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Michael Jackson's Kids Get Schooled

8/27/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Two of Michael Jackson's kids have taken a big step -- leaving homeschool for one of the most exclusive private schools in the country.

Michael Jackson Kids School
TMZ has learned 13-year-old Prince and 12-year-old Paris started at The Buckley School in the San Fernando Valley on Wednesday.   

Family sources tell TMZ ... Prince wanted to go to Buckley to have "a social experience."  Initially, Paris was reluctant but changed her mind in a big way.

As for 8-year-old Blanket -- he's still going to be homeschooled. Katherine Jackson feels he's too young to venture out.

Among the alums -- Matthew Perry, Alyssa Milano, Nicole Richie, Nicollette Sheridan and Laura Dern.

By the way, some other grads even went on to do sex tapes and became famous -- Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian.


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@ Becky:

Yes I saw the Jackson's reality show. And if you're really serious about being interested in gumbo, it's just a soup or stew that was generated from Louisiana made with veggies (okra being the main veggie) & chicken and shrimp poured over rice. But to be more specific, this is from wikipedia:

Gumbo is a stew or soup originating in south Louisiana which is popular across the Gulf Coast of the United States and into the U.S. South. It consists primarily of a strong stock, meat or shellfish, a thickener, and the vegetable "holy trinity" of celery, bell peppers, and onion. Traditionally, one of the key ingredients has been okra, the African plant okingumbo,[1] from which the dish originally took its name.[1] However, today gumbo has evolved to the point where it is often made without the inclusion of okra.[citation needed]

Gumbo is traditionally served over rice. There is also a traditional meatless lenten variety called gumbo z'herbes (from the French gumbo aux herbes, pronounced /ˈɡʌmboʊ ˈʒɛərb/ GUM-boh-zhairb),[contradicts pron. below] essentially a gumbo of slow-cooked greens sometimes thickened with roux.

1446 days ago


@ Becky:

More on Gumbo from wikipedia:

Having originated in New Orleans, Louisiana, created by the French, but enhanced by additions from other cultures, gumbo is the result of the melting of cultures in Louisianan history. For example, the dish itself is based on the French soup bouillabaisse, along with the "Holy Trinity," which is of Spanish origin—the ingredients are similar to a sofrito—and the use of filé powder (ground sassafras leaves) which is Native American. But the dish got its name from the French interpretation of the West African name of okra. Currently[update] the dish is very common in Louisiana, Southeast Texas, Mississippi,southern Arkansas and Alabama, and the Lowcountry around Charleston, South Carolina, near Brunswick, Georgia and by native Louisianans wherever they live. It is eaten all through the year, but more often in winter.

A typical gumbo contains one or more kinds of poultry, shellfish, and smoked pork. Poultry used is typically chicken, duck, or quail. Local shellfish such as the freshwater crawfish and crab and shrimp from the Gulf of Mexico are frequently used. Tasso and andouille provide a smoky flavor to the dish.

Gumbos can be broadly divided between those that use okra as a thickener, and recipes using filé powder. Filé is added only after cooking is complete and it is in the bowl. This goes back to the days when okra was available only in season. Another division in types of gumbo is between Creole and Cajun styles. Creole gumbos generally use a lighter (but still medium-brown) roux and include tomatoes, while Cajun gumbos are made with a darker roux and never contain tomatoes. Tomatoes are used in Creole gumbo due to the influence of Italian immigrants to the city.

1446 days ago


@marica and becky

I've heard of gumbo made with chicken, shrimp and sausage!
(i cannot stand to even look at okra...yuck!!!).

1446 days ago


@ mymjj5 & Becky:

I know right? I've personally never made it, but when I do it'll definitely be without okra. The sliminess turns me off. My dad actually makes a mean gumbo creole style, he uses chicken, shrimp, andouille sausage & tons of okra. It's very tasty, however I can hardly swallow it because all I think about is how snotty the okra feels in my mouth. Sorry to be so gross, I hate okra so a lot of that just may be in my mind. So when I eat it, it's usually with mostly rice and just a couple of spoons of gumbo on top.

1446 days ago


I know right? I've personally never made it, but when I do it'll definitely be without okra. The sliminess turns me off.
@marcia and becky
I know what you mean. when i was a child me and my cousins used to refer to okra as "boogers and snot"! OMgawd, I hate the very thought of OKRA....again YUCK!

1446 days ago


Marcia & mymjj5, Thanks for all the info on gumbo.
If i ever get round to making it, i think that i will definately leave out the okra, after that description of snot & bogies!! ugh, enough to put you off for life.

1445 days ago


Author: Becky
CommentMarcia & mymjj5, Thanks for all the info on gumbo.
Hi Becky, hi marcia

Just one final okra horror story: when I was a child my grandmother would fry this really thick cut bacon. She'd take the bacon oil and fry some freshly cut okra with it. within a few minutes the slimy liquid from the okra would just absorb all of the oil. the liquid would start to bubble like a giant ball of snot. OMGawd!!!! Talk about G-R-O-S-S!!! Those seeds from the okra all looked like popped pimples, white heads or pus!!! YYYYUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Don't get me started folks, I've got a million of these!!!

1445 days ago


Pass me the SICK BUCKET right NOW!!!!!
I just hope that no one was actually eating a meal while they were reading that last post-GROSS!!!!

1444 days ago


@ mymjj5 & Becky:

Eeeewww mymjj5. Talk about a coincidence, I just arrived at my parents house to watch the Michigan State game later on, I smelled a wonderful aroma, looked in the pot and guess what's cooking on the stove? After reading your story, I just may have go to Ponderosa and get some wings and call it a day. lol

1443 days ago


Oh no! Not the curssed OKRA! Don't suffer any longer..Back away from the stove and run to Ponderosa now! Get out of the house now!! OMGawd LOL!

1443 days ago


@ mymjj5:

LMAO! Take it easy and I'll probably see you on a different post.

1442 days ago



Okay! Glad to know you survived!

1442 days ago


Its not surprising at all that MJ's kids will go to Buckley. All members of 3T went there as well, you know, Tito's boys. Buckley is an elite school full of the children of the wealthy. Those kids will not be bullied or teased, same as their uncles weren't. The school is surrounded by huge gates, has a team of security guards at all times and you have to show id to be let on campus at any time. The school is at the end of a canyon road and there is nothing behind it except the mountains and a famous curvy road. Buckley School begins at age 2, to teach kids to read early. Alot of people pass thru Buckley but dont graduate from there because of international travel or work by their parents or the kids themselves. Tevin Campbell also went to buckley but didnt graduate as well as Rashida Jones( who I hate and got in trouble for kicking in the shins one time when she called my dad a ******) Buckley isnt a good school for most black children because it will lower their relation and self esteem in relating to other black people. Rashida is proof! She only dates white boys and acts like her father isnt a black man who escaped to europe in order to gain success and respect back in the day. Anyway, yeah, Buckley is a safe school for the children of the rich and famous from 2 years old to 18. Its more like an english bording school than it is just, "a school in the SF valley"

1434 days ago


I feel that its a good idea for Paris,Prince to attend private school even though Michael wouldnt do that its because he knows what its like to be in the outside world as a big entertainer and he knows what to expect so he was just trying to protect,I think that all Michael has done for us fans by GIVING,LOVING,CARING and also the best entertainment of all times he gave us everything he could give his fans, now its our time to give to Michael Jackson and thats by leaving and letting his children have the freedom that Michael couldnt have or give his kids let them go to school, go to the mall go join a football team or soccer get to go to a friends house,all of us fans Michael always said heal the world,make a better place I know Michael is watching all of us fans and our job is to protect his children not hurt them lets give them the freedom they deserve Michael would be so proud and i know he is because he is watching all of us and we all owe it to Michael Jackson, he gave us all he had and much more People always think about all the bad things that happened and all the lies that were said people should look at all the good that this man did for the sick and the poor and donated so much money i get sick when I hear about those bad things about a man that just wanted to help by giving and entertaining well thanks to all mj fans for reading i know its long but please as fans lets watch over the jackson kids we love u Michael. GIA from NEW JERSEY. Thankyou all….

1433 days ago

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