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Katherine Jackson Sues AEG Over Michael's Death

9/16/2010 10:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kathrine Jackson believes the death of her son Michael Jackson could have been prevented ... if it wasn't for the "negligent" actions of the doctor who was hired to keep him healthy.

During a recent interview, Katherine was asked if MJ's death was avoidable, to which she responded, "It could have been prevented because he had hired a doctor to watch over him. The doctor was negligent."

As we previously reported, Katherine Jackson and Michael Jackson's children are suing AEG Live -- claiming the company breached its agreement to provide physical care for Michael Jackson -- and that AEG was negligent in their hiring of Dr. Conrad Murray as MJ's physician.

In the suit, Katherine claims AEG's contract with Michael "created a legal duty for AEG to act reasonably toward the physical well-being of Michael Jackson."

In the document, Katherine also blames AEG for hiring Dr. Murray without  a proper background check -- claiming, "AEG did not provide a doctor who was truly looking out for Jackson's well-being and did not provide equipment."

The suit also alleges AEG caused emotional distress to Michael's son Prince because he witnessed Michael suffering and dying, and "he was put in a position as bystander to these tragic events."

Kenny Ortega, who produced the planned London concerts for Michael, is also named as a defendant.

The attorney who filed the suit, Brian J. Panish, released a statement saying, "The purpose of this lawsuit is to prove to the world the truth about what happened to Michael Jackson, once and for all."

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No Avatar


I am to agree with Mi' Haliah, MJ was a human being as well, he had his flaws, however, from my recollection as a child growing up MJ was about healing the world healing children and trying at times to find his own childhood somewhere in the midst of all this mess, meaning from his own childhood that he never had. If I by chance people don't remember one of his songs HAVE YOU SEEN MY CHILDHOOD, there is a verse in there that says TRY HARD TO LOVE ME AND NOT TO JUDGE ME FOR THE TRUTH YOU NEVER KNOWN. Well I believe that we all at some point in our lives have screwed up, but I honestly believe that MJ has never been a child molester just a person who wanted to be a child and share his dreams of how children should be loved, and not in a negative way. MJ has done a lot, gave a lot, and people should stop hating or throw stones because there is only one commander and chief and the last time I check he was called GOD. So who are we to judge, we should be saying why haven't the doctor been formally charged for his negligence. If this was your son or daughter wouldn't you want justice as well, even if your child was of legal age. People we need to let MJ rest in peace an whatever his flaws on earth, GOD will take care of them and judge him accordingly, not us.

And as it relates to his children, that should be taboo. No matter who it is, we need to learn to leave the children out of grown folks drama. Let the children be, all they know is that MJ was their father and the best father they ever known, no matter how they became his children, the fact is that is their father.

So lets do some soul searching of our own before we continue to throw stones. And just because someone has money does not mean they should die at the hands of any reckless doctor.

1408 days ago


Do these people sit around the dining room table trying to figure who to blame next? She was his mother -- obviously, if she had no influence over him, how was someone else supposed to take control of HIS life!!! He made the choices -- no doctor strapped him down and made him take the "milk of amnesia" that he begged to be given on a daily and nightly basis! We are responsible for our own lives and our own actions. These greedy people are after one thing -- $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!

1408 days ago


Idiots... Michael took the ultimate responsibility,,, he died!
How do you fools know what was or wasn't forced down Mikes mouth.
"And spare me the unwitty childish sarcasm about the mouth. Save it for your frat party boys"

Listen, everyone had a job to do. Murray took on the task for a fee. He didn't perform his duties as agreed to, so he and his employers are negligent. Past drug use and actions have no direct bearing on this case. The only drugs reported to have been in MJ at the time of the autopsy, were those administered by Murray. Michael called Cherlyn Lee, his nutritionist, a few days before he died begging for help because half of his body was cold, the other half was hot. Murray must have known this, and I'm sure AEG knew as well. They probably refused to take him to the hospital because then what they were doing to him would have been exposed.

Michael's mother has every right to use the justice system to try and uncover any parties who may have had a hand in the murder of her son. Everyone of you opinionated retards would do the same so stop judging.

1408 days ago

Mi' Haliah    

Oh yes, and these very same concert promotors were dead on his tail to pay off the lawsuit asap during that last molestation case where he was found innocent beyond any reason of the doubt and the FBI ran through that entire case with a fine tooth comb and even they came up empty. That man's Neverland Castle was ripped to shreds.

Strange how those two children have left the country and changed their identity howvever they admitted to the fact that their greedy parents were the main focus of the viscious, hateful attacks against MJ.

A tape recording was even played in the courtroom where the father (who recently committed suicide, by the way) was going on and on about how he was going to destroy Michael and that he would win big in the end if he didn't get what he wanted. When asked about his son's welfare, the guy claimed he wasn't worried about all that right now. Makes me sick just to see the transcripts.

But the truth of the matter is, the concert promotors and record company were losing too much money with him sitting there in court. In all actuality, MJ didn't want to pay off anybody, he wanted to fight for true justice.

There are a lot of ignorant people who will blatantly RESUSE to get the facts for themselves out of self-hatred, self-loathing, bigotry, prejedice, rascism, or whatever rocks their boat instead of actually being brilliant enough to block out the media lies and deception and take the time to see and READ what really happened to Michael Jackson in that courtroom. Even though he was found innocent on all accounts, it was the beginning of the end for him, God rest his soul.

If you don't believe me, get up off your lazy az**es and Google his court transcripts. Oh, I know why you would refuse to do it. It's because it will demonstrate how foolish you have been all these years to believe in a person's guilt before proclaiming them as innocent.

In America, everyone is supposed to be INNOCENT before proven guilty. But sadly, that was NEVER the case for MJ. The same people who are saying all these reckless comments about Michael are the very same ones who don't want to look anymore than a fool that they already are, place in finding out the TRUTH for themselves. They'd rather sit back and listen to a lot of filth and garbage and make their own judgement calls about a person they know very little about.

Oh yea.....I can understand that....I surely can!

1408 days ago


# 14, Your a friggin' IDIOT! Yes, I am disappointed, on how ignorant someone could be. Michael's health choices was HIS choices, and no one elses, PERIOD. He is the one with the money that "Doctor shopped". Dr. Conrad was paid 50,000.00 a MONTH , to supply whatever "prescription's" Michael wanted. If he did not, its "see ya', Ill get someone else for 50,000.00 a month to supply me with whatever I want, 'cause Im Michael Jackson".Just look at Anna Nichole Smith, same thing ! BTW, who needs anesthesia to go to sleep?! Sleep well MJ ! Get over it, He is DEAD!

1408 days ago


michael was deff. murdered by that dumbass doctor who said he did alll there was to do..............ALL THERE WAS TO DO!?!?!?!?! HE LET HIM DIE AND GAVE HIM SUPPER HARMFUL MEDICATION! HE KILLED MJ! and maybe if those retards from AEG actually did what the contract said he would still be alive, and DR. Murry would have never been involved with Michael Jackson!

1408 days ago


Jackson's mother is nothing more then a greedy blood sucker.

1408 days ago


This is outrageous! If she does'nt have enough money already. This family has be trying to put the blame on someone else sence day one instead of their son. Micheal would fire the Dr. if he would not give him what he wanted, this went on till his death came. Mamma just accept that your son made some wrong choices, it really is to bad what happened but he was not thinking of anyone but himself turning to drugs to get sleep. You lost a son and it hurts I'm sure.

1408 days ago


she is just leading the example of a black person wanting money and thinks it is due to her. Get a job women and stop exploiting your dead/ not so dead son. I know he is alive and somewhere pretending to be dead like tu-pac. Weird how tu-pac was dead but managed to release a few albums after his death. I know I have heard the same crap story before that he made them while he was still alive...B.S...

1408 days ago


LETS PUT TO REST WHAT M J WAS. A FANTASTIC SHOWMAN A GOOD BUSINESS MAN, A VERY CONVINCING LIAR. AND LAST BUT MOST IMPORTANT A CHILD MOLESTER...WHO GOT AWAY WITH CRIME (s) by paying off parents. he was not even a sperm donor....look @ those kids. look again. now thats the story. and the dr. is no better that was put in chrg of his habit.

1408 days ago

Mi' Haliah    

#35 and it's soooooo friggen obvious that you are steaming hot with that little green monster called ENVY! That doctor could of easily had MJ checked into a hospital and treated and so could AEG. They knew this man was worth way more dead than alive. They didn't even care about his health or anything but their almighty dollar. And the people want to call Mrs. Jackson greedy? For crying out loud, this was her son and I believe she has every right to seek justice for him. She doesn't need the money. MJ made sure that she was set for life and his children, so it isn't about the money at all. It's about the truth finally coming to a's about JUSTICE for Michael Jackson once and for all!

If you don't like it, well, that's just too damn bad. I am ALL for the truth and some real justice to be delivered on behalf of this family. You peeps can continue to believe all that garbage that you want to because garbage only begets more garbage....believe that!

1408 days ago


That's it, Mama. Blame everybody else. First, he was a drug user. Second, your whole family knew he had a problem with drugs. How come YOU all didn't 'do' something to help him? Intervention comes to mind. Shame on all of you for blaming everyone else for what appears to be your guilt over his death. He died. That's the way it was supposed to be. Let him rest now.

1408 days ago


Justice #42? Justice! He should have been thrown in jail a long time ago when he was found touchy touchy with those little boys. And now with faking his own death

1408 days ago


STOP hungry-crazy-mom. law should take care of serious but not ridiculous dramas, is over! love u MJ -but not your family-

1408 days ago

Red Sam Rackham    

Poor deluded brainwashed Rose, a typical Jacko fan!

1408 days ago
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