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Lindsay Lohan -- Back on the Scene

8/29/2010 4:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan and the Chateau Marmont are synonymous with each other -- and last night the pair were reunited for the first time since LiLo got out of jail/rehab.

Over the years, the popular Hollywood hotel has the been the spot of many of Lindsay's misadventures.

Old habits die hard.


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Actress Lindsay Lohan made her way late last night out for dinner at Chateau Marmont in Hollywood, California on August 28, 2010.
Lindsay arrived at her favorite hot spot with a friend around 11:00 pm where she stayed for a few hours leaving at around 1:00 am in the morning on a wild and crazy car ride.

Lindsay was reportedly drive at high speeds in her Maserati going about 120, blowing through stop signs and red lights. Finally the cops caught up to her but let her go with out a ticket, but the photographers where not so lucky.

Watch the video after the jump.

120 mph???

1518 days ago


She's baaaaaaaaaccccccckkkkkk!!!! Well, that didn't take long, did it?????? How long before lind do do aka dumbo IS back
in jail???????!!!!!!!!! Haaaaaaaa!! Haaaaaaaaa!!

1518 days ago


@__O'Hara Does it make any sense whatsoever that 3 young women in a Maserati going through lights and stop signs and traveling at 120 MPH would NOT get stopped and without a doubt be ticked and perhaps the driver made to take a sobriety test? Would they not get lots of points on their license? This is so ridiculous. And, photographers claim she was traveling 120, how do they know? Were they chasing her? They have radar? Please.

There's a video of Lindsay's car stopped BEHIND a police car that is BEHIND a white SUV. It should be very easy to figure out that Lindsay wasn't stopped because police cars are BEHIND cars they stop, not in front of them yet the caption read that Lindsay was pulled over by the cops and warned. The sad thing is Lindsay has been out not even a week and the BS stories are all over. Fake friends that fear for her sobriety stories, paps chasing her in cars and stories about her speeding and running lights and stop signs, her going to a hotel/restaurant (Chateau Marmont) being reported as if she went to a club, her breasts are being scrutinized, her weight, her lips? Disgusting, disgraceful, and I swear it seems like there are many that live to criticize and pick Lindsay apart and are salivating to see her fail.

1518 days ago


Delmar, you sound like Dina.

1518 days ago


Lindsay.. I hope you are reading this.. please OD.. pretty please! With cherry on top.. please OD

1518 days ago

It's Nikki Bitches     


1518 days ago


When will she ever learn? *sigh* I was so hoping she'd straighten up. Getting pulled over already for running stop lights and stop signs, just tells me she's already headed down the wrong path. Shame on her.

1518 days ago

Laffn Bear    

Twenty years from now, Ms. Lohan will be telling people how she is "just a young girl that likes to have fun with her friends."
Of course that is predicated on her survival for twenty years and her friends may be cell mates.
Any one in recovery will tell you: you have to change your playground, your playmates and your toys. Otherwise you severely limit your chances at staying clean and sober.
Her actions are beginning to show she has no intention of changing and will continue on the path of self destruction she has been on.
You can lead a horse to drink, but you can't make them water.

1518 days ago

Jade evergreen    

Just wow thought Lindsay was going to stay away from place that are bad influence hence booze and drugs oh well time will tell

1518 days ago

Peter Sc    

Where are her lawyer?

She should have told her that the conditions of the parole until november 1 are so severe that no normal person could work, be around people or do any other thing but to be in bed between all the consultations.

The case has been handled worse than the one against John Thompson who spent 14 years on death row before being released.

1518 days ago


Hmmm... I think I've seen this show before. I'm pretty sure that next there will be traffic accidents and drug possession charges and huge denials by Dina. Then we'll have camera laden court appearances and probation violations and pretend stays in jail. Can't we just cancel this show? No? Then I guess I'll just change the channel.

1518 days ago

Bob Moore    

Lindsay has wonderful kissy lips. I want to kiss her for hours at a time.

1518 days ago

Squeaky Shoes    

oh give me a break, it was just a matter of time. Any smart person knows, if you want to get better you don't keep going back to the place of trouble

Clearly, she is NOT smart, or sensible, or has even a remote brain in that coked-out head of hers.

She also clearly doesn't care about her work or money either. She's never going to land a job unless she's goes to studio-filmed sitcoms cuz if she continues to be a moron, she'll screw up and they won't let her leave the state.

but, oh right, she's a celebrity so she'll get away with it and never had to actually suffer any *real* consequences for her actions.

1517 days ago


Gee lets see, it's now 1:33 am pst, book-makers in London, and I'm sure Vegas (providing they take sucker bets) wonder what they have as far as odds, that she's already nack to her old tricks or should I say habits. I pray she is staying away from the things that out her in 120 days in jail and 120 days in rehab. Oops my bad, I mean 14 days in jail and a couple of weeks in rehab. I can understanding over crowding in county jail, but i know for a fact, you get a bed at the UCLA rehab facility for 120 days, and it stays YOUR BED for the whole 120 days. "oh no, she didn't receive special treatment" MY ASS!!!! Stay clean miss lohan and stay away from those who just want to "be your friends" surround yourself with leaders, not the followers you flock to. You're better than that Ms. Lohan. remember 3 strikes and you my dear are OUT!!!!!

1517 days ago


Dude, I swear, that girl in the car next to Lindsay looks like Miley Cyrus! xD

1517 days ago
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