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Oksana Grigorieva -- Dissatisfied, Lawyer Shopping

9/13/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva clearly wants more than she's been getting from the courts -- because she's seriously on the hunt for another family law lawyer in her legal war with Mel Gibson. We've learned she's made an appointment to meet with yet another high-powered family law attorney today.

Oksana Lawyer
Oksana has a sit-down this AM at the law offices of Hersh, Mannis & Bogen in Bev Hills. We're told members of Oksana's posse want her to hire Neal Hersh. The firm has repped, among others, Pamela Anderson, Denise Richards and Melissa Etheridge.

This will be the second interview with a family law lawyer in two days. Oksana met with family veteran Sorrell Trope on Saturday, but we're told she wants to visit Hersh's firm before deciding.

As for why Oksana is antsy -- so far she has not been able to score more than the $5,000 a month in the child support she agreed to in the settlement with Mel in May -- a settlement she has since disavowed. Her current lawyers are asking for more than 40k a month, but the judge hasn't decided whether any or all of that will fly.

We're told there's strife in Oksana's posse over which lawyer she should hire. But it sounds like she's determined to make a change.

UPDATE: We've learned Oksana has just canceled the meeting at Hersh's office.



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Yes...Mondays can be the worst. Lol. I'm working from my home office this morning.

1499 days ago


Posted at 5:44 AM on Sep 13, 2010 by wondering

Oh man, is she screwed! But, even with(or if), the doctoring...I'm sorry, I don't see a black eye. I see a very large vein that is prominent in other pictures.

The "teethes" as she calls them on tap. I don't know how anyone would hit her in the mouth and not bust her lips unless her "teethes" stood out like Bucky Beaver's.

To veteran policemen that have seen their share of battered faces, I bet they are all rolling in the floor laughing.

It will be very hard for her side to find any policemen that is gonna say she was hit in the mouth. If they did find one that would lie, he has to face his fellow officers later.

Oh wait! I know who might testify to that. Officer James Mee!

1499 days ago


Okay here is team truth/Team Mel List, if I miss anyone do tell me, Ta!

Curious,Shuffle Demon , Genna, V , FuddyDuddy,Tara,

Michael,MiddleAgedCrazy,lee,angeleyes,Shell, Diane,



kickaboo,vogue,Jeffro11,Fidel's niece,PreservetheTiger,Rhondo,



fran,LISA,HarlotO'Hara,Nicole,GJ,panchang810,voice of reason,


Just Saying,misssahara,Sweetheart, Who'sThat,pete,Kelly.


1499 days ago


Posted at 5:44 AM on Sep 13, 2010 by wondering

Lol! And we've been saying the very same things for how long? Thanks for that link!

1499 days ago

Squeaky Shoes    

geez bitch, your lawyers aren't losing because they're bad lawyers, they're losing because you have no case...

so she can't afford to pay for PR among other things and i guarantee she'll go ask the judge to make mel pay for this one too

1499 days ago


I can't believe $5,000 a month plus the $2,500 a month she receives from Timothy Dalton isn't enough to support her two kids. That's $90,000 a year! That is almost double what my husband makes and we make out just fine with our two kids.

1499 days ago


why has she been doing all those stupid things? Is it true that she really enjoys looking weird and stupid? So enough about her now. I feel deeply sorry about Alex and Lucia. They need a mom who has stable state of mind, who has time for them, who can create a peaceful, private, loving environment for them. Can she do it? It is a big question.

1499 days ago


1499 days ago


Every story I read about this woman is about how she wants more money, more money. She's certainly losing the battle of public perception in my book.

1499 days ago


Mornin' All.

Does this mean we will be treated to a new video later today?

1499 days ago


And she wonders why she's broke and in debt. This is why she needs more child support, to support HER, not the kids...smh

1499 days ago

Shuffle Demon    

What is that I smell in the air??? Oh's desperation! OxSanity sure is trying her best to get every little nugget of Gold. lol Well she can lawyer shop all she wants, what she going to do ask the court a 4th time? Good luck with that, I think this Judge is goin g to see what she is really about.

BTW....Hello Everyone

1499 days ago


Hi Shuffle Demon :)

1499 days ago


This law firm commands premium $$$ and she has no money. I doubt that they will represent her unless she pledges the money that she got for selling the tapes to, which is being held in trust for her. I also doubt that this will be enough. What a nightmare for Mel.

1499 days ago


Hiya Shuffle,

you know, this judge is very experienced in all areas of the law...perhaps this waiting to make his decision is a ploy on his part to see what this gold-digger does? as many have said, we can smell her desperation and i am sure the judge will be fully aware of her lawyer shopping...she has always made herself look bad throughout this whole family production...she is going to be her own hostile witness...hehe

1499 days ago
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