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Lindsay Lohan -- AA All the Way

9/18/2010 2:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is struggling to bounce back from her failed drug tests. Sources tell TMZ Lindsay is now choosing AA over nightclubs.

We're told Lindsay attended an AA meeting last night and intends to hit up another one sometime today.

Never too early to start brushing up for an appearance before the judge.


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She's a boring pig

1494 days ago


There is hope for Lindsay Lohan or any other substance abuser out there who wants help. His name is Jesus. And He will forgive her sin... which is exactly the name of her "disease" and cleanse her of the unrighteousness it brought upon her. The UCLA doctors did not identify her as a addict because there is no actual test they can give her to prove addiction is a disease. It is sin. And with sin comes HOPE ... forgiveness. What most do not want to do is have to admit who Jesus really is. If they call their substance abuse as sin they then have to next come face to face with Jesus. SO... most take, they think... is the road of least resistance and stay AA/NA, doctors, rehabs, pills, etc. instead of asking Jesus to forgive them. Jesus is the answer. One just has to humble oneself down and accept Him for who He really is: GOD.

1494 days ago


53 - There are PLENTY of places she could go where she would be out of the spotlight and have all the privacy she wanted. She chooses to go to clubs & places where she WILL be seen. She's as addicted to the attention her bad behavior gets as she is to the drugs.

1494 days ago


I've been to both and let me tell you, nigthclubs are much more fun than AA meetings.
She needs to spend a month under house arrest at my place where I could spank some sense into that girl when she's been bad.

1494 days ago


She is your main conversation. POWER TO LINDSAY!

1494 days ago


stopmaking this problem child news, this is ur monster the media created just stop making this news i will live a long happy life if i never hear of this girl ever again, STOP PLEASE with this bull ****

1494 days ago


too little too late let her serve time and show everyone that she gets treated like any other junkie

1494 days ago

Raw Shoshanna    

What a stupid skank. out less than 3 weeks, hits a baby with her car, fails 2 drug tests. Linds, do us all a favor, just shoot yourself.

1494 days ago



I know what you're trying to do here. You know that you failed at least two drug tests, so you're trying to look responsible to the court by owning up to what you did. If this had been a few years ago, I would have believed that you were serious about trying to get your life back on track. But because of everything that's happened since then, such as the f-you fingernail, still attending parties, snorting coke again, failing the drug tests, I can't believe anything you say or do anymore. Unless it's something drastic and verifiable that you're finally getting it together, I'm not going to believe anything from your camp. I wish you luck, but I don't think this is going to end well for you.

1494 days ago


Putting Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan in a jail cell together for most of the day for 4 or 5 months for their cocaine violations is an interesting idea.

That would probably be hell for both of them. They'd probably claw each other's eyes out within a month. It would probably get ugly ... like a "smack down" wrestling match or something. Pampered, spoiled, drug addled, crazy chicks gone wild!

It would be juicy news every day for TMZ while it lasted though.

1494 days ago


well, LIndsay is officially a great actress. She fooled experts into thinking she wasn't a cokehead druggie alcoholic.

AA doesn't work. The recidivism rate for returning to booze is like 87%. The best way is to just quit. Those people have a much lower recidivism rate.

AA allows you to give it all up to a higher power, in otherwords, not taking credit for your own foul ups. Let go of belief in fairy tales like god and all that crap and live in the real world. Take responsibility for your actions and accept that you aren't a person who can control their alcohol/drug consumption.

1494 days ago


AA is for people that have already decided to quit drinking. If you haven't agreed with yourself in your heart to quit then it won't work. Plus Lindsay's cocaine problem accentuates the issue. By claiming she has a "disease" as she has recently said she is saying that she is not in control of the problem. If she cannot control the problem then she will fail to solve it.

1494 days ago


Its know wonder these girls cant find boyfriends, no guy wants to put up with the over all hassel of it all. I mean really, Marilyn Monroe drove everyone of her men nuts, and no guy can help these kinds of girls except maybe a soulmate.

1494 days ago


so she has a drug problem, but instead goes to AA? makes sense.

1494 days ago


Pretty sad. Lots of talent. Lots of money. No love.

1494 days ago
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