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Zsa Zsa Gabor Rushed to Hospital -- Water in Lungs

5/4/2011 1:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Zsa Zsa Gabor is currently in an ambulance being rushed to UCLA Medical Center with severe pneumonia symptoms ... TMZ has learned.


Prince von Ahole tells TMZ, Zsa Zsa was acting unusual this morning -- so they called their doctor, who said Zsa Zsa had water in her lungs and needed to go to the hospital.

Story developing ...


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Wow, if I was her, I would've killed myself already. What's she hanging around for anyway ?!?

1234 days ago

Big Daddy    

God Bless you Zsa Zsa. It's been a tough year.

1234 days ago


...And Pamela Bach still wants to help make THIS dying old woman a mother?! Prince is insane and probably wants the baby for financial reasons, but Bach ought to be ashamed of herself for getting involved in something so sick, so wrong, and so hurtful to an innocent child. Neither Zsa Zsa nor Prince should be having children now. Their time for that has come and gone and that ship has sailed! I really pity Zsa Zsa from the bottom of my heart, though. She sure is having a rough go of it in the last chapter of her life and now she has a crazy and selfish husband trying to burden her with a baby to worry about so she can't even die in peace!

1234 days ago


water in her lungs? really tmz. go get some kind of education. it's stupid at this point. and proof read your columns at least once. just once. idiots...

1234 days ago


I hope Zsa Zsa's children have good lawyers if this is the end for her. That arsehole of a husband is going to be a pain in the a$$ for years to come!!
He won't even let her live out her last days in peace. Sick fkr!! Someone step in please and put Von AHole in the psych hospital please!

1234 days ago


want to know why healthcare and Medicare costs are so high? This torture would only happen in America

1234 days ago


She really needs to just let go. According to Obama, she's using up vital medical care that can be given to someone much younger.

1234 days ago

karen dapello    

Why has no one stepped in to take custody of this poor woman from this joker? This guy's OBVIOUSLY off his noodle. Dare I say he needs as much round the clock care as she does?

1234 days ago


Her daughter, 'Francesca, should immediately step up to the plate and become her conservator and get the fake Prince out. This is a perfect moment to do just that.

1234 days ago



"Exactly how does a doctor make a diagnosis of fluid in the lungs based upon a a telephone conversation with a dilusional Hungarian sausage stuffer who can barely speak comprehensible English?"
LOL!!! ROTF!!!!!

1234 days ago


That poor woman... Time To Say Goodbye.

Bet von A-Hole gets the boot the MINUTE she bites the dust -- probably why he's so desperate to 'manufacture' '?their?' child. So, he's hanging on to his meal ticket with both hands & feet! (Even as HER feet get whittled away...) Maggot!

1234 days ago



"water in her lungs? really tmz. go get some kind of education. it's stupid at this point. and proof read your columns at least once. just once. idiots..."

If you don't like how TMZ writes their stories...why come here and read them?

1234 days ago


TMZ - At a time like this, is it really necessary for name calling?

1234 days ago


It's so sad to see her suffer like that. Where is the mercy?

1234 days ago

bring back recent posts    

.....well..the fluid in her lungs is either from pneumonia..or her heart is failing..or combo of both....w/e it is..I pray she doesn't suffer and IF her time is coming she falls into a nice natural coma and rests in peace..with that said...if that is the case..may the end of that foul " man" be done with on TMZ! sooooo revolting

1234 days ago
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