than a few days) then you have every right to sue!
Some say that he is a spoiled diva for doing it, but in all reality, he is actually very smart for doing it. I hope in turn this prevents this company from screwing over anyone else.
For those who say he cant act. Hes the one up on that screen in the most popular series of movies making tonss of money right now.
Do i hear jealousy....? ahhh yess thats it!

1529 days ago


I know this dealership pretty darn well as I am in the offense, but your first clue should have been $300k for a trailer??? Ok...A nice diesel pusher is 300k...your most expensive trailers out there are about 80-100k...airstreams...and by the way, the dealership he was dealing with doesn't have the best reputation...something you should look into before dropping 300k on a TRAILER.

1529 days ago


How is he a spoiled brat if he is spending his own money that he earned himself? I think all of us would be mad if something like that happened to us, just because he is famous and rich doesn't mean he deserves to be ripped off. I mean come on people, stop attacking him because you are jealous!! I hope he gets his money back.

1529 days ago


Wow talk about the hate for an 18 yr old kid. Like it or not 300k is not considered high end RV people. There was a contract that was breached. Changing your skivvies behind a tree on location might get hairy. But do you really think this kid even knows what the hell is going on and is directly involved? Said dear old dad was acting as his agent, the trailer was to be used as a dressing room on location which the production company was gonna pay $3000/wk in lieu of providing one (which was a savings to said company). The RV dealer involved should have been researched, because this company has screwed many an average joe (they may have checked with BBB which never has a clue). So Harvey you must like to tie firecrackers to puppies tails, all the hitting on the kid whose reps bought the thing, wrote & filed the lawsuit (like a lawyer they added everything they could to it) and the dealer who has a track record of screwing customers is a victim to these yahoos. You started it, next time somebody perusing the clerk of court filings calls make sure its worthwhile. Hope the kid wins. With you, the a$$ lawyers and the haters he's gonna learn real quick what a sucky world this is.

1529 days ago



1529 days ago


i dont know who some people think they are are to make someone who has worked extremely hard to get where they are out to be a "ego driven movie star" if i spent $300,000 to get a service, it better bloody well be there on time! taylor has a duty to concerntrate on a script and develop a character to entertain millions of people across the globe! he doesnt want to be worrying about a service which he has paid good money for which hasnt been met, he should be concertraing on this big movie which is stressful enough. to be honest the term "emotionally distressed" is an under statement to how taylor is probably feeling. movies like this are worth hundreds of millions of dollars and have very very tight schedules on when they need to finnish shooting and what scenes should be shot each day and at the end of a 12 hour shoot you want to go back to a place that is comfortable and relaxing, its like you going to work abroad or a few miles away from home and paying for a hotel room and not getting it so you need to ask around... not what you need after a 12 hour day when your exhausted! he has so much attention from girls camping outside his house he feels like this trailer could be his place of escape and relaxation it really angers me how people can so easily dish out insults to people they dont know without even thinking about how they would feel in the same situation... some people are seriously morons! and its not as if he didnt get it for the first day! they hadnt given it to him for months and when he finally got it. it wasnt even safe to drive

1527 days ago


I just want to point out to the "nurse" that actors do work 12 to 16 hours a day or possibly more. Maybe not for all year, but for months at a time, numerous times.

1524 days ago
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