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Sam Ronson's Dog Cadillac Hits the Road

8/31/2010 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Samantha Ronson's bulldog Cadillac has beat a hasty retreat from L.A. after a fatal run-in with a neighbor dog ... sources tell TMZ -- and we found out Cadillac has a biting record.

We've learned Sam sent her beloved bulldog packing for the East Coast to live with family  ... after the dog killed a 3-pound Maltese that was roaming the hallway without a leash Monday in Samantha's West Hollywood apartment building.

Sam -- who had worked the night before -- was at home sleeping when the attack occurred.  Some of her friends were in her unit.  We've learned the friends told Animal Control they heard a human scream and then opened the door and found Cadillac in the hallway alone -- there was no blood on the floor or on the bulldog.  None of Sam's friends are copping to allowing Cadillac to get out of the unit.


We've learned Cadillac previously bit another dog in the building and Sam agreed to send the pooch to a 3-week doggie boot camp for socialization.  Cadillac returned home just 5 days ago.

Neighbors tell TMZ Cadillac had also bitten a person in the building but we could not confirm it. 

Tiger is the first fatality.


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Sam is a terrible dog owner!!! If someone had been watching the dog and had it properly contained this would have never happened!! She now helps give the bully breed a bad name. SHAME ON YOU SAM RONSON!!!!

1517 days ago


This ugly bulldog looks like a murderer.

Why these people like having these nasty dogs is beyond me.

Sympathys go out to the owner of Tiger.

1517 days ago


The killer dog needs to be put down, not sent away. Clearly the doggie classes didn't work. Pit bulls are dangerous. Some people don't want to admit that, they think their dog is the exception, but they are bred to be mean dogs. I know some one whose daughter was mauled by a 10 year old pit bull who they had raised as a puppy who had no prior bad behavior. The girl is lucky to be alive because some one intervened and hit the dog with a two by four repeatedly. It's the genes, not the owner. If they don't put the dog down, next victim could be a small child.

1517 days ago


I'm not one to say put down a dog after an attack. But in this case sam should be put down!

1517 days ago

Rufus T. Firefly    

The chalk outline of the maltese made me lol.

1517 days ago


This is not a debate forum, or topic fodder, for people to rage at others about WHO knows MORE about dogs, WHO needs to GET THEIR FACTS STRAIGHT. We're the public , this is a public figure, everyone has their opinions from afar when non of us know any of these people, sooooo, who is sayyyy 'Bruce' to tell someone else what dog is 100 percent non agressive just because he/she has owned 1 for however many years. That is an isolated case, that is YOUR ONE dog out of billions on this planet. NO ONE animal is 100 % NON-AGRESSIVE 'Bruce'.I've had BIG dogs before too, don't make me an expert on them all, just my own. I don't like the haters either but no one was anywhere paying attention to animals that needed supervision - 1 with apparent biting incidents before, and one who needed to be leashed and wasn't. BOTH SIDES DROPPED THE TENNIS BALL ON THIS ONE FOR THOE ANIMALS AND THERE IS NO WAY ANY OF HER FRIENDS WILL BE RESPONSIBLE ENOUGH TO ADMIT TO BEING RESPONSIBLE. Dogs lose BIIIIIG time, owners lose big enough.

1517 days ago


Karma...never wish ill will on another. This is what happens.

1517 days ago


This dog does have "pit" in it because of the brindle striping. Mosthomeowners insurance will drop you like a hot potato if you own one. Hence, the reason forall of these creative breeds of pit.

Posted at 3:57 AM on Aug 31, 2010 by Kelly

This is EXACTLY why breeds get bad names...misinformed people who have no clue what they are saying. The brindle has been in English Bulldogs for centuries, and it has NOTHING to do with being a Pit. Bulldogs are gentle, and loving by nature, and in my decades of owning them have never even witnessed aggression, much less a bite. It sounds like this dog was having problems BEFORE this particular incidence occurred. You can rest assured it had nothing to do with the Bulldog breed.

1517 days ago


Why was the other dog running around unleashed also. I think there were irresponsible pet owners on bot hends of this. The sad part is because humans don't know how to act, one dog is dead and another lost its home!! Azzes!!!!

1517 days ago

solar panel    

Wow, look at the photo; Sam shouldn't be letting her dog walk through that police taped section on the sidewalk, it could be contaminated or be a secure area or have debris on it. Pretty inconsiderate of Sam to allow her dog to walk through that. Yep.

1517 days ago


Sam, Sam, Sam...please start surrounding yourself with a better circle of friends. First Linday, now Cadillac.

1517 days ago


Wow Sam. Who's got the last laugh now? Guess you shouldn't have clowned on Tila Tequila after all? Karma got you back.

1517 days ago

Cynthia Williams    

But it the bulldog had been a pitbull, it would have been put to sleep and the incident would have been spread all over the news....!!!!! That angers me that nothing was done to Sammans dog!!!

1517 days ago


Not really sure why she thinks sending the dog away is gonna fix the problem. Does she think there's no dogs on the east coast?
Unfortunately if she would've properly socialized the dog when it was a puppy this wouldn't have happen. Also sounds like she didn't do her research on the breeder either cuz aggression has been bred out of 90% of all English Bulldogs.

1517 days ago


i don´t know what about i'm more sad, the little puppy's dead (where nobody in my opinion is quilty, those are incidents) or about the bunches of ignorant, homophobic and full of hate ppl posting here! what sad!!! anyway hope samantha and the maltesse owner are fine! and hope the authorities do not put down cadillac! :(

1517 days ago
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