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Hulk Hogan Out of Hospital -- That's How He Rolls

9/9/2010 5:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A wheelchair-bound Hulk Hogan was released from a Florida hospital today -- after hurting his back on a seashell collecting expedition -- and broke the news he's getting married ... right after he shaves his legs.


According to Hulk, once he gets home he's making his fiancee do a little manscaping ... and then he's going to "move this wedding up, and will be marrying Jennifer right away."

Hulk's isn't fully healed yet.  The Keeper of the Pythons tells us he was too big for the MRI machine ... so he has to go to a different hospital.

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Hulk Hogan needs to be humbled by The Iron Sheik! I believe Hogan's back problems are the reason for being put in the camel clutch too many times!

1503 days ago


it's almost kinda funny seeing all these internet tough guys talk trash about The Hulkster.

if that old man was right in any of your faces you'd all wet your pants and beg him not to snap you in two.

do any of YOU sissies think you could body slam Andre The Giant?

i know you could type on the internets that you could, but you could never actually DO it.

just like you can type mocking comments on the internets but if Hulk Hogan was in the same zip code as any of you nerds you'd be ducking and hiding from his old ass.

1503 days ago


The MRI machine is not too small for him! He probably had a panic attack and they are sending to a place with an open MRI.

1503 days ago


He's a ****head, and his kids are ****heads

1503 days ago


What a pansy. The MRI machine is plenty big for him. They probably had to send him some place with an open MRI because he had a panic attack!

1503 days ago

Fredrick j frenger jr.    

Like hulk, but hate ‘big man’ hype.
Please don’t try to get us to ‘fear him’ by implying if he could somehow record our I.P address through TMZ and catch us posting something negative he’d be in our face scaring us out of town. Certainly nobody wants to find themselves trapped in an alley with the drunken 1982 version of Terry Bollea having to explain a thunderlips joke, but nowadays it’d just take one swift kick above the knee for this cat to be frothing at the mouth, flopping about on the ground like a bloated St. Bernard in the throes of a fatal stroke - - sad. Have we learned nothing from Denver tank Murdock.

1503 days ago


If my dad married someone that looked exactly like me, we would have a problem. Then again, if my mom was dating a 19-year-old, that would be a problem, too.

I used to think these people were borderline normal, or at least a loving family. Now they just leave me feeling creeped-out and sad.

1503 days ago


I like "the Hulk". But how can you be a professional wrestler for 30 years, then hurt your back pickin' up seashells by the seashore?

1502 days ago


i have never liked this fool the whole family is disfunctional and he has the nerve to come out of the hospital in a wheelchair omg what about the poor guy that his gay son f%#@&^% up for life he is a pompass ass go to hell hogan

1502 days ago


Better move your wed. date up, cause have got someone who is willing to take care of a cry baby loser...Run girl.you'll be wiping his butt next!!!

1502 days ago


You mean the drunk US sailor was corrupting a young boy....... He should have been wearing his seatbelt. Shut up about it already. Nick should have never been prosecuted in his death. DUI was the case. That guy was contributing to the delinquency of a minor. He was the adult in the car. HULKAMANIA!!!!

1502 days ago


This is a sick family , just listen to the recording in jail from Nick talking to mom and dad putting down Nicks paralyzed friend.



Karma is a bit*h

1502 days ago


Mistake, not in his death, his injuries. And he was a soldier not sailor. Regardless, he shouldn't have been drinking or egging on a minor in his misbehavior. Hulk is awesome and his girlfriend looks nothing like brook. She looks like Linda because he likes blondes, obviously.

1502 days ago


You all need to quit being selfish. EVERYONE makes mistakes....we're all human aren't we? Those who bitch because his son made a mistake? Is that have anything to do with Hulk and his parenting skills? Grow up i'm sure many of you have kids and we all know that as a parent you cant just hold their hands every second and make sure they don't make mistakes! Take a look at your own life and quit worrying and caring about others. Instead of bitching about him why don't you worry about your own parenting skills. Eh?

1502 days ago

Dr. J    

Spinal surgeries have a 90% failure rate long term. Multiple surgeries have about a ZERO % chance of being successful! You live as hard as Hogan did and the end result is living in a wheel chair.

1501 days ago
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