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TMZ Live: Oksana's Lawyer In the House

9/24/2010 7:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva's lawyer Daniel Horowitz dropped by for TMZ Live today to field all of your questions -- and Harvey's -- about the Mel/Oksana case.  The domestic violence allegations... the extortion claims ... even the infamous audio tapes -- it was all fair game.

You'll definitely want to check it out.


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There was a time when I respected Daniel Horowitz and listened to what he had to say. His choice of clients and his behavior as he takes to the media have caused me to reevaluate these earlier perceptions.

Oksana has a past riddled with using older men as stepping stones to elevate her station in life. This is well do***ented.

Her behavior is a slap to women, particularly those who have truly lived in abusive relationships.

1435 days ago

John Stone    

Watching paint dry is slightly better than listening to two Jewish lawyers talking.

1435 days ago


I watched and I really liked him. I think it was a brillant move coming on TMZ, although I do believe Oksana is a liar and gold digger, he keeps current with your web site and knows there's alot of Oksana haters here, a good way to start damage control. about plugging per CD, just doing part of his job. The only way I would buy it, would be as a gag gift, and most likley who ever would get it wouldn't know who she is anyway!!!!!

1435 days ago


The "evidence" is not of abuse! it is of kinky sex with the two, think about it!?!

Posted at 5:34 PM on Sep 24, 2010 by CutTheCrap

1435 days ago

big chief    

I seriously question if this attorney is taking too much Prozac or if he is delusional. Poor Harvey tried to bring him down to earth several times with realistic questions and Horowitz kept veering off. "I can't answer that." It is apparrent that he is the icing on the cake of deception. She is not Pollyanna, she is just a prostitute, with an egotistical veejay.

1435 days ago


Holy crap that's some deposition-three former judges and a group of high-powered lawyers v her one lawyer. Of course she DIDN'T read the contract--she shouldn't have. Mel Gibson is an ass and he thinks he can buy his way out of this. Hopefully not.

Posted at 1:50 PM on Sep 24, 2010 by ccdc

WTH are you talking about? so you think the 3 former judges don't know the law? you think they would blatantly break the law for Mel or anyone else? You certainly have a pathetic view of the law and judges...don't assume things esp if you don't know the law esp with 3 former judges who drew up this agreement...

Horowitz just have the balls to go up against other people and say just about anything he one is going to dispute him at least in public since there is a gag order and everyone else is following the law. so what does that say about this loser...that's how he made his money, by doing things underhanded and through the loopholes and pushing things to the edge...he and OG were made for each other and i think she found someone who dislikes Mel just b/c this guy is a Jew! hmmmph!

1435 days ago



I can't count the number of times Horowitz overlooked many facts:

She doesn't want any money for herself? Why did she say in her e-mail that there was no money for her, and that was one of the reasons she played the tapes to her attorney?

What excuse does he give for the terrible interviews she gave with ROL? She publicly vilified Mel.

She didn'tunderstand the mediation? So now Eric George is a terrible attorney? That short form was very simple to read and understand; especially with the help of her lawyer. She knew full well that George had a civil suit prepared for her as well.

What about the photos that are so phony, and are not indicative that Mel punched her in the mouth.

He doesn't care about the dentist?

There are so many other points, but I have neither the time or the room to state them here.

Posted at 2:14 PM on Sep 24, 2010 by Genna

hi Genna,

WTH is wrong with this guy? his scheme is to simply ignore anything that implicates OG...he only addresses things that may make Mel suspicious but, of course, who is the source? if we should believe everything she says...completely loony, OG and this guy...seems they been cut from the same cloth!

its completely incredulous that this guy has started this PR war, very aggressively can this guy do this? it appears the ramifications of breaking the gag order is not going to harm them in terms of the rulings of the case so he would rather speak up to try to get some more supporters for OG quickly as possible! and also to ruin the jury pool!

this guy is a snake...ohhh wait, didn't we say OG was one too? maybe they are long lost relatives...they sure do like the attention and neither one can't seem to keep their mouth shut! there are many Russian Jews....hmmmm...long lost.....uncle?

1435 days ago


I am astounded at the obfuscations and downright lies on the part of Horowitz. As I watched, I kept thinking how he will never be able to get away with this garbage in court, because of course Mel's attorneys will be able to defend with the TRUTH, and they have the proof and evidenece to do so.

HARVEY... have you no concern how this man you interviewed has grossly insulted our intelligence??? So many of us here have been watching this case for momnths now. You know the evidence we have dug up, and the fact that Horowitz was spouting outright lies.

PLEASE don't subject us again to such a lying diatribe!!!! Yes, I know I could have turned it off, but I kept hoping for a clear headed halt to the insanity.

I had to come here to the board to read some logical, sane commentary!!

1435 days ago


If she secretly recorded Mel could someone please explain to me how it ended up that Mel and his lawyers brought up the tapes?? Mel wouldn't even know she had them, this is just getting ridiculous!! Geez someone stop this insanity with her and this stupid PR guy.

1435 days ago


I have another comment about what her liar, ahem lawyer/PR guy had to say. He stated that Oksana will never say anything bad about Mel Gibson in public, did he miss the videos that are on the internet of Oksana calling Mel a liar etc? This man really hasn't done his research lol

1435 days ago


Most of the posters here are retarded trolls. She is not Russian but Ukrainian - different language. And for those who criticize her writing ability, how good can you type in Ukrainian?

And criticizing her lawyer? Any person being vilified by the idiot masses, as exemplified by these comments, is lucky to have such an intelligent and articulate advocate. Go back to your video games, you ignorant little children.

1435 days ago


Most of the posters here are retarded trolls. She is not Russian but Ukrainian - different language. And for those who criticize her writing ability, how good can you type in Ukrainian?

And criticizing her lawyer? Any person being vilified by the idiot masses, as exemplified by these comments, is lucky to have such an intelligent and articulate advocate. Go back to your video games, you ignorant little children.

Posted at 10:24 PM on Sep 24, 2010 by Yobo

Retarded trolls? Idiot masses? Many of the posters here have brought up intelligent, valid points and opinions that are clearly beyond your grasp. Unlike you, they have paid close attention to the facts in this matter, and did not stoop to name calling. If you had paid close attention to this interview, you would realize that Harvey posed a number of questions this PR lawyer couldn't answer, avoided, or provided shallow and unconvincing answers. What you call 'articulate intelligence' is well known throughout the legal arena as 'grandstanding' of the basest kind. It is as obvious as it is common.

1435 days ago


What you consider "grandstanding" is what is known as avoiding the violation of a gag order. Harvey may get away with this as a non-practicing lawyer, but Horowitz is an officer of the court who obeys his ethical mandates. You are the one who is unable to comprehend what you are watching.

1435 days ago

Lynn M    

Harvey- The tide turned against Oksana when ROL put up the pic of the so-called bruise on the baby, which clearly appeared to be a pimple commonly found on infants. Add to that the lack of cuts and bruising in her dental pics, well, she lost credibility.

1435 days ago


"No extortion case", Horowitz says, because three retired judges and a handful of lawyers could not be accomplices to an extortion plot. True...IF the tapes are considered ONLY in the context of the Mediation. What about the texts and e-mailed threats BEFORE and FOLLOWING the Mediation...the ones not made known at the time by Mel...

1435 days ago
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