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'DWTS' Week 2 Secrets:

Songs, Dances, Singers

9/27/2010 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Our "Dancing With the Stars" spies are better than ever this week, because we know which special guests are singing, which dances the dancers are dancing, and what songs they've chosen. So, warning -- ***SPOILER ALERT BELOW***

You've got to love yet another ironic song choice by Bristol Palin ... "You Can't Hurry Love" -- she clearly didn't "just have to wait." Definitely not ironic ... Audrina dancing to "Love Machine." A hugging, kissing fiend indeed!

Here's the rundown:

-- Rick Fox and Cheryl Burke -- "Tush" (jive)
-- Florence Henderson and Corky Ballas -- "Suddenly I See" (quickstep)
-- Brandy and Maks Chmerkovskiy -- "Magic" (jive)
-- Michael Bolton and Chelsie Hightower -- "Hound Dog" (quickstep)
-- Audrina Patridge and Tony Dovolani -- "Love Machine" (quickstep)
-- Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough -- "Shake It" (jive)
-- Margaret Cho and Louis Van Amstel -- "Dreaming" (jive)
-- Kyle Massey and Lacey Schwimmer-- "I Want You To" (quickstep)
-- Kurt Warner and Anna Trebunskaya -- "Danger Zone" (jive)
-- Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas -- "You Can't Hurry Love" (quickstep)
-- The Situation and Karina Smirnoff -- "We No Speak Americano" (quickstep)

As for the celeb singers, Seal will sing his new song, "Weight of My Mistake," Tuesday night, and Janelle Monae will sing "Tightrope."



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I see Mike going home next..the boy can't walk and chew gum at the same time much less dance..

1486 days ago


this show sucks so bad and is only getting worse every year, what a lame show with wash up talent, bring back the gong show at least is was funny!!

1486 days ago


The next Bristol Palin song... Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow".

1486 days ago


On Jersey Shore Angelina told "The Situation" (ug!) that he looked like Popeye on steroids!! LMAO!!

I hope Bristol stays for some reason. She seems so oblivious to the public's opinion of her. We are laughing AT you not with you!

1486 days ago


This isn't news. Why don't you print the story about Audrina and Tony's affair? Sure hope Brandy the Mom-killer goes home this week. She should be in jail not on the dance floor.

1485 days ago


You are way off on the public's opinion of Bristol. You are either hateful and immature, or a liberal hypocrite who would defend any young woman who has made mistakes and is now making a better life for herself, unless she is conservative.

1485 days ago


Who is ''Magic'' by?

1485 days ago


TMZ: Are Tony Dovolani and Audrina having an affair?

1485 days ago


why is it called DWTS? Most the people on there are not stars, they are wannabes or has beens. Off the top of my head Kate Gosselin, the situation and Bristol Palin are not celebs, they are a bunch of wannabes. Also alot of people who watch dancing with the stars are older people in there late 20's and up and they do not want to see someone like the situation on it

1485 days ago


Ah the double standard of liberals never ceases to amaze ...

If Bristol Palin gets pregnant and decides to keep the child and raise him, she is vilified in the press ... shot down with one bullet ...

But if Lindsay Lohan abuses justice time after time after time, breaks felony laws, gets special treatment, she is the poor little girl that deserves a second chance.

Seriously, the fact that you don't want to vote for her mother, fine - don't vote for her mother ... be angry with her mother for whatever your reasons for that are ...

Why do you continually attack her when you are supposed to be the very people that preach tolerance and understanding?

1485 days ago

True Grit    

What? Jennifer Grey isn't going to dance to "Baby"? RINGER.

Can't wait for the next time we get to hear in the press about her pulling the sympathy card because someone she didn't get along with and tried to get fired from a movie 20 years ago died.

1485 days ago


If you had any doubts about how sleazy the Palin family really is, this proves it. After all the public humiliation and embarrassment Bristol has been through -- that she would allow these people to dress her up like her mother, then strip her clothes off like a stripper, dance like one -- and then this week, have her mock herself by having her dance to "You Can't Hurry Love"? The girl, her mother, her family are totally whores who wil toss away their self-respect in a nanosecond to be in the media and get some money. Sarah ran out of her GOVERNORSHIP in order to appear at K-Marts flogging her book because there was more money in it (and the attorneys were hot on her trail for her inability to account for money). this is our "next president"? This is a "patriot" who stands for "American values"? I would die before I'd let my daughter pimp herself and the most embarrassing stage of her life for the CHANCE at a few bucks. these people have no values, no shame at all. They are the s*** of the earth -- worse than that ex-boyfriend of hers: his mother was a junkie who went to jail. Bristol's was GOVERNOR.

1485 days ago


I hope this is the last year of this crap, tired of hearing about it....

1485 days ago


Dear Fellow readers, #18 -- just so you know, the word that TMZ censored was NOT a four-letter word starting in "s" and ending in "t"! I don't use that word. It was a four-letter word that begins with "s" "c" "u" in the middle and ended in an "m".

1485 days ago

G'ma S.    

Bristol can stay....I's like to see her do well. Situation has got to go and take KArina w/him.

1485 days ago
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