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Lindsay Lohan's

Mug Shot

9/24/2010 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here is Lindsay Lohan's latest mug shot.

The mug shot was taken this morning after she was remanded into custody.

Lindsay Lohan Mug Shots.


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Finally, that smug smirk is gone off of her face. This girl needs to hit bottom and be humbled. Without it, she will be an unemployed drug addict the rest of her life until she overdoses and dies. No other way out of this life she's chosen.

1428 days ago


The plot thickens. Now is the time Lindsay has to truly face reality. Does she want help to change her life or continue to ruin it by making bad decisions? There is hope and help available and she truly now needs to search her heart for answers. Money will not solves her problems. Dina or Michael will not solve her problems. Judges, attorneys an bail bondsmen will not solves her problems. Only Jesus will. A 12-month proven faith-based program is the answer. All else is just smoke and mirrors. Maybe this time she will humble down and take the right road to recovery. This is just too serious of an issue to continue to kick the can down the road. Shoulda, coulda, woulda taken up the prison minister's offer back in 2007 .... 2010 ... just now again in 2010 and ... and... maybe this time, Lindsay? Forget your attorney's advice... they are useless .... It could be worse, she could have killed someone while driving under the influence of cocaine or meth ... then where would she be? Prison for 20-life. This judge just saved her life and anyone else's Lohan would have injured while driving high.

1428 days ago


Soon lindsay lohan will win a Guiness world record for most mugshots ever shot in a single year.I am proud of her.

1428 days ago


She looks like she has one of those bed bugs under her eye lol. She still looks like a damn fish in the face.

1428 days ago


I wonder if they give her pain meds when they blow her lips up

1428 days ago


Between the drugs, partying, and previous jail experiences.... she just looks ragged....

i was kind of hoping she would turn it around after all the hype TMZ pushed that the doctors said she didn't have a hard drug problem. It was supposed to be prescription meds from a bad diagnosis that caused her to be such a mess.

Of course now we know the real truth after the drug testing....

1428 days ago


Lindsay just doesn't understand that it is her behavior that has landed her behind bars yet again.

1428 days ago


@Haywood Jablome - so gross.

1428 days ago


Cannot wait for her lips to return to her normal size. It looks like somebody hit her in the mouth. She looks great without the shots in her lips.

1428 days ago

Bill F. Murray    

Somewhere in the world (but not Japan!), Paris Hilton is laughing her @ss off.

1428 days ago

JVM Fan    

I am starting to wonder how much worse this woman's disfunction can get…This story is creeeeepy--just to see the havoc drugs and alcohol bring. There is a show called "Issues" that is going to have a special discussing new details of this case. They have new developments. Issues is on tonight.

1428 days ago


Wow that is gross. She looks like one hard a$$ Lesbo lol.

For info on her jail stay follow

1428 days ago

I'm A Lawyer    

27.Maybe Dina Lohan will now grow up and realize that regardless of her feelings for her ex, he's really needed in his daughters' life. If he can't get in, Lindsey is a dead woman BEFORE she reaches 28.



Hi Mr Lohan!

1428 days ago


needs to be a lesson if you think this will help her. the rock bottom for everyone is different. and she hasent hit hers.

1428 days ago


I feel so bad for her :(
When I was her age I was high as a kite, too. Jail is not the place for her, hard-core rehab is. Why didn't they just keep her in rehab?

1428 days ago
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