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Michael Jackson's Fortune -- That's How He Rolls

9/23/2010 10:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Jackson family compound where Michael's kids now live with Katherine is worth $4.2 million, according to new docs that list some of MJ's treasures ... like his fleet of Rolls-Royces.


The Jackson Estate just filed a partial inventory of the tangible property MJ left behind when he died. Here's how it breaks down:

-- Encino mansion ... $4,150,000
-- Encino condo ... $315,000
-- Desert Auto, LLC (in CA) ... $676,317
-- 1998 Rolls-Royce ... $100,000
-- 1990 Rolls-Royce ... $55,000
-- 1988 Rolls-Royce ... $40,000
-- Several bank accounts ... $444,260

Total: $5,780,577

It's a nice chunk of change, but nothing compared to the real jackpot ... MJ's Sony Music Catalog -- which has been valued as high as $1 billion.


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I love him how much I wish I could of saved him that day.Everyday since last year I been thinking about him.I could not even stay in the USA any more I moved back Home to Germany into my Moms Home.Because this would never happend if Michael would of stayed in Europa.I feel with may Heart for his Children and all his Family.Me I truely Loved him and allways will.He was like a soft summer Breeze,like the Leafs in the fall in our Trees color full and happy.He shimmered like the Snow when the Moon at night hits it and makes it sparkle like iced Diamonds. Michael I allways love you.I cry...........its so sad...........I wish I could of Saved you.......

1453 days ago


I agree with you Eleonora49... it just FEELS so bad - on a level that can only be reached as deeply as his meaning of what his presence was/is on this planet.

I understand why you felt the need to go back to Germany. I am ashamed, as an American, that this country did and was allowed to do to him, what it had. Ashamed of the gross injustices that are particular to the U.S. that happen every day against it's own innocent, across the board, let alone from abroad.

For whatever it may be worth, I apologize.

1452 days ago


Can you say PEDAPHILE, Rolls are better than candy!

1451 days ago



1451 days ago


Can you say PEDAPHILE, Rolls are better than candy!

Posted at 7:51 PM on Sep 27, 2010 by Texacan

Jorden lied and told everybody in 1993 that Jordan Chandler accurately described Michael Jackson's genitalia to the police. When Michael Jackson died in 2009 the whole world got news in his autopsy report that his genitalia was not the way Jordan had described it to the police. Gavin Arvizo said MJ showed him 'kiddie porn' on his laptop when the F.B.I. searched MJ's computers and found no 'kiddie porn' on them. Janet Arvizo suffers from schizophrenia (I read it fron Aphrodite's book MJ conspiracy). I said Evan Chandler was bipolar and depressed and that is why he killed himself (the man was a lunatic and tried to kill his own son in 2006-I did not invent that story-it really happened). Then I said Blanca Francia was an illegal alien when she was fired by Michael Jackson in 1991 so Tom Sneddon offered her citizenship papers only if she accuses MJ of sexually molesting her son Jason Francia (Jason agreed to accuse MJ of raping him when he could not remember anything only after he received sodium amythal too at his therapist's office where Tom Sneddon was also present). All I have said about these people everybody around the world already knows.

1446 days ago


Now that he died every tom, **** and harry, oprah etc are cropping up. It is right that Thomas Mesereau got paid. too bad thome-thome also sued for millions as "manager" Yes he was a manager for the "instituison michael jackson" and deemed him worth more dead than alive.He is the creepiest of characters.
murray+thome-thome make a good pair.--all you others where were you at his darkest hr and the weeks before? It took the prospect of money to make you come forth.
Oprah, may only pearls of truth and good cross your lips re Michael.or say goodby to your career,it was Michael who made it work for you!

1425 days ago


MJ was great! Why do they always post pics of him where you can see how bad the plastic surgury was. In this pic, check out the line in his nose going all the way up to the corner of his eye. And then it goes the opposite way down towards the corner of his nose. Please, TMZ post a nice pic of him. For god sakes the man has pasted away and moved on, he had a hard enough life as it was let alone showing his weaknesses for falling into the temptation of doctors. Also, you people don't think his family sees these awful things you post about him. Show and report the great and amazing things he brought to the world and not all this B.S. -Bob U.-from: Latrobe, PA

1424 days ago
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