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Oksana & Mel -- The Writing's On the Wall

9/25/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

How's this for love, Hollywood style -- the "Cohabitation Agreement" Oksana Grigorieva and Mel Gibson signed requires each of them to give the other written notice in the event they break up ... or get back together.

According to the "Cohabitation Agreement" the pair signed back in December 2009, "The parties shall be deemed separated when either gives written notice to the other advising that he or she has elected to separate."

The same also holds true if they get back together: "After the parties separate, the parties may reconcile and resume their previous relationship if both parties give notice in writing of their intent to reconcile and resume their previous relationship."

Nothing says I love you ... like a notarized letter from your attorney.


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fuddy, do you find it somewhat odd or just a lil' more than coincidental that we bring up the previous co-hab agreement and then not only does horowitz mention about that very agreement on tmz live but just now tmz posts a new thread about that agreement?


Posted at 1:37 AM on Sep 25, 2010 by wondering

I do now, Wondering! LOL

I am convinced now for sure!

You know...I saw this in the agreement when I read it, and had to laugh. Isn't that funny...each party has to provide a 'Dear John' letter when they want to break up.

1491 days ago


Well the bloom was long off the flower when she had the baby. Don't know how much she spent, but I am sure the accountants are having a field day trying to figure out what she did. Most likely, hard assets are in Russia and everything was 'leaked' from there.

Tee hee

1490 days ago

Il Duce    

If it wasn't for Mel and Lindsy TMZ wouldn't have a website!!

1490 days ago

Lynn M    

So I was reviewing the pictures of Oksana's "bruises" and couldn't help but notice what looked to be two distended veins and perhaps some minor swelling but no real bruising. I also thought it odd there were no full face photos, like in Rhianna's case. In the "veneer" photos, her bangs are in the way of her left temple.

The more I looked at the photos, the more I wondered if something else could be the cause. So I Googled "distended temporal veins, swelling" and one of the things caught my eye. Certain types of migraines can cause this symptom. Then I recalled that Oksana claimed Mel had given her a concussion, for which she did not seek immediate care. Which means she probably had a bad headache, aka, a migraine brought on by what, a stressful fight with Mel? She then seeks care from a pediatrician instead of a GP a couple of days after the self-diagnosed "concussion"

The problem with Oksana's claims is her lack of credible and immediate evidence that Mel struck her. And, "No", I do not feel what he said on the tapes were an admission, assuming the illegal tapes are real. It's like being in an accident that isn't your fault and being held liable because you said, "I'm sorry".

Google her symptoms yourself...It certainly makes more sense.

PS I'm not a fan of Mel's recent behavior and and would never stand for it myself (nor should any woman). I have enough self-esteem to leave. I hope this is a real wake-up call for him. However, Oksana takes the cake when it comes to manipulative and greedy behavior. I find her a despicable human being and I won't be manipulated into her "poor me" pleas. She should have read what she signed. It was ultimately her choice to put pen to paper. It's not like she didn't have an attorney present

1490 days ago
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