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Levi Johnston -- Too Busy to Watch Bristol Dance

9/22/2010 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Dancing with the Stars" captured the attention of 21 million viewers ... but none of them were Levi Johnston.

Levi, we're told, was "too busy studying politics" to watch baby mama Bristol Palin do the cha-cha on Monday.

Trying to convince us that this was not a snub, Levi's peeps tell us he's been "learning about the major issues that affect Wasilla and reading lots of books."


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Snooooooooooooooze!!!!!!! Anything to rehash this tard just so you can hope people continue to leave rude comments about the Palins. Grow up TMZ.

Say, why no coverage of Ashton Kutcher's affair? Have you hacks even said one thing about it???

Or is he safe since he's a pro-Nazi headcase like Harvey?

1456 days ago


I watched and she has HUGE legs ! She needs to diet.

1456 days ago


this guy will do anything for attention, she's on tv and half of the world stopped what they were doing to watch, the following day, she is all the rave, am news shows,regis,the view,every entertainment show....she was the topic.....suck on that levi

1456 days ago


I'm with Levi - I won't watch either.
Bristol Palin is NOT a celebrity - she an illiterate, unemployed teen mom who happens to have a famous mother.
Both of them make their living off of ignorant people and the "lamestream media" they claim to hate.
She has been talking more smack about Levi - he has actually said nothing recently.
Shame on ABC for putting her on the show.
And when does she have time for this?? Doesn't she go to school AND work in a Dr's office?? That's what the Palin's have always claimed - what liars.

1456 days ago


The guy is a lier and a loser. We all know he watched the show and he can't read, because PlayGirl doesn't qualify as reading material.

1456 days ago


I'm so sick and tired of hearing about this bitch. **** her and her crazy mother. ****ing psychos. The Palin's are the embodiment of everything that's wrong with this country. The ****ing tin-foil hat wearing "Tha guv'ment tryin ta take muh gunz!" psychos are trying to take control of the country and turn it into a racist, Anti-Gay, violent, and bible thump filled wasteland that has the mentality of "If you think differently than I do, then you must be my enemy." May Christ have mercy on all of the world should the ignorant hate machine known as the Tea Party gains power in high places.

1456 days ago


@juju --

Actually nutcase, you can pat yourself on the back for making Bristol Palin a "celebrity." People like you, this website and others in the LAMEstream media made Bristol and her mother famous, not to mention ridiculously wealthy. And yes, she works during the day and attends school at night. Which is clearly more ambitious than anything you do with your time.

1456 days ago



Were you born yesterday? The "tin-foil hat" wearers are on your side son. "Bush planned 911." "Republicans want to steal your social security." "Christians are evil." Capitalism is bad." "Little blue haired grandmothers at Tea Party rallies are terrorists." I mean, you can't make this stuff up. Americans are waking up and not liking what they are seeing. That being a borderline Communist administration that hates this nation and wants to punish every citizen that lives here. Unless you are an illegal, in that case they will just roll out the red carpet for you. Do yourself a favor and get an education other than Comedy Central shows.

1456 days ago


To be honest, I would rather have watched Levi on DWTS, he is more of a celebrity than Bristol, plus he's funny! He has no clue bout anything, and doesn't pretend to know anything! Just him being on Kathy Griffin's show, proves he can laugh at himself!

BTW, she sucked...just basically stood there and let her partner dance round her.....

1456 days ago


Wonder if he's made it past see spot run

1456 days ago


People say he is so stupid, I heard you are as stupid as the part of the country you come from. Would a NYC attorney last 24 hours in the wilderness of Alaska? I would want to be with 'stupid'. Don't blame him for not watching. He might be ignorant, but the Palin's are basic white trash.

1456 days ago


He has the whole Disney library!

1456 days ago


bullsh*t! we all know he watched!

1456 days ago


Bristol Who? Mom got run for vice pres and suddenly the backwoods pregnant teen (whom probably has killed more animals hunting before 18 than most city folk will experience in a life time). Why are some of these people thrust into our media constantly?

and again..politics and entertainment should be seperate, I don't want anyone's far left or right extremest view interfering with my entertainment at all!

1456 days ago


Dude: stop with the hunting animals. No, most city people do not hunt, unless you count hunting each other. Most woodsy people hunt for food, if for sport they eat their kills. All the people in cities (or most) are eating meat. I rather eat a fresh egg from a country chicken whose feet hit the earth at least once in their lifetime, than a city chicken living in filth and having their eggs recalled.

1456 days ago
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