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Lindsay Lohan -- AA, Day 2

9/19/2010 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan was smiling, upbeat and a tad sexy when she was spotted leaving an AA meeting in Hollywood last night.

It's two days in a row that Lindsay has attended a meeting

Let's hope this becomes her new habit.


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While I appreciate TMZ's reasons for covering this story I think there is a strong argument that AA, NA and the like should be off limits for paparazzi on a voluntary basis. While LL, through addiction, has brought this AA visit to attention there will be other people attending too, some of whom may be famous or find paparazzi being there extremely uncomfortable for fear of appearing in the background of a photo of Lindsay Lohan (of course, I don't know where that photo was taken - could have been her leaving her house).

1494 days ago


I wonder how many AA attendees you *******s have tried to pay off so far hoping to get another bogus story about her?

If i were in a drug or alcohol treatment program and Lindsay showed up i would quit. Not because of Lindsay herself but because of all of the ******* paparazzi who will be waving cash around offering to pay off anyone with a pulse who will give them the scoop on Lindsay.

1494 days ago

Hoss Cartwright    

This spoiled brat is simply doing damage control to stay out of jail. Plus Mommy dearest needs Lindsey not to get fired, she needs a pay day. Can't live off your child if said child has no money. Whole family needs to move to some desert and simply fade away. This is like train wreck that you hate watching but can not help yourself.

1494 days ago

John Stone    

That pale bitch looks like she's been dead for 3 days. "A tad sexy"? In what picture?

1494 days ago


She is only doing this for appearance sake. This is the typical Lindsay pattern. She needs to go to drug rehab....if it was anyone else they would be in jail by now.
It's ridiculous that she gets away with so much and the really sad thing is she knows how to work the system. She feels she is above the law.

1494 days ago


All you condescending asssholes who think you are better. She made a mistake, it's not like she is hurting anyone but herself. She is also a beautiful girl, who is looking good.

1494 days ago


It may not be much but at least she isn't drinking or taking drugs for an hour when she's at a meeting. I'd rather she spend an hour doing that then driving on the road.

1494 days ago


P.S. I agree with jillybean - Lindsay is looking beautiful

1494 days ago


Will Lindsey keep attending meetings after we stop paying attention to her? I'm afraid she only does what she thinks we want instead of what she should do for her own sake. And yes, perhaps she should attend both AA and NA meetings--I'm sure she could use both.

1494 days ago


"That pale bitch looks like she's been dead for 3 days. "A tad sexy"? In what picture?

Posted at 8:30 AM on Sep 19, 2010 by John Stone"

Shut up and go wank off to Snookie again you Cheeto lovin' freak!

1494 days ago


@Jilly are you really that nieve regarding only hurting herself? she had to get the coke from a you think coke dealers are nice people and never murder anyone? yeah, drug dealers are oh so nice. moron...the coke doesn't just appear by magic. she's enabling the drug trade.

1494 days ago


'' Hi, my name is Lindsay,(wait for big applause), i've been clean for 3 days (wait for big applause), i'm only here because i don't need to go back to jail (pause for big LOL from rest of losers, and applause), and i can tell you all this because you cannot tell anyone (big LOL and applause), (big supportive codependent crew applauds her 3 day sobriety and like her in their delusions think they are getting better, when in fact they are only burning on another addiction which is getting recognition as addicts and applause from other addicts telling them how good they are for not drinking, WELL WHERE THE HELL ARE THE ONGOING APPLAUSE FOR THE REST OF THE WORLD WHO NEVER DRINK AND NEVER DRUG AND NEVER F-UP LIKE THOSE LOSERS APPLAUDING EACHOTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

1494 days ago


1. Does Lindsay have the TMZ Hotline number in the top corner on SPEED DIAL?? seriously.

2. Take a shower u hobowannabe, i can smell you from NY.

3. GO TO N A

4. No one think you're cute anymore.

1494 days ago


"That pale bitch looks like she's been dead for 3 days. "A tad sexy"? In what picture?

Posted at 8:30 AM on Sep 19, 2010 by John Stone"


1494 days ago


Another photo op.
I’ll believe she’s taking this seriously when she goes without posing for the paparazzi.

1494 days ago
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