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Woman Tosses Cat in Garbage Can (Yes, Really)

8/23/2010 6:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A woman in Coventry, England was caught by a surveillance camera petting a stray kitten ... and then tossing it in a garbage can.


Word is the cat was found 15 hours later in good shape. Let's hope they catch the crazy woman.

(Thanks to Gawker.TV for spotting this)


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I think that's one of the weirdest encounters I've ever seen. The WOMAN belongs in the garbage can and I hope her big fat azz is caught and jailed.

1486 days ago


ewwwww,nasty crazy bitch

1486 days ago


****in stupid moronic bitch! She should go down for animal cruelty. What a soulless piece of **** bitch that woman is.

1486 days ago


Karma will get her one day It always comes back to bite you.

1486 days ago


It wasn't a stray but a family pet. It was a rescue cat and the family were lucky enough to have cctv footage from their cameras.

1486 days ago


I totally dont' like cats, but they are living beings. And that cat was being so affectionate towards her!!! that breaks my heart. :( I hope they can find her, animal cruelty isn't right no matter what!

1486 days ago


As someone that grew up in Coventry, England - I can pretty much guarantee that she will be found and punished. Personally I would drop her into a garbage can from the same height, making sure that there is broken glass, foos waste and sharp cans in there and I would make her stay in it for 16 hours, then I'll punch her - hmm - you can take the girl from Coventry but you can't take Coventry out of the girl......

1486 days ago


What the Hell!!!!! Someone should pick her up by the neck and throw her in a dumpster!!!

1486 days ago


Unbelievable,.... and it was all caught on camera,.... she looked like a serial killer sizing up her victim,... a defenseless cat,...and then she tosses it in the garbage, someone needs to toss her in a garbage can, from about 4 stories in the air !

1486 days ago

md mom    

If that is what was caught on camera--imagine how many terrible things has she done that have not been caught!

1486 days ago


that cat wasn't a stray, she did that right in front of the owners house, it was their surveillance camera that caught her doing that to their poor cat

1486 days ago


What a piece of **** bitch. And to the person who commented about their neighbors cat crapping in their yard and it will sleep with fishes..... Its not the cat, its the OWNER. The cat is only doing what comes naturally. Cats should not be allowed to roam freely out doors. I have 3 and have had cats all my life (I'm 50). They don't go outdoors and people who harm animals are the LOWEST form of life on the planet. I pray karma finds this woman and all like her!

1486 days ago


this woman is sick and sadistic, and her action was clearly disturbing! i hope somebody ran into her, petted her fat ass, glanced at a garbage bin behind her, and swiftly shoved her in it!

1486 days ago


Actually, she thought the cat belonged to the people who owned the garbage can. Did you not see her looking around to see if the owners were around? She really didn't feel like bothering them (as she was probably in a hurry), but she put the cat in their garbage can to keep the cat from eluding or escaping it's home. I totally understand what she was trying to do. She knew the cat would land on it's feet and knew that dropping the cat would not hurt it. Yeah, if she was being malicious, she would have kicked it.

1486 days ago


What it bitch. I guess if anyone is missing at cat you now know where to look. I'd like to put her ass in there.

1486 days ago
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