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Michael Lohan Erupts -- Lindsay's Lawyer to Blame

9/24/2010 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan just exploded outside of court -- launching a vicious verbal attack at the people he thinks are responsible for Lindsay's latest incarceration ... which included a nasty stab at her lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley.


Michael's tirade -- in which he said Shawn is "destroying my daughter's life" -- came moments after Judge Elden Fox denied Lindsay bail ... dooming her to the slammer while she awaits her probation hearing.

It's worth a watch ... so check it out already.


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Okay first off!
Who's this guy in the ball cap talking when Michael Lohan is trying to tell reporters why his daughter should not be in jail.
This is crap he wasn't a father to her in earlier life now he wants to take interest!
She needs to be in jail and get straighten out!
If she keeps getting off she will never grow up1
I personally thinks she's a beautiful women with problems she needs to get worked out before her life can get back to order!

1460 days ago


How did the guy with the #1 Fan hat get up there??? WTF?

1460 days ago


I agree with everything he stated. Michael has his faults, but for one thing he is not a stupid man.

1460 days ago


Yeah yeah we get it. It's everybody else's fault she's in jail.

1460 days ago


Michael Lohan GET A JOB!!!! A REAL JOB. Presently, Mr. Lohan spends his time selling stories about his daughter to numerous media outlets. Michael Lohan is a loser. No wonder Lindsay wants nothing to do with him. Maybe if he didn't see dollar signs when talking about his daughter, she would believe his love is real and unconditional. Until you stop selling out your daughter, nobody will respect you.

1460 days ago


not time for this clown , Lindsay's situation is serious

not a joke, at all

he should go play somewhere else, not now..

do this: get lost.


1460 days ago


Michael,you are such a douchbag! Blame everything on everyone else except your daughter. Everyone else is the one that pushed drugs down your daughters throat, Right? Give me a break!
She's an adult. It's time she starts acting like one. Just because she's famous doesn't mean she gets to get away with everything. It's time she does her time and grows the **** up!

1460 days ago


He needs to stfu. Remember when she fired this lawyer? NOBODY ELSE would represent her so she had to take her back. It's LINDSAY'S FAULT SHE'S IN JAIL YOU EFFING IDIOT.

1460 days ago


What's up with the preacher jerkoff next to him with the Joker grin the whole time he's talking...

They're all so disgusting!

1460 days ago


OMG it runs in the family, not my fault.. who do they think they are! She is where she belongs, in jail.. her family is forgetting one of her past charges was for trying to run someone down, speeding while doped up... anyone else would have been in jail already!!

1460 days ago


I totally agree with him. Michael has had his problems in life and everyone deserves a second chance. He is getting his second chance at life and now he is trying to save his daughter's. I think everything he said has truth to it. All this time while Lindsay has been having issues, her mother has done absolutely nothing but sit back and watch her daughter keep digging a grave for herself. Good luck Michael! You and your family are in my prayers!

1460 days ago


How does this guy make a living?

1460 days ago


I think that it is sad that he would draw any more attention to his daughter at this fragile time. I understand as a parent that one would be angry and feel out of control... but what is he doing? He mentioned this random guy next to him (who is smiling almost the whole time) as some type of publicity? Who is he? Why is he there? In my humble opinion he should STFU, and try to reconnect with his daughter without all those cameras around. Same goes for mom... this should be an intimate family crisis. Good luck Lindsay.

1460 days ago


Actually, I've met Shawn Chapman (the attorney in question) in a professional capacity several times over the years.

Ms. Chapman is an amazing lawyer and human being, who has done a lot of pro bono legal work for those who could not pay.

As for Ms. Lohan's father, I think he should get a real job and stop trying to live off his daughter.

He's the reason she's had all these personal problems in my opinion.

Imagine having a father like this, who has been publicly preaching your doom for a decade, while trying to usurp your finances?

I personally think there is a special place in hell for people like him.

1460 days ago


In lieu of flowers and gifts, please send your donations to your local animal shelter.

Sincerely, Judge Fox

1460 days ago
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